These Musicians Defined the Sounds of the 2010s

Photo Courtesy: @Complex/Twitter, @Billboard/Twitter, @RollingStone/Twitter, @RollingStone/Twitter

The 2010s were the decade when streaming let us explore music from around the world like never before. Musical genres no longer dictated what we listened to, and as a result, the biggest tastemakers made music that combined influences from all over the musical spectrum.

At the same time, we craved something real. Fantastical displays of reinvention from icons like David Bowie, Prince and Madonna were once celebrated, but as we became infected with Facetune, reality TV and fake news, people craved authenticity. More musicians opened up and revealed themselves than ever before, canceling the "pop deity" routine in favor of relatability. These artists gave us hope, made us dance and showed us how to resist fitting into just one box.