People Share the Most Horrifying Thing a Guest Has Done in Their Home


It can be stressful when people stay in your home. It doesn’t matter if your guests are family, friends or just close acquaintances. Inviting other people to stay where you live can come with a plethora of inconveniences that you have to deal with — and never saw coming.

Most of the stress comes from making sure everyone is comfortable. However, no matter how hard you try, a trouble-free hosting experience still largely depends on how the guests in your home behave, not just you. Read on to gasp in shock at some of the most horrifying things people have seen guests do in their homes.

Tanking the Party

Someone at a party dumped a cup of vodka in my fish tank because she said my fish looked bored. I kicked everyone out and had to change all the water before they died.


Three’s (Too Much) Company

New Year’s Eve, 2017, a friend from out of town asked to stay in my spare bedroom with his new girlfriend. It was no problem for me, as I have three spares. We went out as a group to a local bar and took separate Uber rides home. I headed for bed, and as I passed by his room, I heard him and his girlfriend talking. They had arrived home before I did.


When I went to the bathroom to take my contacts out, I opened the door and was surprised by a naked woman drinking water from the sink! I simply shut the door and went back to my room. I then realized that she was the same woman my friend had a one night stand with two-weeks prior.

Sometime later, I heard the woman go back into the spare room where my friend and his girlfriend were staying. Let’s just say the three of them did not even try to keep their noise levels down. To make matters worse, they told me in the morning that they had broken my bed.

The Futon Bandit

There were two futons in the common area of my college dorm room. My roommate and I woke up one morning to leave for breakfast, walked through the common area and noticed that both futons had giant wet spots on them. Someone had come into our room and “marked their territory” on BOTH futons.


Roommate Invites Freeloaders

We had a horrible roommate who let her friend move into her room for two months without informing anyone. Her friend was using the fire escape to come and go. She would use the bathroom and shower only late at night. For a few weeks, we just thought she was a frequent visitor until one day I saw her half naked in the kitchen making eggs while I was home sick. By the time we all figured it out, it was too late to really do anything about it. We were terrified our crazy roommate would purposely let the cat out or set our clothes on fire if we told her to kick her friend out. She’s that crazy.


The Casual Coworker

A coworker of my husband walked through our back door one night and had the gall to curse at me, even when I told him I was going to call the cops if he didn’t leave. Apparently, he thought it would be fine to just walk in because my husband supposedly knew he was coming over. I’d never met this guy before, my kid was asleep, and my husband (who wasn’t supposed to be home from work for a couple more hours) hadn’t texted me that someone was coming over. Was I just supposed to take his word for it?!


Your House Is My House

When I was younger, our landlord used to come by a little too often to “check up” on us. I remember I would get so frustrated because he would act as if the house was his, even though he leased the house to us. He’d put his bare feet on the couch and would ask me to get him snacks from our kitchen. I wish I was older then, so I could’ve kicked him in his stupid throat.


The Dog Kicker

An annoying relative of mine came over with his new wife who hated dogs. They didn’t ask us beforehand to move our dog into another room. When we were all in the living room, our jolly, obese Bichon Frise was just walking around smelling people’s legs, harmlessly. When he got to my cousin, he kicked my poor dog with no warning! I still haven’t gotten over it, and I still don’t like him.


Almost a Criminal Over Cleaning

One time, my wife and I invited our high school friends over. At the time, our twins were just four months old. For those without kids, you should know that the first few months with a newborn are brutal because you’re sleep deprived and exhausted. It’s even worse with multiples.


So, needless to say, we simply put on our happy faces, made the house presentable (though not pristine) and opened the door. My friend’s wife walked in and immediately said, “Wow, it’s not very neat in here. Couldn’t you have cleaned?” I think my wife almost committed a crime that day.

Beating the Bird Feeder

I threw a party in high school. Everything had gone surprisingly well. There were the remnants you’d expect, but nothing major was broken or anything. Around 3 a.m., everyone was either asleep or had gone home and I was on my back porch talking with a friend. One of my friends had gotten rather tipsy and was sleeping on a couch when all of sudden he stumbled onto the porch and punched my dad’s birdfeeder into the yard, where it shattered into about seven pieces.


Silence, Please

My ex told my parents to be quiet (in their own living room) while they were discussing hospital arrangements for my older sister’s surgery. She said she couldn’t hear the TV over their loud voices.


Helping Themselves

My dad’s sisters, who hadn’t spoken to him in about 20 years, went into his house using a spare key and helped themselves to his drink cabinet days after he died.

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Sick in the Shower

About a year ago, a guy I was talking to came over after a night out. We were hanging out in my kitchen when he excused himself to go to the bathroom upstairs. He stayed up there for quite some time, so I went up to check on him. When I got to the door, I heard my shower running. I asked him if everything was okay, and he said yes, so I went back downstairs.


About 10 minutes later, he came downstairs with wet hair and said he had to leave. I went upstairs and found my sink filled with vomit. I spent the rest of the night using a plunger to unclog my sink. Never talked to him again.

My Dog Can Come Too, Right?

I allowed my sister-in-law and her husband to stay with me for a few days, but I told them repeatedly that they could not bring pets into my apartment. They had a spare key, so they let themselves in while I was still at work.


When I got home, I walked into my apartment and saw that they brought their dog along with them anyway. It had made a mess everywhere. They also set off the smoke alarm because whatever they were cooking had smoked up the entire place.

Always Check the Medicine Cabinet

I had my long-time friends come over to my house. We got tipsy and had a good time. At the end of the night, they all crashed on my couch, which was fine. What was not fine was them sneaking into my room to steal my prescription pain pills while they thought I was asleep. I confronted them while they had the pills in their hands. They actually used sleepwalking as an excuse. I kicked them out, and I never invite them over anymore.


The Many Costs of Visiting You

We live in an urban area where there is very little on-street parking. We do, however, have a parking garage attached to our apartment building. There is a fee to park there.


We invited some friends over shortly after we moved in, and one of our guests complained that coming over was way too expensive. She said that the babysitter she had to hire, the bottle of wine she brought for us, and the parking fees at our home were setting her back a good $100. She was very put out.

I didn’t know how to react. We have never invited her back to our home.

Tossing the Tampon

My cousin’s girlfriend came over and used the bathroom. A few days later, my aunt was cleaning and found a used tampon underneath the sink. Like, not even wrapped — just kind of thrown toward the back.


Packing the Bed Bugs

My uncle stayed over at my house a few weeks ago, and he brought over some bed bugs and then tried to blame me for them because I work at a hotel.


This Art Is Not Louvre-Approved

My mom’s ex-friend walked into our house, and the very first thing she said was, “Ugh. That painting is so ugly. Why would you even buy that?” She was referring to an impressionist painting of a horse in our foyer. She’s free to have her opinions, but why did she have to say it like that?


She was a pretty terrible friend to my mom too. Luckily, we cut ties with her not long after that.

Save the Lasers for Your Cats

In college, I lived in a third-floor apartment. My classmate invited himself over and started using a laser pointer to shine a beam at the drivers on the street below through my living room window.


Must Have Been One Wild Party

My ex-boyfriend hosted a party years ago while his parents were away on vacation. So many awful things happened. Someone was tossed into a ceiling fan causing the glass light cover to break, one of the toilet paper dispensers was ripped from the wall, the leather couch was put on top of the pool table. It was like a scene from Sixteen Candles or something.


Chapped Lips on the Carpet

I had a friend who always had horribly chapped lips. He would peel dead skin off his lips in huge chunks and drop the pieces on my floor. It was disgusting.

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At Least They Were Trying to Clean

I was supposed to host a casual barbecue for my daughter’s birthday. While cleaning, I had cleared the bathroom counter of most items, except my hairbrush, which I left on one side.


During the party, I used the bathroom and noticed a big wad of hair in the trash. Upon closer inspection, I realized that someone had taken the time to clean all the hair from my round hairbrush. Someone had totally judged me for the state of my hairbrush.

A Whole Tribe Moving In

My roommate invited his mom, dad, younger brother, older brothers and sister over for two weeks. I worked nights, and his family would cause a ruckus all day long. They ate all the food. They racked up the power bill and the water bill. They didn’t clean up after themselves. And, worst of all, his dad got mad at me when I asked him to keep it down because I was trying to sleep.


The Littering Relative

A relative came to visit me in my new home. She would throw her garbage in the flower pots on my front porch — so gross and super disrespectful.


Mother-in-Law Mayhem

While on the elevator, my mother-in-law humiliated us by asking a young woman in a wheelchair if she was in the Special Olympics. She also commented on my weight, used my designer lipstick when she had a cold sore and asked me to take her sightseeing immediately after I had a C-section.


Cat in the Dishwasher

When I was younger, I lived in a house with a couple of my buddies. We had quite a few parties on the weekends, so I would lock my cat in my room. One time, I forgot to lock my room, and some guy thought it would be funny to put my cat in the dishwasher and turn it on. I still get angry just thinking about it.


The Homeless Boyfriend

My step-sister brought her homeless boyfriend to my dad’s house while he and my step-mom were away. She had the nerve to sleep with him in my dad’s bedroom where there are a ton of valuables, including guns. Nobody even knew who the guy was. I put a stop it and informed my dad immediately. I’ve never heard him yell at someone like that before.

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Cookies Are Serious Business

My roommate’s friend came over to our dorm room while I was at work. On her way out, she noticed a nearly empty carton of cookies on the counter and exclaimed, “Oh, good! One left!” and plopped my last cookie in her mouth. That was my nearly empty carton of cookies. She’s dead to me now.


Creating a Backyard Sinkhole

At my parents’ house, my cousin decided to dig a huge hole right in the middle of our backyard. Despite my parents’ best attempts to fill it back in, the hole is still there to this day.


Makeshift Bathroom in the Basement

In my childhood home, we had a really cool basement with comfy couches, so I often had sleepovers with my pals down there. The only problem was that there was no bathroom in the basement, so you had to walk through a creepy storage area and go upstairs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. It was spooky, so, typically, if anyone needed to go, we would all wake up and scurry up the stairs in a pack.


For whatever reason, one of my friends decided she didn’t want to wake me or my other friend up, so she elected to just squat and do her business on the carpet in the corner. I woke up groggily and locked eyes with her, then simply laid down and went to back sleep, thinking I had dreamed it.

More than 15 years later, my friends and I brought this up in conversation, and she confirmed it. What the heck, Christine.