What a great name! So, what is Smarter.com?

Long story short, our mission at Smarter.com is to help educate consumers like you to make SMARTER buying decisions. The long version is that while we found online shopping to be convenient, it lacked the personal advice you often find when shopping in-store. Although we saved time buying products online by not having to drive to a store, we found ourselves spending countless hours researching which product features were right for our unique situation. In the end, it sometimes took longer to do all of that than if we had simply driven to a store, asked someone for product advice, and then drove back home. We were tired of having to become experts on our own, combing through forums and reviews, only to still lack the confidence we needed to purchase the “right” product. Knowing that you probably experienced the same frustrations, we decided to do the hard work for you! Think of us as an online version of that helpful store employee who gave you great advice on which item was right (the SMART one) for your situation.

You used to be a shopping search engine; what happened?

We still continue to offer our shopping search engine feature and it is readily available for any Smarter.com shopper. If you already know which product you want or need, are past the research phase and ready to make a purchase, then you can use Smarter.com's search engine to browse and compare prices on thousands of products from trustworthy websites. However, if you are in the early stages of a product purchase, are still researching a product, or have questions regarding a product category, take advantage of our ever-growing list of product articles and shopping guides to help answer any questions you may have regarding a product. The best part is that there is no cost to use these resources and you'll be able to make better buying decisions when you're finished!

If this advice is free, and you don't sell the products, what's the catch? How do you make money?

There is no catch. Plain and simple, we create product articles and shopping guides to help you become a SMARTER shopper and make better buying decisions. While our articles and guides will refer you to advertisers and potential retailers selling the products you are looking for, it's completely up to you whether you want to buy through these third parties or not. If you choose to buy through these third parties, then we make money, which allows us to publish more product articles and shopping guides. So, in essence, the more you shop and buy through Smarter.com, the better our article and shopping guide content will get!

This sounds great, but I have some suggestions!

While we work continuously to expand our ever-growing list of product articles and shopping guides, we know that you will always have more questions regarding the products you want to buy. If you feel that we can include more product advice or additional resources, we openly welcome your suggestions for the improvement of our content. Is there a product you are looking to buy that we do not have an article or shopping guide for? Let us know! By sharing your suggestions and ideas, you can help us improve the content we publish, as well as help fellow shoppers who may be shopping for the same products as you. So don't be shy; share your suggestions and contact us here!

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