People Share the Weirdest Items Discovered by Airport Security


Anyone who has ever flown out of a commercial airport knows that there is one thing to be wary of when preparing for your flight: airport security. With strict regulations, tight limitations, tough agents and insanely specific rules about what you can and can’t bring on a plane, it's almost impossible not to have at least one item confiscated in your traveling career.

While even simple items can cause an issue at the security gate — such as liquids, nail clippers and key chains — some objects are so weird that even the security agents hardly know what to do with them! It seems like it should be common knowledge that bringing a chainsaw or a live crocodile on a flight is off limits, yet people have still attempted to board with these things and even stranger items time and time again.

These are some fantastic stories of bizarre items confiscated by airport security agents from people who tried to sneak some odd, disturbing and concerning items on their flight!