A Guide to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery: Honoring America’s Veterans

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery is a place of solemn remembrance and honor for the brave men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. With its rich history and picturesque landscape, this national cemetery stands as a testament to the sacrifices made by our nation’s veterans. In this guide, we will explore the significance of Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery and provide you with a comprehensive overview of what you can expect when visiting.

History and Significance

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery holds a significant place in American history. Established in 1826 as a military post, it was one of the first permanent military installations west of the Mississippi River. Throughout its early years, Jefferson Barracks played an integral role in various military campaigns, including the Mexican-American War and the Civil War.

The cemetery itself was established in 1866 as a final resting place for soldiers who lost their lives during these conflicts. Over time, it expanded to include burial sites for veterans from other wars, such as World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. Today, it serves as the final resting place for over 200,000 veterans and their eligible family members.

Features and Amenities

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery spans over 331 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds. As you enter through its grand entrance gate adorned with tall columns and ornate ironwork, you are greeted by rows upon rows of white marble headstones that stretch out before you.

The cemetery offers several amenities to ensure visitors have a comfortable experience while paying their respects. These include ample parking spaces near key areas of interest within the cemetery grounds as well as accessible pathways that allow easy navigation throughout.

One notable feature within Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery is the Soldiers’ Memorial Walkway—a pathway lined with memorial plaques that honor individual soldiers and veterans. These plaques provide a personal touch, allowing visitors to learn about the lives and service of those laid to rest.

Commemorative Events

Throughout the year, Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery hosts various commemorative events to honor America’s veterans. One of the most significant events is the Memorial Day ceremony, held annually on the last Monday in May. During this solemn occasion, thousands gather at the cemetery to pay tribute to fallen heroes with wreath-laying ceremonies, speeches, and musical performances.

In addition to Memorial Day, other events include Veterans Day and Independence Day ceremonies. These occasions provide an opportunity for both locals and visitors to come together as a community and express gratitude for the sacrifices made by our nation’s servicemen and women.

Visiting Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery

When planning a visit to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, it is essential to be mindful of proper etiquette and respect for those who are buried there. Visitors are encouraged to dress modestly and behave in a manner that reflects the solemnity of the site.

While visiting individual gravesites, it is customary to leave tokens of remembrance such as flowers or small American flags. However, it is important not to disturb any existing decorations or markers placed by family members or friends.

The cemetery is open daily from sunrise to sunset, providing ample time for visitors to explore its grounds at their own pace. Whether you are visiting as a family member paying respects or simply seeking a place for quiet reflection, Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery offers a serene environment for all who enter its gates.


Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery stands as an enduring symbol of gratitude towards America’s veterans. With its rich history, beautifully manicured grounds, and numerous commemorative events throughout the year, it serves as a place of remembrance where individuals can pay their respects and honor those who have served our country. If you find yourself in the St. Louis area, a visit to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery is truly an experience that should not be missed.

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