Uncover the Top 10 Must-See Attractions in Washington, DC

Washington, DC is a city full of history, culture, and adventure. From iconic monuments to world-class museums, there are plenty of attractions to explore in the nation’s capital. Whether you’re visiting for a day or a week, here are the top 10 must-see attractions in Washington, DC.

The National Mall

The National Mall is one of the most iconic attractions in Washington, DC. Stretching from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial, this two-mile stretch of green space is home to some of the city’s most famous monuments and memorials. Visitors can explore the Washington Monument, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and World War II Memorial. The National Mall also hosts a variety of events throughout the year including concerts and festivals.

Smithsonian Museums

The Smithsonian Institution is home to 19 museums and galleries located throughout Washington, DC. From art and history to science and nature, these museums offer something for everyone. Popular attractions include the National Air & Space Museum, National Museum of Natural History, and National Portrait Gallery. Visitors can also explore the Smithsonian’s many gardens including the Enid A Haupt Garden and Bartholdi Park.

Monuments & Memorials

Washington, DC is home to some of the most iconic monuments and memorials in America. The Lincoln Memorial honors our 16th president while the Jefferson Memorial pays tribute to our third president. Other popular attractions include the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial and Korean War Veterans Memorial. Visitors can also explore lesser-known memorials such as The District of Columbia War Memorial and Albert Einstein Memorial.

These are just a few of the must-see attractions in Washington, DC. Whether you’re visiting for a day or a week, there are plenty of sights to explore in America’s capital city.

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