Smart People Share Their ‘And That’s How I Beat The System’ Stories


Why follow the rules when you could benefit and beat the system? While you may not feel like you have the skills to slip around the laws of society, they are more than possible to outwit. You could save money, time, and energy by doing so– and plenty of people have experienced the perks of cleverly tricking the system!

Have you ever considered rewiring your computer to play video games at work? Or earned a college degree for free…without a single scholarship? What about getting your child a great education under someone else’s address? These scenarios may sound difficult to pull off, yet plenty of genius people have, and they’ve found immense success because of it. Even if you’re a die-hard rule follower, you must admire the ingenuity of those who completely outsmart the system. These incredible people did just that– and you won’t believe the loopholes they found!