Snoopy’s Seven Siblings and Other Secrets From the Sunday Funnies

Photo Courtesy: @Peanuts/Twitter

As early as the late 19th century, comic strips in newspapers have provided some much-needed humor for generations of children, adults and adult children. From the thrilling adventures of Dick Tracy to picturesque nature walks filled with philosophical banter between a six year old and his stuffed tiger, the Sunday Funnies offer loyal readers brief moments of pleasure and escapism from what’s written in the more dire sections of our regular newspapers.

As the Sunday Funnies and newspapers in general become obsolete, it’s important to acknowledge the game changers from this fleeting industry, especially as memes and .GIFs take over our collective attention spans. By taking a look at the progression of such legendary comic strips as Peanuts, Blondie and Beetle Bailey, we can observe how our collective preferences for kindness, representation and humility have evolved.