Maximizing Your Membership Benefits on RCI Official Site

RCI, short for Resort Condominiums International, is a global leader in vacation exchange services. With over 4 million members worldwide, RCI provides its members with access to more than 4,300 affiliated resorts in over 100 countries. Members can exchange their timeshare or vacation ownership for a stay at any of these affiliated resorts. The RCI official site is the go-to destination for members looking to explore their vacation exchange options and maximize their membership benefits.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how you can make the most out of your RCI membership by utilizing the features and tools available on the official site.

Browsing Resorts

One of the main benefits of an RCI membership is access to a variety of resorts around the world. The RCI official site has an extensive directory of affiliated resorts that you can browse through based on your preferences such as destination, type of accommodation, and amenities. You can also filter your search results by factors such as resort rating or availability during specific dates.

Planning Your Exchange

Once you’ve found a resort that you’re interested in visiting, you can start planning your exchange right from the RCI official site. The site provides you with tools to initiate an exchange request online or call in to speak with an RCI representative who can assist you with finding available options that match your preferences.

Managing Your Account

The RCI official site also allows members to manage their account information and track their transactions online. Members can view their account details such as points balance, upcoming exchanges and reservations made through the site’s transaction history section.

Accessing Member Perks

RCI also offers exclusive member perks such as discounted airfare, car rentals and travel insurance which are accessible through the member benefits section on the official website.

In conclusion, maximizing your membership benefits on the RCI official site is essential for any RCI member who wants to get the most out of their vacation exchange experience. By browsing resorts, planning your exchange, managing your account and accessing member perks, you can ensure that you have a seamless and enjoyable vacation.

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