The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Memorable Savannah GA Vacation

Are you dreaming of a vacation filled with Southern charm, historic sites, and mouthwatering cuisine? Look no further than Savannah, Georgia. With its picturesque streets lined with oak trees and Spanish moss, this city is the perfect destination for a memorable getaway. But planning a vacation can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never been to Savannah before. That’s why we’ve created this ultimate guide to help you plan the perfect Savannah GA vacation. From where to stay to what to do and eat, we’ve got you covered.

Finding the Perfect Accommodation

When planning your Savannah GA vacation, one of the first things you’ll need to do is find the perfect accommodation. Luckily, Savannah offers a range of options that cater to different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a luxury hotel in the heart of downtown or a cozy bed and breakfast in one of the historic districts, there is something for everyone.

If you want to immerse yourself in the city’s history, consider staying in one of the charming restored mansions that have been converted into boutique hotels. These accommodations offer unique experiences and often come with modern amenities like spas and rooftop bars.

For those on a budget or looking for a more local experience, renting an Airbnb or staying at one of the many guesthouses scattered throughout Savannah can be an excellent choice. These options allow you to live like a local while still being close to all the main attractions.

Exploring Historic Sites and Landmarks

Savannah is known for its rich history and well-preserved architecture. To make the most out of your Savannah GA vacation, be sure to explore some of its most iconic historic sites and landmarks.

Start your journey at Forsyth Park, one of Savannah’s largest public parks famous for its beautiful fountain and tree-lined pathways. Take a leisurely stroll through its manicured gardens or bring a picnic blanket and relax under the shade of the oak trees.

Next, head to River Street, a bustling waterfront area filled with shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Take a walk along the cobblestone streets and soak in the views of the Savannah River. Don’t forget to try some of the delicious local seafood while you’re there.

No visit to Savannah is complete without a visit to Bonaventure Cemetery. This hauntingly beautiful cemetery is known for its moss-covered oak trees and elaborate tombstones. Take a guided tour to learn about its history and famous residents or explore on your own for a more serene experience.

Indulging in Savannah’s Culinary Delights

Savannah’s culinary scene is as rich as its history. From traditional Southern cuisine to innovative fusion dishes, there is something for every palate in this foodie paradise.

Start your gastronomic journey with some classic Southern comfort food like fried chicken, collard greens, and shrimp and grits. Head to Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room for a true taste of Savannah’s home-cooked delights served family-style.

For seafood lovers, The Olde Pink House is a must-visit. Located in an 18th-century mansion, this elegant restaurant offers an extensive menu featuring local seafood specialties like crab cakes and she-crab soup.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, don’t miss out on trying Savannah’s famous pralines or indulging in a slice of pecan pie from one of the city’s many bakeries.

Enjoying Outdoor Activities

Besides its historic charm and delectable cuisine, Savannah also offers plenty of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts.

Take a leisurely bike ride through the picturesque streets of downtown Savannah or rent a kayak and paddle along the tranquil waters of Skidaway Island State Park. If you’re feeling adventurous, book an eco-tour to explore the surrounding marshlands and spot some local wildlife.

For a relaxing day trip, visit Tybee Island, Savannah’s coastal neighbor. Spend the day lounging on the beach, exploring the lighthouse, or indulging in fresh seafood at one of the island’s many waterfront restaurants.

In conclusion, planning a memorable Savannah GA vacation is all about finding the perfect accommodation, exploring historic sites and landmarks, indulging in culinary delights, and enjoying outdoor activities. Whether you’re a history buff, food lover, or nature enthusiast, Savannah has something for everyone. So start planning your dream vacation to this charming Southern city today.

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