People Share The Famous “Incident” That Happened At Their School


Every school has that one incident that is forever ingrained in its history. Whether it happened a long time ago or just recently, the incident made such an impact that people tell the story again and again.

Students everywhere took to the internet to talk about the most famous incident that occurred at their school. Perhaps they witnessed the events firsthand, or maybe they heard the legend from someone else. Buckle yourselves in for an entertaining read:

The Last Lying Straw

There was a guy who had just transferred from another high school. He wore really weird clothes and was just awkward in general. I personally didn’t pay much attention to him.


One day, he was asked to make a report for class. He decided to make a Powerpoint presentation about the Second Amendment. Apparently, he specifically asked the teacher if he could do this and the teacher gave him the green light. He finished the report and accidentally left his flash drive in a school computer.

Some students found it and reported it. He tried to explain that he was given permission to do it, but the teacher ended up denying it. In the end, the school suspended him and said that they would only accept him back if he went through a mental evaluation test. He was fed up and just dropped high school to get his GED.

Paul The Trumpeter

In Grade 5, the teacher was reading The Diary of Anne Frank to the class and we were all on the carpet listening intently. Things were getting serious as she explained to us that they were about to get caught. Out of nowhere “Paul” releases an unstoppable seven-second fart into the middle of the group. It was one of those farts where it was obvious he’d been holding it in while the pressure built. Meanwhile, the floor created an exemplary embouchure that trumpeted poor Paul’s misfortune throughout the room. It stunk too. We laughed. He cried.


Give Him The Fork!

The Fork Incident. During my freshman year, two kids got into a fist fight. It escalated within seconds, and one kid poked the other kid… with a fork. For some reason, all the kids in high school remember the incident. If a kid was going to get in a fight, some kid would inevitably say bring up the fork incident as a joke.


Even The Young And Healthy

A sophomore who was super athletic and in good shape was playing tennis one day and went into sudden cardiac arrest. He died just like that.


It’s a strange feeling knowing he was there in class with you one day, and the next he’s completely gone.

Teachers Chasing Teachers

This was in the 1980s in an Australian high school. Teachers were having affairs with other teachers and their partners eventually found out. One male teacher who was having affairs with multiple female teachers at the same time ended up getting exposed. It was a huge scandal. Not bad for a school of about 500 students. Who needed drama on TV, we could watch it at school!


Truthful Toot

My 10th grade English teacher Mrs. White forgot that the intruder alert drill was just a drill and freaked out. She farted quite loudly while trying to make a barricade out of the desks.



My high school principal was caught on tape during a presentation telling girls not to wear yoga pants if they weren’t a size one or two because they’d look like sausages. It made it on national news outlets.


Stop, Drop And Set Fire To The Rolls

Somebody set fire to the toilet paper rolls in the men’s bathroom. For some reason, the school was put in lockdown instead of being evacuated. I guess it was because the fire was relatively small and was put out fairly quickly; though, it did send my social studies teacher to the hospital since he got hit by a stall door when he was trying to put the blaze out.


Bed Bug Bernie

Bedbugs infested the school. The school didn’t notify students or parents until a week after it was discovered. Almost 100 students brought them back to their home. The County ended up paying to clean all of the students’ homes and finally, everyone figured out which student initially brought the bugs to school. Poor Bed Bugs Bernie…


Petting Zoo

After the final exams, the senior class had a whole night to prepare pranks to pull on teachers and younger students. Usually, they’d get tipsy while preparing the same boring pranks as the year before, but not the class of 2016. They put five chickens in the elevator, fifteen pigs in the teacher’s conference room, and a cat in every classroom. I have never seen such chaos, but the look on the teachers’ faces when the elevator door opened—priceless.


Better Hold It

Some girl passed out in a bathroom stall, so the school decided to limit everyone’s bathroom visits to only three times a day for the rest of the year. We had to fill a sign-out sheet and get a pass each time.


Most teachers ignored the new policy, so the school ended up dropping it and pretending it never existed.

The Perfect Crime

During lunch, someone supposedly took a #2 and broke the toilet in half. The principal along with 20 teachers brought all the guys into the gym and showed us slides of the “crime scene.” The entire gym was laughing so hard while the teachers tried to get us to settle down. Nobody ever confessed to the crime.


Mom, No!

A 33-year-old mother stole her daughter’s identity and came to school for three days to relive her high school days. She even joined the cheerleading squad.


Moldy Mats

The school gym had a side room that was used for wrestling practice. The entire floor and walls were covered in mats. Apparently, nobody ever cleaned underneath them because a fungus and black mold started growing. The whole wrestling team was hospitalized and the room was sectioned off, but it had spread to the weight room next door so the entire football team got sick too. The football and wrestling seasons were cancelled entirely and the gym was closed for two months for disinfecting.


Friends On The Team

A group of rednecks decided to fill a 50-gallon trash can with water and dump it on top of a kid while he was on the toilet (over the top of the stalls). The victim was one of the “managers” of the varsity football team and he was well-liked by the team.


Mispronounced Announcement

High school, Grade 11. The announcements lady swore on the PA DURING A SEVERE WEATHER DRILL!


What Did They Think Would Happen?

A couple of guys wanted to drop a brick down one of the staircases to see what would happen. They had people block off all the entrances, but someone still tried to go up the stairs anyway. It landed on his head. I don’t know the details of what actually happened, but I do know that he survived.


Lunch Scavenger

Teachers were missing parts of their lunches. They were finding just a slice of bread missing from their sandwich or a single bite taken out, and things re-wrapped so they looked normal. Some snacks were half-eaten and placed back in their lunch bag. The teachers at the time thought maybe a student was doing a weird prank, since it was just pieces of lunch missing, but fingers were pointed all over as this went on for months.


One day, the culprit was caught, and one of the teachers found another teacher eating some of her lunch from the fridge. The teacher asked why the heck she was eating her lunch. The culprit then threw the sandwich in her face and was immediately tackled.

The cops were called. Apparently the culprit was put on medical leave, and then let go once she started undergoing professional treatment. She had some major issues that weren’t being dealt with, and that somehow manifested in her scavenging for food.

Bad Or Worse

A high school teacher left the entire marching band in our state capital for a day because he forgot to get a sub back in class. So you know, instead of calling the school and explaining the screw up, he just ditched a bunch of school kids in the middle of the night, with no warning, so he wouldn’t lose his job. Great thinking.


Principal Political

The school principal changed the results of the student election, so the cool troublemaker lost and the square good guy won. The principal didn’t get fired, exactly; just demoted back to a teacher and a new principal was brought in. The nerd was allowed to be president and the cool guy went bald before graduation day. Unrelated, presumably.


Peppermint Oil: Explosive

We had an auto shop class to learn about the basic work they do on cars in shops. For the final project, the students were to be tasked with making barbecues out of peppermint oil drums. One day, the teacher was not there and they had a substitute. One kid who was ahead of everyone decided it would be a good idea to get a head start on his project. The teacher had not fully cleaned out the drums and was not there to tell him that. He started cutting into the drum and it exploded in his face.


He ended up dying later that night. We all got evacuated from the school. I thought there was some sickness spreading or something because there were workers in hazmat suits and paramedics everywhere. It was a sad and scary day for everyone at my school and the teacher ended up developing severe depression.

Moose No More

I grew up in Alaska where moose are ubiquitous. One day, there was a moose hanging out just outside of the main entrance of the high school, and faculty couldn’t get it to leave, so they called in the police who apparently couldn’t do anything either.


Eventually, as the end of the school day approached, the cops decided to take things up a notch and just shoot the moose with a shotgun right there. By this time, most of the students knew something was going on, and half of the school saw it happen through the window.

In the following weeks, there was a lot of debate on weather or not the moose had to be shot, but either way, it made for a heck of a day at school.

Dangerous Flapjack

Some kid was almost blinded by a thrown flapjack. The school banned triangular flapjacks to prevent it from happening again.


To clarify for my American friends: Flapjack in the UK is not a pancake. It’s a delicious, oat-based treat that’s often served in schools.

Illegal But Beloved

On the last day of high school, we had Mr. Opolu for wood tech. His lessons had been an absolute pleasure to be in for the five years leading up to the incident. Well, it turns out his visa had run out three years prior and Immigration Control came into our lesson. We all “boo’d” as he was escorted from the premises and one of the immigration guys turned around and said, “Sorry kids!”


Peanut Butter And Library Tiles

This was the senior prank when I was a freshman: A group of 10 seniors broke into the school at night, removed the ceiling tiles in the library, and covered the door handles in peanut butter. There was also apparently a camcorder that was stolen.


Anyway, the school got shut down for a day so they could clean it all up. We were all the way up in Maine, and the incident was reported on as far away as Florida. Apparently, the kids made a huge mess of the library tiles, and a ton of them were broken or unusable. The peanut butter was spun as a deliberate attempt to trigger allergy attacks, although I’m pretty sure this was nonsense. The town billed it as a case of vandalism. In retrospect, it was just a prank that got really, really out of hand, and one jerk used it as an opportunity to score a camcorder.


Our school was located on a countryside, and we had a stable full of horses. A bunch of kids accidentally got a hold of the tranquilizers. Ambulances came rushing to our school to help the kids who were injected. We didn’t know what was happening while we were locked down.


Flying Car Or Teleportation?

One senior class pulled a prank that involved putting an actual car on the roof of the school. Not like the roof of a shed they put a full-sized sedan on the roof of the actual building. It made the news.


One senior class pulled a prank that involved putting an actual car on the roof of the school. Not like the roof of a shed they put a full-sized sedan on the roof of the actual building. It made the news.

Classic Seniors!

A bunch of seniors duct taped a bunch of freshmen to the lockers in a dead end hallway that few people used. Most were up there for probably 10-15 minutes.


Oldie But A Goodie

Someone got into the school computers and deleted all the final projects for computer science class. It ended up being some kid in another class who’d found the admin login password in the trash (printed on a teletype). All the kids got A’s because their information was gone, and he became a folk hero among the class. I still have the school paper proclaiming: “COMPUTER HACKERS STRIKE SCHOOL.”


Guilty By Association

One of our philosophy professors submitted some of his poetry to a journal that also published work by LGBT artists. He was asked to resign. This was at a Baptist college in Ohio in the mid-nineties.


Old Money Escalation

I went to this fancy boarding school in Switzerland that was full of old money kids who must have received minimal parenting before getting shipped off there. At one point, this kid from Romania who was in the eighth grade got kicked out for something mundane, like being out of the dorm after hours. The next day, he showed up in a stretch limo with a dozen girls. They parked across the road from campus and he called a bunch of his buddies. The school had to get the police involved to get them to leave, and the parking lot was made off-limits.


Accidental Racism

When I was in my freshman year of high school, the seniors decided their prank would be to place a bunch of full-sized watermelons in their dean’s office. The only problem was… The dean was black. The school is a liberal place with a pretty diverse student body, so the next day the school literally shut down and we had a whole day dedicated to discussing racism in and out of class. The black students began demanding more international literature and less of a Western focus in the English and History curriculum, so I guess that was one good thing that came out of this mess.


The strangest part is that the few seniors who actually perpetrated the prank were black themselves and were part of the dean’s own advisory, and they didn’t reveal that they did it until way after the whole controversy was over. Basically, it was a giant misunderstanding that caused a ridiculous catastrophe.

Would You Like To Be Exorcised?

An LGBT classmate of mine was offered an exorcism by the principal and school councilors.


He went to the media and the school was bombarded for a couple of days.

Heat Stroke Is No Joke

It happened at the end of spring, when the team was practicing for the upcoming season (as football teams do). They were doing conditioning drills in the heat. Coaches and the rest of the football staff failed to appropriately address the change. One of the athletes became pretty lethargic and eventually collapsed on the field. The trainer even told the other players to “drag his butt across the field.”


They treated him in the field house 30 minutes after his symptoms began. But they didn’t give him an ice bath, as they claimed they feared he’d drown. They mainly just put cold towels on his body. They couldn’t do any other water immersions, as the tanks had recently been moved. They finally called an ambulance and got this poor boy to a hospital (more than an hour after he began to show symptoms). An hour after he collapsed on the field, the boy’s temperature was 106°F. I can only imagine what his temperature was when he began to show symptoms… After an extensive investigation, the board placed blame on my school for the tragic death.

An Interesting Fraud

My high school had a beloved history teacher who was known for teaching a class on the Vietnam War. In my freshman or sophomore year, some parent complained about his Vietnam class, which turned into an investigation and revealed that the guy never served in Vietnam like he claimed. He didn’t even have a degree or license to be a teacher. Obviously, he was fired, but the kids still loved him and he was a good teacher.


A New Level Of Burnt Popcorn

I was doing work at 3 a.m. in the dayroom. A kid walks into the kitchen adjacent to the day room put something in the microwave and walks away. Twenty minutes later, I’m sitting there and it starts to smell like smoke, so I look in the kitchen and the entire microwave is on fire. The idiot put eight packets of popcorn in the microwave, set it to a long time, and went to bed.


A Dangerous Assumption

One time in middle school, we went into lockdown. The teacher I had was a really cool, funny guy. He thought it was a practice drill so he was joking with us until he saw someone walk past the door he didn’t recognize. He went silent and it really scared us. He immediately got onto his computer and looked at the news. Our computer teacher was outside threatening to hurt everyone because he was caught emailing a student inappropriate stuff. We were on lockdown for the rest of the day.


Impersonating A Priest

When we were in sixth grade, we were all sitting in the common room; no teachers about. The next minute, one of the guys walked into the room wearing the priest’s robes. He looked like he was about to conduct a mass and started going about blessing people. Unfortunately, a teacher ended up coming in and he got suspended for quite some time. A bit ridiculous to be punished for it, I think. It was one of the funniest things I’d ever seen. In the moment, we were laughing so much that we were crying. Those were the days…


Relocated Raccoon

A kid knocked a raccoon out and brought it too school. Then, he let it go in the bathroom.


It was pretty dang funny. Not sure how he did it.

Heroic Teacher

A volleyball team was traveling in a 15-passenger van. The van was hit by a driver. The teacher had to alternate performing CPR on two unresponsive students while waiting for emergency services to show up. He managed to keep them alive. He quit teaching shortly after because of how traumatizing that accident was.


Some Secrets Should Remain So

While I was in high school, my school district’s middle school put on a “kindness workshop” for the eighth graders. From what I understand, the workshop put everyone in a circle, and the person running it would say really personal statements about stuff like home life, sexuality, identity, etc. The kids were instructed to take a step towards the centre of the circle if the statement applied to them. It was supposed to promote being unique and different, but unsurprisingly, it just gave bullies more dirt on everyone.


The next few weeks, students were refusing to go to school so their deepest secrets wouldn’t get made fun of, which made parents riot outside the school. The superintendent refused to take calls about the workshop, which just made the parents even more angry. Things eventually got bad enough that it made international news.

It never really got resolved, but to make it all worse, the school pirated the workshop materials.

Mischief And Arson

A friend of mine and his idiot associate swiped a blowtorch from the tech wing and were lighting stuff on fire in the basement. The school is over 100 years old so the basement was full of old desks, textbooks, 50-year-old football equipment, etc. The accomplice lit a t-shirt and threw it onto an antique coat rack. The rack immediately went up in flames and the fire spread through the whole basement.


They had to evacuate the school in -40 C in the middle of January. The total damage was about $100,000. My friend got expelled and given a suspended sentence for mischief. The idiot accomplice got expelled, plus a couple of years in juvie for mischief and arson.

Very Bad Choice!

There was a couple who went behind the stage curtain in the auditorium when no one was there. They were going to get intimate and decided to use Icy Hot. It caused severe burning and the school had to call the ambulance to take them to the ER.


A Real Food Fight

We had a legitimate food fight at our middle school.


My lunch table had a habit of throwing baby carrots at people. We never got punished so we started to get bolder. We would hurl a handful of them way into the air behind us in a shotgun approach. I guess we finally hit the wrong table and one of the guys got up, picked up his tray, and just flung it directly into my friend’s face. We were blown away and just froze in amazement.

The tray hit some people it wasn’t intended to. That table retaliated by having multiple people fling their trays. At this point, there were maybe 25 innocent bystanders that got hit by food. Everything paused for a few seconds as if everyone was absorbing what just happened. Then it was something like out of a movie.

EVERYBODY just went into a frenzy and just started chucking everything in arms reach. And I mean everybody. Jocks, nerds, goths, band geeks, everybody. It seemed to go on for eternity but the teachers managed to calm everyone down in about 10 minutes. It looked like a tornado had passed through. Our lunch room had a 40-foot ceiling and there were BBQ sauce packets stuck up there. They made everyone in the lunch room stay behind and clean everything up. Since there were so many participants, they couldn’t suspend a quarter of the school. They ended up just suspending the instigators—the original three tables.

A Day To Remember

Nobody really knows why—if it was some virus we all caught that morning, something we ate at the cafeteria, or what—but it started with the girl next to me vomiting a pile of gooey rice all over her desk. She was taken to the infirmary or something, and class continued as usual, but about half an hour later, another classmate started feeling sick, so he got up to go to the bathroom. He threw up rather explosively, leaving a huge streak of vomit all across the wall.


By that point, we started making light of the situation, and in the next hour or so, two others felt sick and ended up throwing up. One of them got up and ran to the bathroom and let it out twice on the way there.

From then on, April 24th was proclaimed Vomit Day in our grade, and we always remembered it each year.