The Ultimate Guide to Understanding MGM Reward Points

If you’re a frequent traveler or casino enthusiast, you’ve likely heard of MGM Resorts International. This global hospitality company offers a wide range of services, including hotels, casinos, restaurants, and entertainment venues. One of the most attractive features of MGM Resorts is their loyalty program called M Life Rewards. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into everything you need to know about MGM Reward points.

What are MGM Reward Points?

MGM Reward points are loyalty points that members earn when they participate in activities at any of the participating MGM Resorts destinations. Members can earn reward points by playing slots and table games at casinos, staying at hotels and resorts, dining at participating restaurants or shopping at retail stores within the resorts. The more you spend on these activities using your M Life Rewards card or app, the more reward points you’ll earn.

How to Earn and Redeem MGM Rewards

To start earning reward points with M Life Rewards program, sign up for free on their website or visit any participating resort’s M Life desk to receive your membership card. Once you have your card or app downloaded onto your phone, use it for all eligible purchases made within the resorts.

Members can redeem their reward points for various rewards like free hotel stays, dining credits, entertainment tickets or even exclusive experiences like backstage tours with celebrity chefs. The number of reward points needed to redeem these rewards varies depending on the type of experience or item being redeemed.

Tiers in M Life Rewards Program

M Life Rewards program has five tiers that members can progress through based on how many Tier Credits they earn through eligible activities within a calendar year – Sapphire (base level), Pearl (20k Tier Credits), Gold (60k Tier Credits), Platinum (160k Tier Credits) and Noir (invite only). Each tier offers its own set of benefits such as discounted room rates, priority check-in and access to VIP lounges.

Tips for Maximizing MGM Reward Points

To maximize the benefits of M Life Rewards program, members should focus on earning Tier Credits to move up the tiers. This can be achieved by participating in activities that offer bonus Tier Credits or by taking advantage of promotions offered by MGM Resorts. Members should also keep an eye out for exclusive offers available only to those in higher tiers.

Another way to maximize reward points is by using the M Life Rewards Mastercard. Cardholders earn additional reward points for purchases made outside of MGM Resorts, which can be redeemed towards various rewards within the resorts. Additionally, cardholders receive automatic Pearl tier status and other perks like free parking and priority taxi and limo service.

In conclusion, understanding MGM Reward points can help you save money on your next trip or casino visit. With a little knowledge about how the program works and some strategic planning, members can enjoy a range of exclusive benefits and experiences through their loyalty to MGM Resorts International.

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