Choosing the Best Athleta Clothing for Your Workouts

Photo Courtesy: LPETTET/iStock

Do you ever feel like you don’t have the right clothes when you work out? You might be surprised to know that there are a lot of different types of athletic clothing out there, and that each has its own benefits. Athleta is one brand that’s known for designing clothing that helps maximize these benefits.

Athleta clothing is designed to keep you comfortable, dry, and flexible while you’re working out, running errands, and living life, but if you’ve never shopped this brand before, there are a few important things to know so you can choose the best pieces of clothing for your needs. In this article, we’ll explore some different things you’ll want to consider in order to find the right Athleta clothing, along with the ways these pieces can benefit your workouts.

What’s the Climate Like?

If you’ll be exercising outside, climate is an important factor to consider when choosing clothing for workouts. In general, the colder the climate, the more layers you will need to wear to stay warm and flexible. However, the temperatures can vary greatly from season to season, so it’s important to research your area to ensure you are getting the right clothing for your needs.

In more temperate climates, you’ll need fewer layers of clothing, but they will still be necessary in cold weather. For example, in December, you might wear a fleece pullover and full-length leggings to run in, whereas in summer, jogging shorts and a tank top will be sufficient. Understanding your climate can help you determine which types and pieces of clothing you’ll really need.

What Activities Will You Be Doing?

When it comes to activity, there are many different types of workouts, along with varying levels of intensity. If you are just starting out, you’ll likely be starting with a lower level of intensity and working your way up as you get more comfortable. And, you might not need any pieces of specialized Athleta clothing just yet. Once you do start to switch things up and work out harder, you’ll need to find the right athletic clothing to match the activity.

Different fabrics are better suited for different activities. Athletic clothing made from synthetic fleece fabrics, like nylon and polyester, can keep you warm and dry while you’re cycling but can be bulky and uncomfortable when you’re running. Athleta clothing made from cotton can wick moisture away from the body and keep you cool and dry during a run or ride on a hot day, but it can easily chill you down too much if it gets wet on a cooler day.

There are also style considerations to make when it comes to activity. Running clothes, for example, tend to be more baggy than cycling clothes. Cycling clothes, on the other hand, are tighter fitting because they are meant to be more aerodynamic. If you’re concerned about your athletic performance, choosing the right Athleta clothing can help you maximize this element of your workouts.

Athleta clothing comes in a variety of sizes so you can find something that fits comfortably and looks great. Whether you’re shopping for clothes for hot weather or cold weather conditions, or for running or yoga, there’s a variety of materials and styles to choose from. By taking these factors into account, whether you’re looking for clothes for daily workouts or for intense training sessions, you’ll be able to find the right Athleta apparel for your needs.

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