Employees Share The Biggest Work Scandal That Got Someone Fired


Have you ever watched someone go through the crummy process of getting fired? No matter what, the scenario is often awkward, infuriating, embarrassing, or just plain sad. Sometimes, it’s not the employees’ faults—it can be the result of budget cuts, downsizing, or other internal factors. Oftentimes, it’s the result of lazy, annoying, defiant behaviors from certain workers. And then, occasionally, the reasons for firing are so obscure and disturbing that it’s hard to believe the employees lasted as long as they did.

Could you imagine using your work ID as an excuse to harass the players at the NBA Championship game? What about peeing on the office’s fake plant every day? Or licking liquids in a lab to figure out what chemicals they are? Yeah, neither can we… yet actual people have done these things, and subsequently been fired (and hopeful charged) for them. While they’d probably never want to admit to these acts, plenty of their coworkers remember these oddballs and their work scandals, and took to the internet to share their stories!