Supermarket Superhero: How to Be a Friendly Neighborhood Shopper During the Pandemic

Photo Courtesy: Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As the pandemic swells, supplies on supermarket shelves dwindle. Like most Americans, you’re probably feeling the urge to stock up, especially in the wake of cities and counties across the U.S. issuing strict shelter-in-place measures. By now, we’ve all seen the viral videos of panicked folks storming stores and piling their shopping carts high with everything from canned veggies to cases of water (for some unknown reason).

While being prepared is important, there are productive ways to stock up and, shall we say, not-so-productive ways to do so. Before you storm your local Trader Joe’s to restock, learn how to be a mindful, friendly neighborhood shopper — instead of a source of panic — in your community.