People Share Their “Yeah, This Person Isn’t My Friend Anymore” Stories


Friendships are hard to maintain. The older you get, the easier it is to come to terms with that. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Usually, all is forgiven and both parties can move on. However, sometimes a friend commits something that is so messed up that you have no choice but to finally put your foot down and say, “Enough is enough.”

In many cases, all it takes is some quiet observation to notice that a person isn’t beneficial to have in your life anymore. Read on to hear from some other internet users who recently shared their stories about when they realized someone could no longer be their friend anymore.

Doubling Down

I was at the ballpark and I saw him walking with another guy. I went up to say hi, but he looked at me and said, “Do I know you?” I just said, “I guess not,” and walked away. That upset me for a while. Fast forward a few months later to the end of the school year. My school always has a competition to see who could read the most books.


Well, that year I placed second, so my class won a pizza party. I was allowed to get a friend from another class to join our celebration. When I entered my friend’s classroom, I looked at my friend square in the eyes and said, “Do I know you?” Even though it was petty, I still felt great doing it. Needless to say, we’re no longer friends.

Not-So-Sweet Sixteen

All three of my closest friends decided that my sixteenth birthday wasn’t worth going to. I didn’t have a big sweet sixteen because I didn’t have a lot of close friends, so the plan was that the four of us would see a movie and then go out to dinner. I waited for an hour at the theater before one of them texted me, saying that something had come up.


I found out later that the “something” she was referring to was a shopping trip to the mall. She and the other two wanted to buy dresses for an upcoming concert they didn’t invite me to. It really sucked to have nobody come to my birthday party. I realized I was the one who didn’t belong in that group. I did my darnedest to never speak to them again. Seven years later and I’m still angry.

Roommate From Hell

My old roommate took me out for a birthday breakfast. At the end of the month, he added the cost of my meal that he initially paid for to my monthly rent. He legitimately didn’t know why I was mad. Also, every time I was upset at him, he would change the WiFi password.


On the day I left, I got a call at work that the cops were at our apartment. He told them that I abandoned the property and even tried to obtain legal rights to my stuff. I told the cops that I was in the process of moving out, but I just hadn’t moved all of my stuff out yet. They sided with me and gave him a warning.

Behind Enemy Lines

When I was in eighth grade, I walked past a local fast food joint and saw my best friend of six years hanging with the two kids who mocked me relentlessly. The two bullies saw me instantly and began to laugh. My supposed best friend joined in. I pretended not to notice.


Jealous To A Fault

He helped me get hired at his company, which was a thousand miles away from my home. Once he found out I was better at the job than him, he promptly broke our lease in an attempt to make me homeless and quit. It didn’t work. My boss hooked me up with housing, and I moved out immediately. Last I heard, my so-called “friend” got busted with possession of illicit substances while he was driving to a festival in Florida. I’m glad to have that trash gone from my life.


Getting Away

He went on a trip with our mutual friends and didn’t invite me. They talked about their amazing trip for days in front of me, as if to rub it in my face. I took the hint and got myself a new set of friends.


Just Breathe

My friend called my phone and I told him I couldn’t pick up because I was experiencing an allergic reaction and was having problems breathing. He proceeded to “yell” in text form, saying all kinds of horrible things. Meanwhile, I was walking to the pharmacy trying not to die.


I’d call that an abusive friendship.

The Grand Scheme

It became apparent that the only reason they ever wanted to meet up was to push their latest MLM schemes. I dropped them right then and there.


Negative Nancy

I finally realized they never had anything nice to say about anything. Every comment they made about a person or situation was always negative or sarcastic. Once it dawned on me what a miserable sod they were, I couldn’t stop hearing it. Every interaction with them became a bummer. Life’s too short for constant negativity, so that friendship had to end.


Moving Out And Moving On

We had been friends since middle school, and I had done so so much for her. Her mom kicked her out and I went and picked her up at 2 a.m. on a work night. When she couldn’t find anywhere else to stay, I let her move in. I didn’t have a bad attitude when she decided to move into someone else’s house the same exact day I helped her move into mine. I even helped her move into that other person’s house.


Neither of us had friends; we just had each other. When she got a new job and at the end of the year, she posted a stupid status online, mentioning all the friends she loved and couldn’t live without. She didn’t mention me once, even after all the stuff I did for her.  Once she found other people, she just pretended I didn’t exist. Screw me, right?

Hovering Over Husband

I had a problem with her sending inappropriate things to my husband. I sat down with her to talk about what boundaries I needed to maintain our friendship and she said, “I’m not your friend. I was never your friend. I only tolerated you so I could be close to your husband.”


A Freeloading Friend

I had a friend who used me for car rides all the time. He had me give him rides to get dates, to get to work, etc. The worst thing was, he never even offered gas money. I also lent him money on several occasions and he never once paid me back. I’m glad that leech is gone.


A Hurtful Interception

I wanted to go to prom with this girl. My best friend had a class with her, so he told me he would talk to her and put in a good word for me. After not hearing anything back from him, I decided to grow a pair and ask her myself. She told me she was already going with my best friend.


They ended up dating and a few months later, she told me that he bragged to her saying: “Every girl my friend has liked, I took from him.” That opened my eyes to how horrible he was to me.

I stopped talking to him at that point and she broke up with him shortly after.

True Colors Show

When your best friend from high school starts posting some pretty racist stuff, you begin to distance yourself away. No amount of history can keep a friendship alive with a racist person.


The Drunk Drag Down

He drove home tipsy despite my equally tipsy attempts to call him an Uber. He tagged me in a Facebook post afterward bragging that “only idiots need a cab.” This was the culmination of several weeks of built-up tension, due to him constantly missing deadlines for paid work.


The dude’s already a pariah in the local hobbyist community for his garbage work ethic and personality, I just hadn’t seen it up until that point.

Bad Investment

On the advice of a friend who was a financial planner, I invested my inheritance into some RRSPs (Canadian version of 401k) at a time when I was a student. When I came to withdraw the money years later, I realized that it would be then taxed as income. I ended up paying over $30,000 in taxes because of this, which was incredibly high. RRSPs were not the proper investment vehicle for me, but my “friend” recommended it to me because it gave him a better commission. So yeah, we aren’t friends anymore.


No Tears Left

When I was suffering from depression, he told me: “No one wants to hear your sob story.” The final nail in the coffin was when I punched him in the face after he said that my family was “filled with losers.”


Holiday Hangouts

I had a friend since I was 12. I’m almost 30 now. For my 29th birthday, I wanted to invite him by sending him an app with the date.


The last message I received from him was, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

This was the eyeopener. We really ONLY spoke when it was our birthdays or on certain holidays. I decided I had enough people to invite and didn’t invite him.

I didn’t even get a happy birthday message when the day arrived. I doubt he even remembered.

Hard To Shop For

I was meeting this girl at her house. She was coming from her mom’s. I guess her mom had gone to the grocery store for her and as she was unloading the groceries, she kept saying, “This is the wrong brand, I don’t even like these, my mom is so stupid for getting this,” etc. She then proceeded to call her mom and complain about how she got all the wrong stuff. I mean, her mom was nice enough to not only pay for her groceries but to do the shopping for her! Friendship over.


Trusting Your Senses

When he came over to my house for a BBQ, I noticed a day later that my Scentsy warmer in the downstairs bathroom was missing. I went to his house the following day and saw my Scentsy warmer in his kitchen. I asked him when he got it and he started tripping over his words. I knew he stole it. I had suspicions he took other stuff from my house, and this proved it. I didn’t press him on it, I figured he really needed it more than me. I don’t speak to him anymore.


A Sobering Realization

She would constantly ask me to go get tipsy with her despite my two-year sobriety. Someone who does not know how to respect your struggle is not really a good friend. We don’t talk anymore.


Desperate After Death

My mom died recently. A “friend” of mine who I hadn’t heard from in five years called to say sorry for my loss. Without taking a breath, he then launched into his MLM and how we should meet up to go over it next week.


Sweating Over A Sweater

My high school best friend accused me of stealing his roommate’s sweater. They went to a different university and she was quite a bit bigger than me, so I had no use for her sweater. Also, I’m not a thief. He had his girlfriend, my roommate, check my bag just in case I was lying. Obviously, there was no sweater. Then, he had her check my car. Still no sweater. I wasn’t as mad or offended as I should have been at the time.


Then, I lost my bracelet at his place. No one saw it… Sure, buddy. It just up and walked away from the nightstand I set it on. I think his roommate took it as retribution and he allowed it to happen because he brought it up again months later, saying how losing the bracelet was probably just karma. I didn’t take the ugly sweater dude, and I still would like the bracelet my mom gave me back.

Clowning Around

The following was the beginning of the end:


Me (Getting ready for a night out): How do I look?

Her: Yeah, wow. If I wore that much makeup I’d look like a clown.

Basically, I put up with 10+ years of digs regarding my appearance because I was always thinner than her and she couldn’t deal with it.

She said a bunch of other hurtful things that I brushed aside in the past. I gave her multiple chances, but she was just too jealous of me and that caused her to act out. Eventually, I got worn down. You don’t treat friends like that.

Flat Out Wrong

He started posting flat Earth stuff to Facebook. When I asked him how he could believe something so ridiculous, he got hostile and started going on about how “Globe heads” like me can’t handle the truth.


I’ll put up with a lot, but blatant stupidity is not one of those things.

Fights, Flights, And Festivals

I made spring break plans with a friend to go to a pool music festival in Havasu. She was flying in from out of state and we were going to drive the rest of the way together. My husband’s grandmother had a huge stroke a few days before we were supposed to leave, so I let her know what happened and that I had to cancel to be with our family at the hospital. She demanded I still go, but I explained the severity of the situation.


When I told her I couldn’t go, she demanded I pay her $600 for her flight and festival ticket. I refused because I was also going to lose the $300 I spent on my ticket and I didn’t think I should have to lose another $600 on her purchases. I offered to have her fly in and visit me at my house for the week and told her I’d cover those expenses. She responded, “We’re either going on the trip or I want $600 in my bank account. Either way, we’re not friends anymore.” I told her bye.

She texted me a week later and I let her know my husband’s grandmother didn’t make it. She was still more upset about me canceling on her. We haven’t spoken since.

Highway To Hell

I was thinking of ditching her already because she was a terrible person in multiple ways. Right before the semester ended, we were planning out a trip to Disney World with a group… or at least I thought it we were. She told me she didn’t want me to come because I’m physically disabled (I use a cane sometimes and I was using one then) and I’d just “slow her down.”


I went home and sent her a message telling her to basically go screw herself. I haven’t seen her since and neither has anyone in my group of friends because they all dumped her too.

Slipping Into The Ceremony

We were pretty close because we studied and worked together on the weekends. The contact between us started to get rare when she met her boyfriend. Fast forward to last year: She got engaged on Christmas Day and she told me in January. My significant other and I were to be married in June.


After a few messages where I gave her advice on how to begin planning for a wedding, she sent this question: “That sounds really stressful! Do you mind if we join your wedding? You have everything set up already and the date would be perfect for us!”

What the heck? No, you are not allowed to marry on the same day in the same location because I planned that thing and yeah, it was freaking stressful. She tries to message me every now and then, but she won’t get an answer.

Self Diagnosis

My buddy of over 20 years had been getting weirder and weirder, but we still hung out. Then, he began shaving his head, and ‘going to the doctor’ all the time. He finally told me he’d been diagnosed with cancer, which he’d been through twice already, so it wasn’t a total shock. He was shaving his head so it wouldn’t be weird when hairs began to fall out. Word gradually spread through town, and people were super nice to him.


This lasted for months. After increasing suspicion, it finally came out that it was all a lie. He didn’t have cancer again at all. He just wanted women to feel bad for him.

That was nearly 10 years ago. I haven’t spoken to him since I found out, and he moved across the country to escape the wrath of this community.

Brutally Blunt At The Bus Stop

My sister passed away when I was 12. She’d been sick for a while with cancer. I missed a week of school to spend time with her. On the day I was set to return, I was walking to the bus stop and I had an absolute breakdown. I turned around and headed home to tell my mom I just wasn’t ready yet. As I was walking back home, visibly upset, I passed my best friend of seven years. She asked where I was going, and I told her I wasn’t ready to come to school yet. Her reply? “Wait, you haven’t been at school all week? I didn’t even realize. Oh, probably because of your sister, right?” It’s like she had no sympathy in her bones.


Hamster Homicide

He told me how he would microwave hamsters when he was a child and got violently angry when I was visibly upset… He kept saying that they were just stupid little hamsters. Screw that kid.


Letting The Dog Out

Late one night, we found a dog tied to a pole outside a bar. We canvassed the street, but couldn’t find the owner, so we took the dog home. We tried all week to find the owner, but no luck.


One of our roommates didn’t like the dog, even though everyone else loved him. One day, we came back from class and the dog is gone. The roommate said he took the dog on a walk and it got away. We went out looking for him and amazingly found it.

The next day, the dog went missing again, and the roommate said, “The dog got away again… permanently.”

I have no proof, but I strongly suspect he let tet the dog out the front and never looked back. I tried not to talk to him anymore after that.

Controlling In The Kitchen

We used to make a habit of cooking together when we hung out. It was my turn to cook, so I brought all of my ingredients to her house. She completely took over cooking the meat for the tacos even though I insisted I do it. I didn’t think it was a big deal, so I stepped back and just focused on chopping the veggies.


Her mom joined us while we ate and she complimented my cooking. She stepped in and told her mom I did absolutely nothing, and even demanded that I “actually cook next time.” The whole thing wasn’t a big deal, but the demanding part at the end was the last straw of an endless list of stupid stuff she’s pulled.

Left At The Lake

I invited my friend out to the lake to have a couple of drinks and hang out. I left the lake around 6 p.m. She ended up staying with her boyfriend until 10 p.m and the sheriff made them take a breathalyzer test. They both failed and couldn’t leave for another hour. She ended up getting upset and blaming me since I was the one who invited her out. We haven’t spoken since. I’m not apologizing for her stupidity. Plus it’s not like she ended up getting a ticket or going to jail.


The Harsh Truth

I realized I had become scared to tell them anything because of fear that I’d be judged and ridiculed. They were petty about everything and didn’t approve of my lifestyle, so they called me derogatory things that no friend should have to hear from another friend.


When I brought up that I wanted them to stop talking to me in such a demeaning way, they said that it was what I “needed to hear” and that if they didn’t care, they wouldn’t be saying those things to me. But that’s a terrible excuse… Anyone who has ever gone through emotional abuse knows it’s a red flag when they try to manipulate you into thinking they’re just trying to help you; when you’re already crying because of things someone is saying to you and they still refuse to stop.

All in all, I’m glad I’m not friends with someone so toxic anymore.

Toxic Behavior

We were friends for 10 years. We started hanging out because we both liked to go to the clubs and party, but we were both responsible adults as well. Then, around five years ago, I stopped partying. I told him I would really like to keep hanging out but I needed to stop going out so much and focus on my job.


For about a year, I put up with him making jokes about how we should hit up the clubs like the old days. After constantly telling him no, I finally had it and just stopped talking to him altogether. I haven’t seen him in almost two years now.

Checking Out

He knowingly gave me a bad check to cover his part of the rent. It obviously bounced. When I went to him about the bounced check, he said: “Why’d you cash that? It was no good.”


Flights And Failed Friendships

When I traveled from Alaska to Chicago to see my “best friend,” I only saw her for about a total of five hours. She spent the entire time talking about herself.


I left there thinking, the next step is hers to make. I realized at that moment that selfish people don’t think about other people, even their “best friends.”

The same person had me sleep in the Portland airport overnight even though she lived 20 minutes away. I don’t know why I didn’t realize how selfish that was then. I guess I was trying to hold onto a failed friendship.

Workouts Over Wedding

When my Maid of Honor told me that my wedding was getting in the way of her going to crossfit, I dropped her right then and there. Did she really choose crossfit over her best friend’s biggest day? There’s no justifying her logic.


Social When Single

He’d hit me up every weekend asking to hang out, then he’d get a girlfriend and go MIA. When he breaks up with said girlfriend, he’ll hit me up all the time again.


Yeah… Seems like I’m only a friend when he’s single.

Fighting For Fashion

One contributing factor to our failed friendship was when she punched me in the chest for wearing a shirt she didn’t like… I spent the next five years with her only because she didn’t get the message and followed me to high school. After we graduated, I blocked her anywhere I could.


A Clean Cut

She poured bleach all over my bed because I told her I was going to move out to help my family. They were going through some financial difficulties, so I figured I’d move back in with them so I could put what money was going to my rent towards their debts instead.


Clearly, my roommate is not as much of a family person as I am, as she could not fathom my on earth I would give up my own money for other people’s problems. What she doesn’t understand is that those “other people” she refers to are the same people who left behind the secure lives they had back in their home country so I could have a better future.

Don’t Kill Their Vibe

My friend lost his phone, so I used my iPad to try to locate it and message people. At the gym with my iPad, text messages started popping up between her and my best friend. They were planning to go to Coachella and not to invite me because I didn’t do pary the same way I used to and would “bring down the vibe.” They’ve been terrible friends ever since. I found great new friends and see them every few months.


Friend Versus Fiance

She asked me to choose between being friends with her or being with my fiance.


Preserving Data

I was out with a friend the other day. Suddenly he asked, “Hey, remember so and so?”


I said, “Oh yeah! I wonder what he’s up to?”

My friend said, “No idea.”

I didn’t even want to burn data by looking them up on Facebook. So it looks like that ship has sailed.