Gunther the $375 Million Dog and Other Wildly Wealthy Pets

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They eat caviar every day. They enjoy spa treatments on the regular. And they own several properties.

No, I’m not talking about someone from the royal family. I’m talking about some of the wealthiest pets on Earth. According to a ranking by, these animals live decadent lifestyles thanks to their extremely vast fortunes.

30. Csoki the Parrot – $65,599

One of the most common ways animals have found themselves on this list is having really generous owners. Take Csoki the African parrot, for instance. Csoki was living a very comfortable life with Victoria Brown, a millionaire from London, England.

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When Brown passed away, she left Csoki with £50,000 so the pretty bird could be looked after long after she passed. It may sound crazy to leave money to your pet, especially such a large sum of money, but wait until you see how much other pets on this list get.

29. Minter, Juice and Callum the Dogs – $81,000

Alexander McQueen was one of the world’s most talented fashion designers. His avant-garde and forward-thinking looks were frequently worn by fashion risk-takers like Björk, Daphne Guinness and Christina Aguilera. But when he died by suicide in 2010, he continued to stun his followers.

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He left roughly $81,000 of his fortune to his three dogs — Minter, Juice and Callum — so they could continue to live a pampered life. But he didn’t just leave money to his own dogs. McQueen also donated even more of his fortune to several animal welfare charities.

28. Bella Mia the Dog – $100,000

Bella Mia the Maltese from New York is sitting pretty. No, it’s not because of her $100,000 allowance to get new outfits, jewelry and spa treatments. It’s because of the will from her owners, which will eventually leave her with a million-dollar fortune, trust fund and vacation home.

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Bella Mia’s owner, Rose Ann Bolasny, says her two grown sons are totally fine with her leaving some of her money to the dog. They see how much Bella Mia has improved their mother and father’s lives, so it’s only fair.

27. Crystal the Monkey – $144,000

It’s likely that you’ve seen some of Crystal’s work on the big screen because Crystal the Monkey has appeared in over 20 movies. In her most notable role, Crystal starred in The Hangover films as the drug-dealing monkey, providing plenty of punchlines for the screwball comedies.

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You might have also seen the talented actor in Night at the Museum, Dr. Dolittle 2, American Pie or George of the Jungle. It’s a resume most actors could only dream of, but for Crystal, it comes naturally.

26. Manny the Dog – $150,000

Manny the French Bulldog is more than just another furry social media sensation. This dog with over 1.1 million Instagram followers is also a self-described “philanthro-pup.” As a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, the Manny the Frenchie Foundation means actual business.

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The foundation has already donated to over 21 different organizations aimed at helping the less fortunate. Manny’s owners also organize visits to children’s hospitals and shelters to spread joy to folks in need.

25. Tinker the Cat – $160,000

Tinker, once a stray cat, made friends with an elderly woman in north London who had no children or family in her life. After she died in 2002, she left $160,000 in a trust to Tinker.

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Her neighbors, who were also listed in the trust, had to look after Tinker and make sure he lived in the house they shared until his death. The neighbors make a habit to check in on their late neighbor’s house to ensure there’s enough food and comfort for Tinker the homeowner.

24. Lil Bub the Cat – $195,000

You know you’ve seen Lil Bub’s adorable little face with her tongue that won’t seem to stay inside her mouth. Her unique appearance was due to several genetic mutations, including an extreme form of feline dwarfism that caused her limbs and lower jaw to be quite small in comparison to the rest of her body.

Photo Courtesy: Joyful Noise Recordings/Wikimedia Commons

The Internet first caught wind of her unique look in 2011 on Tumblr, and she became increasingly popular through social media and merchandise sales. Sadly, the world lost Lil Bub in December 2019, but her lust for life lives on.

23. Jiff the Dog – $204,000

Jiff the Pomeranian (or JiffPom as he’s known on social media) is a real-life dog. It’s important to put that out there first because JiffPom could very easily be a stuffed animal. He’s just that cute. Over 9.6 million Instagram followers seem to agree.

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The unbelievably adorable pup frequently posts to Instagram with life updates, media appearances (like joining Katy Perry for a music video shoot) and showing off adorable little outfits. He also makes some extra bones selling calendars and other JiffPom merchandise.

22. Chunmun the Monkey – $250,000

Chunmun came into the lives of Brajesh and Shabista Srivastava at the right time. The married couple met the monkey in 2005 and have treated him as a son ever since. Their chemistry really lifted each other’s spirits, and Chunmun lives a comfortable lifestyle with lots of fruits and plenty of air conditioning to keep him cool in India.

Photo Courtesy: STR/AFP/Getty Images

The Srivastava family announced that they plan to leave all of their money to Chunmun in a trust that will feed monkeys like him in the forests that are suffering from deforestation.

21. Henri the Cat – $316,000

Taking a page from 1960s French cinema, Will Braden filmed Henri, his cat, for a series of viral videos on YouTube. In each clip, Henri went through existential crises fit for a dramatic, black and white French film noir.

Photo Courtesy: Will Braden/YouTube

Each clip racked up millions of views for Henri, which can add up to some real scratch in the long run. Braden now keeps his cat’s Twitter profile updated with frequently sassy one-liners we’re sure Henri would approve of.

20. Doug the Dog – $500,000

Doug the Pug is a seriously famous pup. With over 3.8 million followers on Instagram alone, Doug has dubbed himself “the king of pop culture.” He even has his own People’s Choice Award! So what makes him so famous? Check out his Instagram page.

Photo Courtesy: @itsdougthepug/Twitter

He frequently pops up in adorable costumes with sassy captions fit to lift anyone’s mood. He’s parlayed his social media fame into music videos and photoshoots with Justin Bieber, Fall Out Boy and Meghan Trainor. And let’s not forget that he’s also a New York Times best-selling book author.

19. Juniper the Fox – $540,000

Juniper is the most famous fox on the Internet. Sorry, not sorry, Ylvis. Juniper has amassed herself a cult following on Instagram, with over 2.9 million followers patiently waiting for the happy-go-lucky fox’s next post.

Photo Courtesy: @juniperfoxx/Twitter

It’s easy to see why Juniper is so popular. She has a big, bright smile and acts like a domesticated dog in all of her videos. Her fandom is so big she’s even landed a book deal about her adorable little life in a home filled with other domesticated exotic animals.

18. Hamilton the Cat – $826,800

Yes, the mustache is real. And yes, it has helped Hamilton “The Hipster Cat” make himself a pretty penny thanks to his hundreds of thousands of social media followers. The perfectly symmetrical white fur under his nose gives the illusion that Hamilton could be found at your local dive bar with a Pabst Blue Ribbon at his side.

Photo Courtesy: @CaptainFawcett/Twitter

Even though Hamilton is a social media star, his owner Jay Stowe reportedly prefers giving the bulk of Hamilton’s earnings away to charity.

17. Bodhi the Dog – $990,000

Bodhi is known as “the most stylish dog in the world” thanks to his successful modeling career. The handsome Shiba Inu was discovered in 2013 when a photograph of him modeling surfaced online. He has since graced the pages of The New York Times, GQ, Time magazine, CNN and many other publications.

Photo Courtesy: BarcroftTV/YouTube

His social media profile and modeling gigs earn him upwards of $15,000 a month. His website features several portraits, as well as home apparel that features his fashionable, furry face.

16. Missy the Cow – $1,200,000

Missy the Cow has a lot to be proud of. For starters, she was auctioned in 2009 for $1.2 million, likely making her the most expensive cow in the world. The reason? She’s believed to be a “perfectly proportioned” Holstein cow, having won several titles, including Grand Champion of the 2009 Western Fall National Show.

Photo Courtesy: WikiTubia/Youtube

Because breeders are so impressed with Missy’s genetic makeup, scientists are now using her genes to help develop more perfectly proportioned Holstein cows.

15. Maru the Cat – $1,800,000

If you’ve ever gone down a rabbit hole of “cat playing in boxes” videos on YouTube, you’ve likely seen Maru the Cat. Maru is a social media sensation in the cat world, amassing millions of video views for living his best life with boxes of various shapes and sizes.

Photo Courtesy: @MaruTheCatFan/Twitter

The chubby tabby’s owners have created a cult following for Maru, with over 292,000 followers on Instagram and 708,000 subscribers on YouTube. Seriously, if you haven’t been mesmerized by Maru’s love for boxes, get ready for an adorable feast for your eyes.

14. Tara the Cat – $1,850,000

Tara “the Hero Cat” is a tabby from California who was adopted by the Triantafilo family after she followed them home one day. The cat became attached to their children, particularly their 4-year-old boy Jeremy, who lives on the autism spectrum.

Photo Courtesy: @PageSix/Twitter

Tara rose to fame in a viral security video that showed her defending Jeremy after a dog came out of nowhere and started attacking little Jeremy. Over 16 million views later, Tara has become an international cat celebrity with a successful Instagram page and several medals of honor.

13. Bubbles the Monkey – $2,000,000

Bubbles the monkey was the cherished pet of the late pop star Michael Jackson. Bubbles mostly lived at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch estate, where he enjoyed meals at the dinner table and slept in a crib but accompanied Jackson on tour when he needed companionship.

Photo Courtesy: @THRGlobal/Twitter

After Jackson’s passing, Neverland Ranch wasn’t what it used to be, so Bubbles was relocated to a monkey sanctuary in Florida. It’s not the same as lavish dinners at the table, but Bubbles still has $2 million to his name.

12. Choupette the Cat – $3,500,000

This is one fashionable feline. Choupette is the beloved pet of the late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. The designer was rarely seen in public without his beautiful white cat at his side. For someone who routinely wore black and white, Choupette was a very fitting accessory to Lagerfeld’s outfits.

Photo Courtesy: @fashionista_com/Twitter

Choupette had a career in the fashion world of her own, thanks in large part to Lagerfeld. She frequently appeared in photoshoots for major brands like Chanel whenever a ferocious feline was needed.

11. Street Cat Bob – $5,000,000

Bob is not your average alley cat — he’s the subject behind several best-selling memoirs from James Bowen and the inspiration for the film A Streetcat Named Bob. Bowen met Bob back in 2007 when Bowen was busking for spare change in London’s Covent Garden.

Photo Courtesy: @francisxyzk/Twitter

Bob wouldn’t leave Bowen alone, and spectators quickly took an interest. The cat inspired Bowen to sober up, clean up his act and share the story of their unlikely pairing. The duo went from living on the streets to living very comfortably with a $5 million fortune.

10. Pontiac the Dog – $5,000,000

Betty White has been a lifelong entertainer and a lifelong animal lover. Throughout her successful career that has lasted several decades, White uses plenty of her personal time to advocate for various animal welfare charities. That’s how she met her most valued pet, Pontiac.

Photo Courtesy: @MrsJinxyBaker/Twitter

One of White’s most beloved charities trains seeing-eye and guard dogs, and Pontiac didn’t quite pass his training. White had just lost an animal of her own but couldn’t refuse the charity’s offer to adopt Pontiac. He’s now rumored to receive a hefty amount of her fortune from her will.

9. Bart the Bear – $6,000,000

Referred to as “the John Wayne of bears,” Bart the Bear 2 is one of the most successful movie animals of all time. With over a dozen acting credits under his big belt, Bart the Bear 2 has amassed himself a $6 million fortune.

Photo Courtesy: The Salt Lake Tribune/YouTube

His acting credits include Into the Wild, We Bought a Zoo and, most recently, Game of Thrones on HBO. He’s shared the screen with some major heavyweights, including Brad Pit, Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert Redford and Jennifer Aniston.

8. Conchita the Dog – $11,300,000

This is a serious case of puppy love. Gail Posner, Florida socialite and daughter of corporate tycoon Victor Posner, really loved her pets. When she passed away in March 2010, her pet Conchita the chihuahua’s bank account grew exponentially.

Photo Courtesy: @Lizira00/Twitter

Conchita and Posner’s two other dogs were left with full-time staff and plenty of Cartier necklaces and spa treatments to keep them pampered. However, Posner’s son Bret quickly filed a lawsuit, claiming he was the rightful heir to his mother’s fortune and her pampered pooches were not.

7. Blackie the Cat – $12,500,000

Ben Rea was one of the most successful antiques dealers in the United Kingdom. He was also a bit of a recluse. When he died in May 1988, he refused to leave his millions to his family. Instead, he left money to members of his staff and the bulk of his fortune to Blackie.

Photo Courtesy: ColleenMartin/Wikimedia Commons

Rea preferred to live with 15 rescued cats in his sprawling mansion. Blackie was the last living of his litter, so Blackie received the bulk of the fortune. Rea did, however, make sure to leave money to a few cat charities.

6. Tommasino the Cat – $13,000,000

When 94-year-old Maria Assunta died in 2011, she reportedly had no living relatives. So Assunta left the bulk of her estate to the stray black cat she rescued — only Italian law made the transaction a tad bit complicated.

Photo Courtesy: @walentgrig/Twitter

In order to skirt the law, which would have forbidden Assunta leaving Tommasino everything, her will declared the money would be given to a “worthy animal association if one could be found.” Assunta’s nurse Stefania cares for Tommasino while seeking organizations that support other stray animals.

5. Gigoo the Chicken – $15,000,000

We don’t mean to ruffle your feathers, but there’s a chicken out there worth $15 million. Yes, let’s let that sink in for a moment. The British hen was owned by wealthy publisher Miles Blackwell, who left Gigoo $15 million in his will.

Photo Courtesy: @omlet/Twitter

While it may seem a bit foul to leave that much money to a chicken, Blackwell wasn’t completely nutty. He left the bulk of his estate to benefit the preservation of rare breeds and animal welfare causes.

4. Sadie, Sunny, Lauren, Layla and Luke the Dogs – $30,000,000

Golden retrievers Luke and Layla, cocker spaniel Sadie and springer spaniels Sunny and Lauren are the lucky dogs of the one and only Oprah Winfrey. She must really love these dogs because she’s reportedly leaving $30 million to them in her will.

Photo Courtesy: @gypsyluc/Twitter

For a billionaire like Oprah, $30 million seems like a drop in the bucket, but it’s certainly more than she’s leaving to others close to her life. Stedman Graham, her boyfriend of 30 years, will reportedly receive nothing in her will.

3. Olivia Benson the Cat – $97,000,000

Taylor Swift has made no secret about her love for cats. One of Swift’s cats in particular has amassed a fortune of her very own. Olivia Benson, named after one of Swift’s favorite characters on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, is a successful TV commercial and social media star.

Photo Courtesy: @SimplySFans/Twitter

Benson, a Scottish fold, has been nominated for awards including an iHeart Radio Award for “Cutest Musician’s Pet” and an Australian Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for “Aussie/Kiwi’s Favourite Animal.” She didn’t win either award, but being worth an estimated $97 million probably helps heal her wounds.

2. Grumpy Cat – $99,500,000

She had the face only the Internet could love. Tardar Sauce earned her fortune thanks to her online nickname and permanently “grumpy” face. All it took was one photo of “Grumpy Cat” to go viral in 2012 to help launch her own multimillion-dollar merchandise empire.

Photo Courtesy: @RealGrumpyCat/Twitter

In 2014, Tardar Sauce made her film debut in the Lifetime Channel’s original movie Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. She was voiced by the deadpan comic Aubrey Plaza. Unfortunately, Tardar Sauce passed away on May 14, 2019. Her spirit and ever-present mood live on.

1. Gunther IV the Dog – $375,000,000

The richest animal in the world is a German Shepherd named Gunther IV. With his own collection of mansions, cars and human staff, Gunther lives the life of a very “good boy.” We’re talking steak and caviar on the daily for this extremely fortunate dog.

Photo Courtesy: @AdVenture_CapHH/Twitter

Gunther IV inherited his millions from his father, Gunther III, who inherited it from German countess and animal lover Karlotta Leibenstein. His properties include estates in the Bahamas, Germany and Italy, as well as a $7.5-million home once owned by Madonna.