Discover Hidden Gems with the Top Free Camping Australia Apps

Are you an adventurous traveler looking to explore the stunning landscapes of Australia while keeping your budget in check? Look no further. With the rise of technology, there are now several free camping Australia apps available that can help you discover hidden gems and plan your camping trips with ease. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the top free camping Australia apps that are essential for any outdoor enthusiast.

WikiCamps Australia

One of the most popular and comprehensive camping apps available in Australia is WikiCamps. This app has gained a loyal following among campers due to its extensive database of campsites, caravan parks, and other accommodation options across the country. The app allows users to search for campsites based on their location or specific criteria such as facilities, prices, and activities.

WikiCamps also features user-generated content, which means that fellow campers can leave reviews and share their experiences at different campsites. This valuable information helps you make informed decisions about where to stay and what to expect. Furthermore, WikiCamps provides detailed information about each campsite including amenities, contact details, photos, and even offline maps for when you’re out of range.


CamperMate is another fantastic app designed specifically for campers in Australia. It offers a wealth of information on campsites, caravan parks, rest areas, dump stations, and other essential facilities for travelers on the road. One unique feature of CamperMate is its integration with weather forecast services, allowing users to plan their trips accordingly.

In addition to providing detailed campground information such as fees, availability, and amenities like toilets or showers, CamperMate also offers helpful tips from fellow travelers who have visited those locations before. These tips can range from scenic spots nearby to local attractions worth exploring while on your camping adventure.

Camps Australia Wide

If you’re looking for an app that provides comprehensive coverage of camping spots throughout the country, Camps Australia Wide is a must-have. This app includes over 7,000 verified campsite listings, including both free and paid options. It covers a wide range of camping areas, including national parks, state forests, and private properties.

Camps Australia Wide offers detailed information about each campsite, such as access details, facilities available, and any specific requirements or restrictions. The app also provides offline maps to ensure you can still navigate even in remote areas with limited internet connectivity.

Free Range Camping

As the name suggests, Free Range Camping focuses on providing information about free or low-cost camping options across Australia. This app is ideal for budget-conscious travelers who want to experience the beauty of nature without breaking the bank. It features a user-friendly interface that allows users to search for campsites based on location or filter results by specific criteria.

Free Range Camping not only provides essential information about each campsite but also offers user reviews and ratings. This helps you gauge the overall quality and suitability of different locations before making your decision. With this app in hand, you can discover hidden gems off the beaten path and enjoy unique camping experiences that won’t cost you a fortune.

In conclusion, these top free camping Australia apps are invaluable tools for any traveler seeking adventure while exploring this vast country on a budget. From WikiCamps’ extensive database to CamperMate’s weather integration and Free Range Camping’s focus on affordability – each app has its unique features that cater to different needs. So download these apps before your next trip and embark on unforgettable camping adventures across Australia.

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