People Having a Way Worse Day Than You

Photo Courtesy: Clumsy/YouTube

We all have those days when things don’t go according to plan or life throws in some unsuspecting twists and turns. If you can relate, then rest assured that you’re about to find yourself in good company.

They say laughter is the best medicine, and sometimes laughing off a bad day is about all you can do. Start by enjoying these hilarious photos featuring people who are definitely having a worse day than you are. When life gets you down, just remember that it could always be worse. Get ready to laugh!

The Too Tall Truck Driver

Throughout history, certain adversaries have shared mutual distaste for one another that has become the stuff of legends. Just think about Batman and the Joker, the Hatfields and the McCoys, and Sherlock Holmes and the infamous Professor Moriarty.

Photo Courtesy: Charlie/Flickr

Not to be left off any list of mortal enemies is the hostile relationship between large trucks and low hanging objects. Try as they might, large trucks never seem to be able to fully outwit the short overpass or the antics of deceptively short garage doors.

The Bubbly Kitchen Cleaner

Almost every parent in history has lamented the lack of help they receive from their children when it comes to household chores. After all, kids these days have it pretty good with their fancy computer games and fun after school activities.

Photo Courtesy: flexsleuthor/Flickr

This train of thought generally leads to the resolve to teach kids the art of responsibility by assigning a few age-appropriate chores. As you can see here, such plans are not without their perils. Computer coding? No problem for the average millennial. Dishwasher loading? Not as simple as you might assume.

The Tiny Chair Owner

There’s a reason that Amazon has exploded into a billion-dollar company with customers all over the globe. Sometimes, it’s nice to find new items that aren’t available in local stores and get all your shopping done without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

Photo Courtesy: itssavannahxox/Twitter

As an unfortunate number of online shoppers can attest, however, it’s important to read the fine print. This unlucky shopper thought she had found the perfect chair for her vanity in her bedroom. It wasn’t until it arrived that she discovered the importance of reading the measurements.

The Mom from Snakes on a Minivan

This girl’s tweet is the stuff that nightmares are made of — in a big way! One minute, her mom was driving down the road, minding her own business. The next minute, she found herself in the middle of a scene from a bad horror movie.

Photo Courtesy: Krissy_Lyn/Twitter

When she looked down to see a snake slithering out of her vent, she did what any reasonable woman would do. Immediately sentencing the car to death for harboring such a stowaway, she proceeded to almost crash it before remembering she was still inside. While the car lucked out at the last second, its betrayal may never be forgiven.

The Well-Meaning Doll Cleaner

This guy was feeling extra helpful one day and decided to use a bottle of strong cleaner to disinfect his granddaughter’s Girl’s World doll. Things were going great until he realized the cleaning solution he was using had worked a little too well.

Photo Courtesy: TashP351/Twitter

Not only did it remove any germs that the doll may have been hiding, but it also removed most of her painted on facial features. Luckily, grandpa was feeling creative, so he cut a pair of eyes out of a magazine to replace those lost in the incident. Not creepy at all, right?

The Unlucky Wedding Guest

One of the great things about weddings, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, is you can usually score some great photos of yourself from the wedding photographer. Everyone arrives dressed in their best garb, looking happy and primed to smile.

Photo Courtesy: majtague/Twitter

It’s important, however, to remember to stay on the photographer’s good side. Given how awesome you look, how could a wedding photo possibly turn out wrong? Well, as you can see here, there are ways to ruin a good shot. Be sure to stay on the right side of large, glass candle holders.

The Victim of Ripped Jean Sunburn

Although we all want to stay on top of the latest fashions, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t want to become a fashion victim. The woman you see here learned this lesson the hard way after venturing out on a sunny day sporting ripped blue jeans.

Photo Courtesy: Scoop/YouTube

Doubtless, the jeans added a twinge of ’90s alternative swag to her step, but the look came at a price. Upon returning home, she found that the stylishly holed jeans had done her no favors when it came to protecting her knees from the sun’s unforgiving rays.

The Mugshot Coffee Drinker

We’ve all got that one family member who can’t seem to resist the urge to tease us at every available opportunity. Little did this guy know what was about to happen when he found his brother presenting the entire family with harmless looking black mugs.

Photo Courtesy: Dilicious23/Twitter

The real fun began, however, when the mugs started to warm up. As it turns out, the victim had recently spent a night in the slammer. His brother had not only gained access to his mugshot, but he custom ordered the mugs to reveal copies of the photo each time they get hot.

The Absent-Minded Chef

Learning to cook is no easy feat, and that truth goes a long way toward explaining why college students everywhere tend to be obsessed with fast food restaurants. Inevitably, however, the day comes when we all get brave enough to venture toward that mysterious appliance that promises to turn frozen foods into edible treats.

Photo Courtesy: KieranRiley123/Twitter

After all, what could go wrong with a recipe that involves nothing more than placing pre-made food inside a hot oven? This photo holds the unfortunate answer. Apparently, this new cook forgot to remove the cutting board from beneath the food before baking it.

The Mistaken Funeral Director

Few things are more heartbreaking than the loss of a beloved family pet. The family behind this post had only just finished burying Tom, their beloved cat, moments before he suddenly strolled into their kitchen. While the entire family was overjoyed by Tom’s epic comeback, they weren’t without questions.

Photo Courtesy: Gossipgrill/Twitter

If Tom was alive and well, then whose cat had they buried and mourned on social media moments before? While we may never know the answer to this riddle, Tom is definitely nailing the whole “nine lives” thing.

The Toilet Thief Victim

There’s nothing worse than being robbed. It sucks to realize that someone has stolen your jewelry, electronics and other valuables, but the sense of violation that comes with being burgled is even worse. The thieves who went to work here took things to another level entirely when they even stole their victims’ toilet.

Photo Courtesy: CVBelieve/Twitter

While it was obviously a brazen move, this criminal act raises a lot of questions. How do you go about unloading a stolen commode? Is there some sort of shady underground toilet ring lurking somewhere out there in the shadows? Bizarre!

The Swimming Pool Hockey Player

Here is a prime example of why women tend to live longer than men. When a woman sees her backyard pool frozen over in the winter, she might make a note that it should have been properly drained before the season. Upon seeing the same frozen pool, however, her husband’s mind is likely to go straight to hockey.

Photo Courtesy: America’s Funniest Home Videos/YouTube

While the idea of suddenly discovering a small hockey rink in your backyard may sound nice, things aren’t always what they seem. It was only as he crashed into the freezing cold water below that this guy learned the ice wasn’t as thick as he had assumed.

The Worst Lucky Catcher

As much as we all depend on our phones these days, it’s a wonder that no one has yet invented an indestructible material to protect them. After all, there’s nothing worse than dropping your iPhone and spending months operating it with a big crack in the screen until you can afford a new one.

Photo Courtesy: _youhadonejob1/Twitter

Or maybe there is something worse. Imagine how many emotions this phone owner must have experienced, all within the span of about three seconds. We’re guessing it was panic at dropping the phone, relief that it didn’t hit the ground and then horror that it actually met a far worse fate than concrete.

The Portrait Poser

Let it never be said that posing for epic photos is for the faint of heart. This daring portrait taker spotted what looked like a great place to pose in front of a crashing shore. Little did she know that the wrath of Poseidon cannot be restrained by a mere metal gate.

Photo Courtesy: Heba_1123/Twitter

What started as a light mist around her feet suddenly escalated into a full-on torrential blast as she realized too late the extent of her mistake. You have to hand it to her for never breaking the pose though.

The Spray Tan Cryer

Many of us rely on the ease of a spray tan when we want to rock a nice summer glow without baking in dangerous UV rays. Despite the mood boost a nice spray tan can bring, you have to time the application very carefully to achieve optimal conditions.

Photo Courtesy: alexvinklarek/Twitter

Should you feel there’s any chance you could experience a sudden urge to cry, for example, it’s best to wait until you’re feeling a bit more emotionally stable. Otherwise, you could end up with evidence of your crying session all over your face, long after the last tear has dried.

The Owner of Aquadog

It’s important to find plenty of ways to keep both yourself and your pets hydrated during the hot summer months. Placing ice in your pets’ water bowls is always a great idea, as is springing for that extra power to fuel your air conditioning unit.

Photo Courtesy: Fox 47 News/YouTube

This dog, however, took things into his own paws when he discovered an epic way to cool off in the summertime. Knowing that both the house’s air conditioning and the lawn’s sprinkler cooled him off, he decided to enjoy the best of both by bringing the sprinkler in through his doggie door.

The Marshmallow S’more Maker

Clothing irons provide a nice, convenient way to keep your clothes pressed and polished for the days you want to look your best. As we all know, however, they must be handled with care in order to avoid certain pitfalls.

Photo Courtesy: goth_cakes/Twitter

Many people have found themselves accidentally leaving iron-shaped burns on everything from countertops to clothing after forgetting to turn off the appliance after use. This iron-wielder ended up in a sticky situation by leaving a hot iron on in the presence of marshmallows. Hopefully, she had some chocolate to make some accidental s’mores.

The Leg Scratcher

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of class or a meeting at work when an annoying itch suddenly crept up your leg? Soothing an itch with your fingernails can be a tough job when your legs are encased in jeans or thick pants.

Photo Courtesy: autumnbblack/Twitter

One great way to give yourself a little extra itch relief is to use the end of a pen. As you can see here, however, it’s pretty important to make sure you use the non-writing end of the pen — or at least make sure it isn’t open — to do your scratching.

The Unsuspecting Selfie Taker

Ever caught a glimpse of yourself in a bathroom mirror and noticed that you were looking particularly fetching that day? Perhaps you were at a shop and had just purchased a new blouse or cosmetic that you were thrilled to show off to your friends?

Photo Courtesy: kyaraxnycole/Twitter

In such situations, a bathroom mirror selfie could be the way to go. However, this unfortunate lady was so caught up in snapping her shot, she failed to notice a few important details about the room. Chief among them was that she was actually in the men’s restroom. Hope she added a surprise emoji to that post.

The Dad of the Future Magician

Childhood can be a wonderful time when the imagination takes on epic levels of fancy. The only drawback is that kids often have what initially seem like brilliant ideas before the consequences kick in to prove otherwise.

Photo Courtesy: BossDT/YouTube

This poor little guy succumbed to one of the many temptations that run rampant among children everywhere. There’s just something about small spaces that is as difficult to resist as a siren’s song, tempting kids to stick their heads and hands into some pretty tight spaces. It’s all fun and games, of course — until they try to get out of it.

The Food Photographer

Among the many perks of social media is your ability to show off a particularly tantalizing food to all your friends before you eat it. The proud owner of a recently purchased lobster roll was about to do just that when suddenly things took a tragic turn.

Photo Courtesy: RulingSports/Twitter

Seagulls, it seems, are huge fans of the social media food-sharing phenomenon. As they quickly discovered, it has proven to be an excellent way to convince food lovers everywhere to hold their food out in front of them or even skyward. Occasionally, such photographers end up with a far different, seagull-filled shot instead.

The Health Nut

It’s likely you have understood the benefits of multivitamins ever since your parents first presented you with a bottle of Flintstone chewables when you were a kid. Although some people don’t maintain the habit of taking vitamins after they grow up, others are very dedicated to taking them and reaping the benefits.

Photo Courtesy: steven_lams/Twitter

Unfortunately for this guy, his plans for optimal health were dashed by an extra hot day. Apparently, the labels on the side of gummy multivitamin bottles aren’t playing when they advise you to keep them stored at room temperature.

The Fake Fruit Diner

It’s always nice to find a free basket of healthy fruits ready and waiting when you’re in the mood for a snack on the go. Regrettably, not all offerings turn out to be the bonus you might be expecting. Before biting into any decorative fruit, it’s important to make sure it’s actually edible.

Photo Courtesy: ggrimgoff/Twitter

It seems this person wasn’t so lucky and left some telltale tooth marks behind as evidence of their lack of diligence. Perhaps even funnier, it looks like they merely replaced the offending apple in an attempt to cover up the mistake.

The Roomba Owner

Nifty cleaning robots are one of the joys of modern technology, and the devices are learning to do more and more things that humans don’t particularly enjoy. The Roomba, for instance, is a great invention designed to take over the task of cleaning your hard floors.

Photo Courtesy: therealcozyyy/Twitter

On the other hand, robots aren’t without their downsides. The owner of this brand new Roomba came home to discover that her new electronic floor cleaner had proudly taken on the task of cleaning up her dog’s poop — by smearing it all over her floors.

The Responsible Driver

This guy decided to go out to a bar for drinks with a few friends one night. Realizing later in the evening that he had consumed a few too many adult beverages, he did the responsible thing and decided to catch a ride home with a designated driver.

Photo Courtesy: ayeeelyse/Twitter

Upon returning to pick up his car the next day, he discovered that a farmer’s market had suddenly sprung up around it. Whether he was able to ramp the sidewalk or he ended up selling oranges out of his back seat, no one knows for sure.

The Watermelon Lover

This dad walked into the house one day and announced his new gardening hobby had finally borne fruit — literally. After planting a few seeds, he had managed to grow a large watermelon, and he was excited to share it with his entire family.

Photo Courtesy: Camgelting/Twitter

Things went downhill quickly after the watermelon was sliced, however, as the family learned the hard way that large cucumbers look deceptively similar to watermelons. As it turned out, the cucumber had been masquerading as a melon the whole time in order to keep the gardener interested.

The Soap Eater

Every family has its traditions, such as a particular Maine-based aunt who sends the family chocolate lobsters each year. When the treats arrived this year, however, they looked a bit different than normal. Although they didn’t sport their usual chocolatey hue, her niece assumed it was a colored white chocolate instead and bit into one anyway.

Photo Courtesy: jellispants/Twitter

That was when she discovered first hand that her aunt had decided to mix things up a bit. Rather than using her lobster molds to produce chocolate, the aunt had decided to surprise everyone with decorative soaps instead.

The Wet Canine Owner

What did humanity do to deserve dogs? They love us unconditionally, they are incredibly loyal friends, and they have absolutely no poker face. Whatever is going through a dog’s mind will always be as evident as the smile on his face or the wag of his tail.

Photo Courtesy: Imgur/Twitter

The recently rain-drenched little guy you see here is no exception. As his owner reinforced in her post, there is nothing her four-legged friend hates quite as much as rain. So, when the two got caught in a sudden downpour, he was not shy about sharing his thoughts.

The World’s Unluckiest Shampoo Girl

This poor girl just realized one of the worst fears of women all over the globe. Ever since the introduction of Nair — used to remove leg hair — women everywhere have been careful to store the produce far, far away from their shampoo bottles to make sure they don’t grab the wrong one.

Photo Courtesy: kaycon000/Twitter

Deep down we all knew that somewhere out there, it had happened to someone, and it looks like we finally found her. This poor girl lathered her head with a nice handful of what she thought was shampoo, only to realize that she had mistakenly grabbed the Nair bottle instead.

The Backseat Rider

It’s probably a good thing that this passenger seems to have been asleep for most of her ride. Unbeknownst to her, her mom had spent the drive enjoying a bag of sunflower seeds from the seat right in front of her. Mom had rolled down the window to get rid of the shells by tossing them into the wind.

Photo Courtesy: MiaSimper101/Twitter

Apparently, the wind didn’t appreciate the gesture. Rather than carry them to the side of the road, it blew them right back into the car — and all over the head of her sleeping daughter.