Navigating the costs: United States passport fees explained

Are you planning a trip abroad? One of the first things you’ll need to do is obtain a United States passport. However, many travelers are often surprised by the associated costs. In this article, we will break down the fees involved in obtaining or renewing a United States passport, helping you navigate the process with ease.

Application Fees

The process of obtaining a United States passport begins with submitting an application. There are two types of applications: DS-11 and DS-82. The DS-11 form is used for first-time applicants, individuals under 16 years old, or individuals whose previous passport was issued when they were under 16 years old. The DS-82 form is used for renewing an adult passport.

For a DS-11 application, the fee is $110 for applicants over 16 years old and $80 for applicants under 16 years old. This fee includes both the application fee and execution fee. The execution fee covers the cost of processing your application, verifying your identity, and administering an oath if required.

If you are renewing an adult passport using form DS-82, the fee is $110. It’s important to note that there are specific eligibility criteria for using form DS-82; therefore, make sure to review them before opting for this method.

Additional Services Fees

In addition to the application fees, there may be additional services you require that come with their own fees. These services include expedited processing and overnight delivery.

If you need your passport urgently due to upcoming travel plans or other extenuating circumstances, expedited processing can be requested for an additional fee of $60. This service ensures that your application will be prioritized and processed more quickly than regular applications.

For those who want their new or renewed passport delivered via overnight mail instead of standard mail delivery, there is an additional fee of $17.13 per application. This service provides peace of mind, knowing that your passport will reach you promptly and securely.

Passport Card Fees

Alongside the traditional passport book, the United States also offers a wallet-sized passport card that can be used for land and sea travel between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. The fee for obtaining a passport card is significantly lower than that of a passport book.

For first-time adult applicants using form DS-11, the fee for a passport card is $30. For minors under 16 years old, the fee is $15. If you already have a valid U.S. passport book and wish to obtain only a passport card as an additional document, the fee is $30 regardless of age.


Obtaining or renewing a United States passport involves several fees that can vary depending on your specific requirements. It’s important to carefully review these fees before beginning the application process to ensure you are prepared financially.

Remember that application fees cover basic processing costs while additional services fees are optional but can provide convenience in certain situations. Whether you choose expedited processing or overnight delivery, make sure to factor in these additional costs when planning your budget.

Lastly, consider whether a passport card would be suitable for your travel needs instead of a traditional passport book. The lower cost may be beneficial if you only plan on traveling to countries accessible by land or sea within specific regions.

By understanding the various fees associated with obtaining or renewing a United States passport, you can navigate this process confidently and ensure your travels go smoothly without any financial surprises along the way.

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