Impressive Themed Hotel Rooms That You Can't Resist Booking

By Rosunnara R.
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Photo Courtesy: @hotelsdotcom/Twitter

Some hotels are outdated and boring, but others have transformed their suites into special, jaw-dropping themed experiences. Travelers are spending the night in some creative rooms with stunning decorations inspired by popular films and books.

From I Dream of Jeannie to Barbie to carbs, here are impressive themed hotel rooms that you can't resist booking. These rooms will have you saying, "Take my money!"

The Secret Agent Suite | Paris, France

Do you dream of living like a secret agent? Masquerade as James Bond in the Secret Agent Suite at the luxurious Hotel Seven. Everything in this unique suite is eye-catching, from the sleek bedroom to the full bar.

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Photo Courtesy: Seven Hotel Paris

Designed by Agence Bastie, the room is styled with classic and futuristic details. For instance, the furniture is vintage, while the curved wooden panels and lights are from the year 3007. The suite is big enough for two people to enjoy the retro-chic vibe. If you’re looking for adventure, you can find it here. James Bond and fellow spies would be pleased to stay in this space.

The Lisa Frank Flat | Los Angeles, CA

Thanks to, '90s kids got the chance to relive their childhoods in an insane Lisa Frank-themed hotel suite. The suite was a rainbow dream, with unicorns, dolphins and cheetahs popping up everywhere. The bed had a light-up cloud canopy, and each wall was covered in technicolor murals. When guests went into the bathroom, they were transported into an underwater world. Sea creatures swimming in a blue and pink ocean were painted on the walls.

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Photo Courtesy: @LuminarHy/Twitter

There was also a large supply of neon gel pens, stickers and '90s lunch box snacks like Pixy Stix, Gushers and Cheez Balls. Plus, guests didn’t go home empty-handed. The experience came with limited-edition gifts, such as Lisa Frank-themed slippers, sleep masks and robes. 

Created in Los Angeles, the pop-up suite was only available to guests from October 11 to October 27 in 2019. According to, reservations for the flat sold out within an hour. But continues to create incredible pop-up rooms, so keep an eye out to seize a unique opportunity. Airbnb also creates similar pop-ups for their customers. 

Wizard Chambers | London, England

The Georgian House Hotel doesn't just have themed rooms; it has seven secret Harry Potter-themed rooms. Cue the Hogwarts music! The rooms are hidden behind a bookcase door, down a staircase lined with candlelight and through a hallway covered in portraits. If you get spooked easily, don’t worry, the portraits don’t suddenly come alive. Ghosts also aren’t roaming around or floating through walls. 

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Photo Courtesy: Georgian House Hotel

Each chamber is outfitted with everything you need to feel like you're spending the night at Hogwarts. Accommodations include beds with velvet curtains, stone walls, cauldrons, trunks and wizard artifacts. See the magic in rooms like the "Wizard Chambers" or "Enchanted Chambers."

If you want to kick it up a notch, book the potions and spell casting session. Led by a “Head Wizard,” the course shows students how to create delicious concoctions by mixing all types of potions and powders, from thunderhead dragon blood to phoenix teardrops. It’s great for people who want to craft their own cocktails. There are also non-alcoholic versions. 


Genie’s Bottle | Catskills, New York

Sometimes, the ideal weekend is escaping into one of your favorite TV shows. However, what if you could experience your beloved series in real life? The I Dream of Jeannie TV show comes alive at the Roxbury Motel. As the top choice for honeymooners, the Genie's Bottle suite comes with two lavish bedrooms, shimmery furniture, gold accents, pink patterned walls and jaw-dropping views. It’s the perfect place for lounging and sipping cocktails. 

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Photo Courtesy: The Roxbury Experience

However, most guests can't stop talking about how "magical" the bathroom is. In fact, the bathroom was featured in a TLC special called Insane Bathrooms. There’s no doubt that you'll feel like you're inside a giant genie bottle as soon as you walk in there. The hotel spent six months creating this masterpiece. Did we mention there's also a 70-gallon Japanese soaking tub? Once you’re in this room, you’ll never want to leave.

The Batman Suite | Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Taiwan's Eden Motel has the internet buzzing about one of its thrilling rooms: The Batman Suite. Styled as the original Bat Cave, the batpad features a bed, flatscreen TV, hot tub and gargoyles. The best part is the Batmobile couch sticking out of the wall.

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Photo Courtesy: @itskeeganf/Twitter

The Batman Suite is definitely unique, but the way to book the room is also different. The motel lets you rent the pad by the hour, with a minimum stay of three hours. From the hot tub in the room, you can watch a movie and feel like Gotham's hero without having to deal with villains. Don’t worry; there aren’t any real bats hanging in the cave either. 

Wonderland House | Brighton, England

If you've never heard of the Wonderland House, it's not too late to go down the rabbit hole to see this crazy home. The house glamorously captures all the best things about Alice in Wonderland, from the Queen of Hearts chamber to the Flamingos Dream room. 

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Photo Courtesy: Wonderland House

With five floors, six bedrooms, three bathrooms, two kitchens and a lounge, the house is a great place to throw a party for 24 guests. The lounge can also be used as a seventh bedroom thanks to the sofa bed. 

However, the Mad Hatter banqueting room is the home's main attraction. It was created to host grand tea parties involving costumes and silly hats. The majority of the chairs are tea cups, but one is a throne-like armchair. Plus, the floor has a checkerboard pattern. Everything in this room is eye-popping and exciting. 

The Wonderland House also offers special packages. For instance, guests can upgrade their experience with a “hunky” butler, a cocktail making session, chocolate making workshops and a laughter gym. Come curious and leave amazed. Sign us up, please!


The Ice Room | Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

If the cold doesn't bother you, check out Sweden’s ice hotel. It’s the world’s first hotel composed of ice. Built in 1989, Icehotel Kiruna works with talented artists to redesign the suites every winter. In 2010, the property featured a jaw-dropping masterpiece: a glowing TRON-themed room.

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Photo Courtesy: @SchombergVon/Twitter

The hotel is only available during the winter because it melts every year in the spring. With temperatures between -5 and -8 degrees Celsius, the Icehotel is no joke. Every inch of the rooms is made from ice using local water from the Torne River. At least the frozen bed is covered with reindeer hides and a thermal sleeping bag. 

For guests celebrating a wedding, the hotel offers a beautiful venue called the Ice Ceremony Hall. The hall comes with an altar and benches that are made of ice. It can also function as a space for vow renewals or another special ceremony. 

The Wizard’s Emeralds | Catskills, New York

If you love The Wizard of Oz, book The Wizard’s Emeralds at the Roxbury Motel. This suite takes the visual experience to the next level. Decked out in green, the chamber features a wall-size painting of the iconic Emerald City and a long yellow-brick road that runs through the middle of the room. 

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Photo Courtesy: The Roxbury Experience

Giant poppies cover the bathroom, which includes an 85-gallon soaking tub with dual showerheads. The Wizard’s Emeralds wouldn't be complete without the curled-up witch's feet on the lavish bed. All the little details make the room extra special. For Oz enthusiasts who want a unique experience, the suite starts at $182 a night. However, you should do it as soon as you can because some customers keep coming back just to book this spot. 

The Final Frontier | Catskills, New York

Spend the night in another galaxy at the Roxbury Motel. Inspired by the film Star Trek, the suite imitates the experience of traveling through deep space on the USS Enterprise. Visitors suggest booking the suite ahead of time because it’s one of the motel’s most popular quarters. It's easy to see why guests swear that The Final Frontier is "out of this world." 

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Photo Courtesy: The Roxbury Experience

The large suite includes two floors, two king-size beds, two bathrooms and a living room. One of the bathrooms comes with an 85-gallon soaking tub and dual showerheads. The other bathroom has a two-person walk-in shower. 

Space décor covers every inch of the suite. For instance, the ceiling has pictures of stars and the walls light up. Is anyone up for some stargazing before heading to bed?


SpongeBob SquarePants | Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? It might be you if you check into a special room at Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts in Punta Cana. SpongeBob SquarePants fans of all ages may fall in love with The Pineapple Villa.

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Photo Courtesy: Nick Resort Punta Cana

The villa is a replica of the iconic Bikini Bottom home, featuring Gary the snail and SpongeBob's couch. It also comes with many fancy accommodations, including two bedrooms, three bathrooms, indoor and outdoor living areas, a garden, an infinity pool and private butlers. These amenities come with a high price tag — $3,800 a night. Plus, guests will receive other quirks, such as surprise (but fun) green, slimings and shows by your favorite Nickelodeon characters. Home sweet pineapple.

Lord Vader’s Quarters | London, England

Give in and come to the dark side in Darth Vader's chamber. Star Wars' biggest fans have a special place to celebrate the series' famous villain at Hotel Pelirocco. Whether you're an imperialist or a Jedi, the property will leave you impressed.

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Photo Courtesy: @Love_Brighton/Twitter

Lord Vader's quarters was marketed as a "father and son" cabin, but all types of families, couples and Star Wars fans want to book the room. The cabin includes bunk beds, a light saber and DVDs. How can fans resist the Jedi trophy shelf and portraits of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia on the walls? There's also a Darth Vader costume you can try on. No wonder it’s so popular!

Pokémon Rooms | Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan

Japan's Apartment Hotel Mimaru collaborated with The Pokémon Company to evolve old rooms into Pokémon rooms. Each pad features Pokémon-decorated walls and a giant stuffed Snorlax. Even the dishes and mugs have Poké Ball designs.

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Photo Courtesy: Mimaru Hotels

Luckily for fans, there are five Mimaru locations in Tokyo and Kyoto embracing the theme. Visitors also receive complimentary swag from the hotel, which includes a Pokémon drawstring bag, welcome card and hand towels with unique designs. You can't find this exclusive merchandise anywhere else.

The majority of the rooms fit between four to six people, so you can share your love for Pokémon with friends or family. However, the rooms are quite expensive, costing around $400 to $600. 


V8 Hotel | Böblingen, Germany

Make a pit stop at the V8 Hotel, a motor-inspired destination full of automotive history and rooms themed around the car of your dreams. One room boasts British race cars, while another displays vehicles made in Germany.

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Photo Courtesy: V8 Hotel

V8 Hotel offers 34 rooms with various car themes, but the luxurious Mercedes Suite steals the show. Illustrations, photographs and original parts cover the suite. It also features four floors and a rooftop terrace. However, the most notable feature is the flashy Mercedes car bed.

Pirate Theme | Edmonton, Canada

Yoho, yoho! If a pirate's life is for you, spend the night in one of Fantasy Land's luxury theme rooms: The Pirate Theme. One king bed, high-speed Wi-Fi and a TV are a few of the basic amenities. But the features get even better.

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Photo Courtesy: Fantasy Land Hotel

The Pirate Theme room wouldn't be complete without a Jacuzzi and bunk beds in the form of a massive pirate ship. Your sailing adventure includes a life-size replica of the best pirate you've ever seen, Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Wagon Wheel Villa | Sedona, AZ

The Wagon Wheel Villa transports you to the wild, wild west. Located in Sedona, Arizona, the Adobe Grand Villas has many themed suites, but there's only one with a covered wagon bed, 19th century-inspired lamps and other rich details.

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Photo Courtesy: Adobe Grand Villas

The villa's bathroom also sets the mood. A swinging saloon-style door is the entrance. Inside, there's a Jacuzzi for two and a fireplace in front of the tub. To live like a cowboy or cowgirl, check out this unique villa.


Kitty Town Rooms | Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo's Keio Plaza Hotel pays tribute to one of Japan's most popular cartoon characters, Hello Kitty. For Hello Kitty fanatics, this room is a dream come true. Even better, the property has more than one room dedicated to the beloved Kitty.

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Photo Courtesy: @melodeemorita/Twitter

Covered in pastel and neon colors, the Kitty Town room has more of a playful tone. The wall's artwork captures Kitty and her pals at a theme park. Hello Kitty also left a cute signature on the bathroom mirror. According to the hotel’s website, guests can keep a Hello Kitty doll, tote bag, toothbrush, skin care set and slippers. Sounds like a deal, right? 

The other room, Princess Kitty, is elegantly styled with fairytale vibes. Each room also comes with Hello Kitty swag.

Cave Room | Yucca Valley, CA

Check into a hidden gem in California’s Joshua Tree National Park, Oasis of Eden. The themed cabin is owned by America's Best Value Inn, making it affordable for anyone who is interested. However, Oasis of Eden is not your average motel. This property provides one-of-a-kind experiences.

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Photo Courtesy: Oasis of Eden

The motel offers 13 marvelous themed rooms, but The Cave Room is the most unforgettable adventure. It comes with a spacious hot tub surrounded by stone and a round bed covered in leopard print. The decorations will make you feel like you're in a real cave.

Poseidon Undersea Resort | Fiji

Poseidon Undersea Resorts was supposed to open in 2008. But the project still hasn't started. Inspired by Poseidon and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the resort had an incredible vision. It was to feature a restaurant, bar, library, conference room, wedding chapel, spa, luxury suite and guest rooms — all under the sea.

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Photo Courtesy: Poseidon Resorts

Can't wait for it to open? Take a look at a real underwater room, the Muraka Suite at The Conrad. The Maldives’ underwater suite will cost you $200,000, but there are many perks, like falling asleep while fish-gazing. Dubai has an underwater hotel too. The Atlantis, the Palm features rooms with floor-to ceiling windows that have an incredible view of the open sea. 


Castle Garden Cottage | Big Bear Lake, CA

Designed for couples, Castle Wood Cottages is a Big Bear hotel that provides 12 themed rooms. It takes romantic getaways to a new level. Couples can live out their fairytale dreams in cabins like the Enchanted Forest or Crystal Cave.

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Photo Courtesy: @castlewoodBBL/Twitter

But the most extravagant cottage is the Castle Dream, which looks like the inside of a real castle. The adventure doesn't stop there. Spreading across two floors, the cabin features a moat with a waterfall, a spiral staircase, a private gazebo, a love swing, a Jacuzzi and a seven-foot-long dining table for romantic, candlelight dinners. Ready to spend a night in a kingdom?

Geisha Goldfish Art Room | Tokyo, Japan

Artist Aki Narita collaborated with Tokyo's Park Hotel to create a captivating way for visitors to taste Japanese culture visually. Her art room is covered in oil-painted goldfish and geishas, from the walls to the ceiling. The vibrant masterpiece resembles an aquarium.

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Photo Courtesy: Park Hotel Tokyo

Narita put a lot of thought into the work of art. Plus, the entire room is hand-painted. According to the artist, floating goldfish are lucky charms. Seeing one brings good fortune and brightens a person's mood. Narita also wanted to bring pleasant dreams to all the guests that stay in the artsy room.

If this specific concept doesn’t interest you, Tokyo's Park Hotel has an entire floor dedicated to art. One room highlights the Japanese national sport of sumo. Another space beautifully captures Mount Fuji and flying gods. Whatever your art preference, there’s a room in this hotel to suit you.

Daisy’s Room | Nairobi, Kenya

Giraffe Manor is home to a herd of giraffes. It's also a boutique hotel with glamorous suites and guest rooms. Each room has a bright white interior, huge windows, cozy beds and even giraffe pictures hanging on the walls.

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Photo Courtesy: The Safari Collection

Daisy's room stands out from the other cabins at the hotel, though. It features a huge shower and jaw-dropping views of the Ngong Hills. It's one of the few rooms with a balcony, which lets guests feed the giraffes that visit. So, don't be surprised when Daisy (the giraffe) pokes her long neck through your window.


Cockpit Cottage | Quepos, Costa Rica

Ever wondered what it's like to sleep in a cockpit? The Cockpit Cottage at Costa Verde takes you on a luxurious, tropical experience. Hidden behind a lush jungle, the bungalow is accessed via a hanging suspension bridge. It's basically your own private aircraft in a tree.

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Photo Courtesy: Costa Verde

Aside from complete privacy, the Cockpit Cottage comes with a king-size bed, chic bathroom, relaxing balcony, ocean views and sleek wooden panels. Some of your neighbors are treetop animals, like sloths, toucans and monkeys. This cottage is heaven for jet setters and jungle lovers.

Bread & Breakfast | New York, NY

Many people think carbs are the enemy, but is here to change their minds. This bread-themed room is a paradise for carbivores. With croissant wallpaper and an edible wall of bagels, how could you resist saying no to carbs?

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Photo Courtesy: @hotelsdotcom/Twitter

The delicious adventure starts as soon as you check into the hotel. When you pick up the room key, you’re gifted with a sweet treat too. The entire room is decked out in pastries, with donuts in one corner and waffles in another. The Bread & Breakfast room is a carb wonderland, from the bedroom to the bathroom — even the lamps, pillows, blankets, toiletries and room service menu are carb-themed. We’re curious how comfortable those baguette slippers are! By the way, the room also smells like fresh bread all the time. 

New York’s Refinery Hotel made this dream come true on January 17, 2020, which is also National Ditch Your Resolution Day — what a big coincidence! For $225 per night, guests had the chance to go on a carb-loading getaway. However, it was only available until January 31. What will come up with next?

Haunted Castle | North Conway, NH

Do you dare spend the night at a haunted house? You can get close to the real deal at Adventure Suites, a unique property with themed rooms. Brave guests can book and try to survive in a jungle or cave room.

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Photo Courtesy: Adventure Suites

But if you want a terrifying adventure, check into the Haunted Castle. According to information about the property, the castle is the "only simulated haunted overnight experience in the world." The castle gives off big creepy energy with rooms and stairs falling apart and insects crawling everywhere. We’re already itching in fear and excitement.


Wine & Roses | Clinton, IL

At Sunset Inn & Suites, the Wine & Roses room is for adults only, which means no kids or pets allowed. The room's name suggests what the place is used for — an ultimate romantic affair.

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Photo Courtesy: Sunset Inn and Suites

Every piece of décor in the room properly sets the mood, from the bed of roses to the warm, low lighting. The elegant crimson whirlpool bath is surrounded by columns and lush plants. There's also a sauna and steam shower to intensify your romantic getaway.

Fitzgerald Suite King | New York, NY

Established in 1907, the Plaza in New York has a rich history. The luxury hotel was a favorite among famous writers, such as F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. Rumors say that the couple spontaneously swam in the Pulitzer Fountain right outside the hotel. The Fitzgeralds were regulars, so it's no surprise that the Plaza created an extravagant room inspired by one of their books. 

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Photo Courtesy: @ThePlazaHotel/Twitter

The Fitzgerald Suite glamorously captures the Jazz Age, hitting vibes and tones from The Great Gatsby. In fact, the mastermind behind the impressive design is Catherine Martin, the co-producer of the book’s film adaptation, which won two Academy Awards. She wanted the room to reflect the danger, glamour, romance and nostalgia of the 1920s. The designer also imagined what it would be like if Jay Gatsby stayed in the room. 

The suite is complete with a sparkling chandelier, a Gramophone-shaped speaker, a hand-picked library, artwork and butler service. If you look closely, you’ll find Gatsby’s monogram embroidered all over the place. The space has so many fun details that you’ll spend hours uncovering Great Gatsby Easter eggs and props. We believe no complaints will come from the huge fans.

Aqua Villa | Tulum, Mexico

At the Azulik Tulum Resort, the Aqua Villa pays respect to water and the environment. The property calls the villa one of the top rooms at the resort. Using water as its main attraction, the villa has a hot tub facing the Caribbean Sea, along with indoor waterways.

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Photo Courtesy: Azulik

Aside from the water features, the Aqua Villa comes with a raised round bed, geometric mirrors and bejuco floors. The pad is also all about privacy, like the private terrace and staircase that leads to the beach. 

Other amenities include roundtrip transportation from and to the airport, a couple’s massage, breakfast and butler service around the clock. Plus, the mosquito nets will protect you from uncomfortable bug bites, so you can spend more time relaxing and healing. 


Barbie Dreams | Mexico City, Mexico

Toy company Mattel partnered with Hilton Hotels to transport visitors to a world full of pink glamour, a.k.a. Barbie's world. For Barbie's 60th anniversary, the pair transformed a suite into a life-sized Barbie heaven at the Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe. The project combined camping and hotel extravagance.

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Photo Courtesy: @MirrorTravel/Twitter

Barbie Dreams had a pink-carpet entrance, life-sized DreamCamper, pink pool cabana and a rare collection of Barbies from the last 60 years. The glamping pad was designed for families, but it was also a nostalgia-inducing experience for adults. Children stayed in the DreamCamper while adults had fun in another bedroom. It took 20 weeks to complete this pink universe.

If the suite wasn’t Barbie enough for lifelong fans, they could’ve checked out the hotel’s Madera restaurant, which presented a Barbie-inspired menu. The heart-shaped pizzas, red velvet desserts, pink yogurt parfaits and strawberry ice cream looked fit for a queen. Unfortunately, guests can no longer book the suite. Barbie Dreams was available from March to December in 2019, costing between $189 and $229 per night.

MAMMA MIA! The Party | Stockholm, Sweden

Party like Mamma Mia! at the Pop House Hotel. Located at the same address as ABBA The Museum, the property has a few rooms with music themes. For instance, the MAMMA MIA! The Party room is outfitted as a pleasant Greek village.

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Photo Courtesy: Pop House Hotel

At night, the room's ceiling glows with stars. The terrace has a winding, pink bougainvillea, while the pad's pergola is covered in vines. Even better, the room accommodates various uses, including a romantic getaway for a couple, business meetings and a cocktail party for 24 guests.

Pumpkin Carriage | Taipei City, Taiwan

Once upon a time, the Sato Castle Motel built some crazy-rich guest rooms. One of them is called the Pumpkin Carriage room, and it was designed to be extraordinary. Featuring a scene from Cinderella, the room has a giant bed carriage pulled by a beautiful horse statue.

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Photo Courtesy: Sato Castle

The bathroom is impressive too. Feel free to relax in the Vichy thermal-inspired bathtub, which is surrounded by towering columns. Also, don't worry about the time; the carriage won't turn back into a regular pumpkin after midnight. You are guaranteed to have an experience you’ll never forget.