The Ultimate Guide to Brand ARAM Runes: Maximize Your Champion’s Potential

Are you a fan of playing Brand in ARAM games? If so, then you know how important it is to optimize your champion’s potential through the right rune choices. In this ultimate guide, we will explore the best Brand ARAM runes that can help you dominate the Howling Abyss and lead your team to victory. From maximizing damage output to ensuring survivability, these rune choices will give you a competitive edge in every match.

Understanding Brand’s Role in ARAM

Before delving into the best rune choices for Brand in ARAM, it is crucial to understand his role within this game mode. In ARAM, team fights are frequent and intense due to the constant skirmishes that occur on the narrow map of the Howling Abyss. As Brand, your primary goal is to deal massive area-of-effect damage and control team fights with your powerful abilities.

The Best Keystone Rune for Brand in ARAM

When it comes to keystone runes for Brand in ARAM, there is one clear winner – Arcane Comet. This rune synergizes perfectly with Brand’s kit, as it triggers whenever you land an ability on an enemy champion. With his high base damage and frequent spell casts, Arcane Comet ensures consistent poke damage throughout the game.

To complement Arcane Comet, take Sorcery as your primary tree and choose Manaflow Band for increased mana sustain during extended fights. Transcendence will also be beneficial since it grants bonus ability haste when reaching level 10.

Secondary Rune Choices for Maximum Damage Output

In terms of secondary runes for maximum damage output on Brand in ARAM, Domination is a solid choice. Take Cheap Shot as your first pick since it procs whenever you impair an enemy champion with crowd control from your abilities or items. This additional true damage can make a significant difference in your burst potential.

For the second slot, Eyeball Collection is an excellent option. It grants bonus ability power for every takedown you participate in, scaling as the match progresses. This rune ensures that you become stronger as the game goes on, allowing you to deal even more devastating damage to your opponents.

Ensuring Survivability with Defensive Runes

While dealing damage is essential for success on Brand in ARAM, surviving team fights is equally crucial. To ensure survivability, consider taking Resolve as your secondary tree and selecting Bone Plating as your first choice. Bone Plating reduces incoming damage from champions’ initial attacks or abilities, providing a valuable defensive buffer during intense engagements.

To further enhance your survivability, opt for Revitalize as your second rune. This rune increases all healing and shielding effects by a percentage when below 40% health. Since ARAM can be relentless with constant skirmishes and poke battles, Revitalize can be a lifesaver when combined with healing from items or support allies.

In conclusion, choosing the right runes for Brand in ARAM can significantly impact your performance on the Howling Abyss. With Arcane Comet as the keystone rune and secondary choices such as Cheap Shot and Eyeball Collection for increased damage output, along with defensive options like Bone Plating and Revitalize to ensure survivability – you will maximize your champion’s potential and dominate the ARAM battlefield. So gear up with these optimal rune choices and get ready to unleash fiery destruction upon your enemies.

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