Understanding the Importance of Indigo Air PNR Status for Passengers

Indigo Air is one of the leading airlines in India, known for its efficiency and excellent customer service. As a passenger, it is essential to stay updated on your flight details and any changes that may occur. One way to do this is by checking your Indigo Air PNR status. In this article, we will explore the importance of understanding and monitoring your PNR status when traveling with Indigo Air.

What is Indigo Air PNR Status?

Indigo Air PNR status refers to the Passenger Name Record (PNR) assigned to every ticket booked with the airline. It is a unique alphanumeric code that contains vital information about your flight reservation. This code serves as a reference point for both passengers and airline staff to access all relevant details related to the booking.

Why is it Important?

Flight Confirmation: Checking your Indigo Air PNR status allows you to confirm whether your flight reservation has been confirmed or not. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you have a confirmed seat on the desired flight.

Seat Allocation: Your PNR status also determines your seat allocation on the aircraft. By checking it, you can find out if you have been assigned a window seat, aisle seat, or any other preference you may have requested during booking.

Flight Timings: Keeping track of your Indigo Air PNR status helps in staying informed about any changes in flight timings or delays. Airlines occasionally modify their schedules due to various reasons like weather conditions or technical issues. By regularly checking your PNR status, you can ensure that you are aware of any modifications well in advance.

Baggage Allowance: Different ticket types come with varying baggage allowances. By accessing your PNR status, you can find out how much luggage you are permitted to carry without any additional charges or fees.

How to Check Indigo Air PNR Status?

Online Method: The most convenient way to check your Indigo Air PNR status is through the airline’s official website. Visit their website and navigate to the “Manage Booking” or “Check PNR Status” section. Enter your unique PNR code and the last name used during booking to view your current status.

Mobile App: Indigo Air also offers a user-friendly mobile application that allows passengers to check their PNR status on the go. Download the app from your smartphone’s app store, log in using your credentials, and enter your PNR code to access the necessary information.

Customer Support: If you face any difficulties checking your PNR status online, you can always contact Indigo Air’s customer support helpline. Their dedicated team will assist you in retrieving the required information promptly.


In conclusion, understanding the importance of Indigo Air PNR status is crucial for every passenger traveling with this reputable airline. It provides confirmation of flight bookings, seat allocations, flight timings, and baggage allowances – all essential aspects of a smooth travel experience. By regularly checking your PNR status through online platforms or contacting customer support when needed, you can stay informed about any changes or updates related to your flight reservation with ease. So next time you plan a journey with Indigo Air, make sure to keep an eye on your PNR status for a hassle-free travel experience.

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