Insider Tips for Getting the Best Deals on Eiffel Tower Tickets

The Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, attracting millions of visitors every year. However, with its popularity comes long queues and high ticket prices. But fear not. In this article, we’ll share some insider tips on how to get the best deals on Eiffel Tower tickets.

Book in Advance to Skip the Lines

One of the biggest challenges when visiting the Eiffel Tower is dealing with long queues that can eat up precious time during your trip. To avoid this, it’s highly recommended to book your tickets in advance. The official website allows you to purchase tickets up to 90 days ahead of your visit, giving you a chance to secure a specific time slot.

Booking in advance not only guarantees your entry but also allows you to skip the lines at the ticket office. This can save you valuable time that can be better spent exploring other attractions in Paris.

Consider Different Ticket Options

When it comes to purchasing Eiffel Tower tickets, there are several options available, each catering to different needs and budgets. Understanding these options will help you choose the best deal for your visit.

The standard ticket grants access to all three levels of the tower via stairs or elevator. However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, consider purchasing a ticket that only grants access to the first and second levels. While you won’t reach the summit, these levels still offer breathtaking views of Paris at a lower price point.

Additionally, there are special packages available such as skip-the-line tickets or combination tickets that include access to other attractions like cruises or museums. These packages often provide better value for money and allow for a more immersive experience in Paris.

Timing is Everything

Choosing the right time to visit the Eiffel Tower can significantly impact both your experience and ticket prices. The tower is generally less crowded during weekdays and off-peak seasons, such as early mornings or late evenings.

If you’re flexible with your schedule, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons (spring or autumn) when the weather is still pleasant, but the crowds are thinner. Not only will you have a more relaxed visit, but you may also be able to snag discounted ticket prices during these periods.

Look for Discounts and Deals

Before finalizing your Eiffel Tower ticket purchase, it’s worth doing some research to find discounts and deals that can save you money. Check the official website for any ongoing promotions or discounted rates for specific groups such as students, seniors, or families.

Additionally, look out for online travel agencies or tour operators that offer bundled packages including Eiffel Tower tickets along with other attractions. These packages often come at a discounted rate compared to purchasing individual tickets separately.


Getting the best deals on Eiffel Tower tickets requires some planning and research. By booking in advance, considering different ticket options, choosing the right timing, and looking for discounts and deals, you can make your visit to this iconic landmark more enjoyable while saving some money in the process. So go ahead and start planning your trip to Paris’s most famous attraction with confidence.

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