People Describe the Most Insane Adult Temper Tantrum They’ve Ever Witnessed

Photo Courtesy: Tim Graham/Getty Images

Being an adult is hard. No one can deny that. And yet, we all get up every day, put on our big-kid pants and deal with the world without having a meltdown every five minutes. For most people, it’s easy to bottle up frustrations. For others, however, it can be a struggle — even when it’s for stupid, trivial or nonexistent reasons.

Can you imagine calling a cashier “evil” for trying to collect money for children’s cancer? Or driving your car through your grandma’s rose bushes because you missed the family Easter egg hunt? While these scenarios may sound too immature for anyone over the age of five, they’re entirely real, and plenty of people have watched these childish meltdowns unfold in person. These rattled-up witnesses took to the internet to share the wildest temper tantrums they’ve ever seen an adult throw!