Floor 10 in Gotham Knights: Understanding the Impact of the Kelvin Incident

In the highly anticipated video game, Gotham Knights, players are thrust into a dark and gritty world where they must take on the role of Batman’s allies to protect Gotham City. One of the most intriguing aspects of the game is the Kelvin Incident that takes place on Floor 10. This incident has left fans curious about its impact on the storyline and gameplay. In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding Floor 10 and explore how it shapes the narrative in Gotham Knights.

The Kelvin Incident: A Brief Overview

The Kelvin Incident refers to a catastrophic event that occurs on Floor 10 of a building in Gotham City. While not much is known about what exactly transpires during this incident, it is clear that it has far-reaching consequences for both Batman and his allies. The incident is shrouded in mystery, leaving players eager to uncover its secrets as they navigate through the game.

Exploring Floor 10: A Challenging Battle

Floor 10 serves as a pivotal location within Gotham Knights, as it is where players will confront some of their toughest challenges. As they ascend through the floors of this building, players will encounter powerful enemies and face intense battles that test their skills as crime fighters.

The atmosphere on Floor 10 is eerie and foreboding, with dimly lit corridors and haunting echoes filling the air. The level design adds to the tension, with narrow passageways and hidden traps that keep players on their toes. It is within these treacherous surroundings that players must navigate carefully to uncover clues about the Kelvin Incident.

Unraveling the Mystery: Piecing Together Clues

The developers behind Gotham Knights have crafted a rich narrative that encourages players to explore every nook and cranny of Floor 10 in search of answers. Throughout their journey, players will come across various clues scattered throughout this level which shed light on the events that unfolded during the Kelvin Incident.

These clues may come in the form of journal entries, audio logs, or environmental storytelling. Piecing together these fragments of information will allow players to gradually unravel the mystery surrounding Floor 10 and gain a deeper understanding of its significance in the overall storyline.

The Impact on Gameplay: Unlocking New Abilities

Floor 10 not only serves as a narrative focal point but also has a direct impact on gameplay in Gotham Knights. As players progress through this level and discover more about the Kelvin Incident, they will unlock new abilities and upgrades for their characters.

These enhancements could include new combat moves, gadgets, or even access to previously restricted areas within Gotham City. The rewards gained from exploring Floor 10 provide players with a sense of accomplishment and further incentivize them to delve deeper into the game’s world.


Floor 10 in Gotham Knights is an integral part of the game’s storyline, offering players an exciting and challenging experience. The Kelvin Incident that unfolds on this floor adds depth to the narrative while also impacting gameplay by unlocking new abilities for characters. As fans eagerly await the release of Gotham Knights, they can anticipate an immersive journey that will take them through dark corridors and uncover secrets hidden within Floor 10.

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