Professionals Share When They Had the Hardest Time ‘Staying Professional’

Photo Courtesy: Andrew Neel/Unsplash

When you’re in the workplace, it’s important to stay professional and composed — even when it’s really, really hard. Sometimes, your limits may be tested by minor inconveniences, slightly rude associates, or annoying customers that you can forget once you clock out. Yet other times, it’s nearly impossible not to break out of your professional state to argue, laugh, scream, cry, or sneak in a petty comment!

Do you think you’d be able to bite your tongue if you were forced to sit through a meeting discussing the intricacies of using the washroom? Or spent the day assisting your all-time favorite celebrity? How about helping a grown-man record a mischievous message inside of a Build-A-Bear? These are only a few hilariously true incidents that these professionals were forced to confront in the workplace.