Navigating Chili’s Menu with Prices: Top Picks for Every Budget

Are you craving some delicious Tex-Mex cuisine? Look no further than Chili’s. With its extensive menu filled with mouthwatering options, there’s something to satisfy every craving. But before you head out to your nearest Chili’s location, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with their menu and prices. In this article, we’ll guide you through navigating Chili’s menu with prices and highlight some top picks for every budget.

Appetizers: Kickstart Your Meal

No meal at Chili’s is complete without starting off with one of their irresistible appetizers. From classic favorites to unique twists, the appetizer menu offers a wide variety of options to please your taste buds.

If you’re budget-conscious, fear not. Chili’s has several affordable appetizers that won’t break the bank. For starters, their Classic Nachos priced at $8.99 are a crowd-pleaser. Piled high with melted cheese, jalapenos, and your choice of protein (chicken or beef), it’s perfect for sharing.

For those looking to indulge a bit more, the Southwestern Eggrolls priced at $9.49 are a must-try. These crispy rolls are filled with chicken, black beans, corn, peppers, and cheese – served alongside avocado-ranch dipping sauce.

Main Courses: Something for Everyone

When it comes to main courses at Chili’s, the options are endless. Whether you’re in the mood for a juicy steak or a flavorful bowl of pasta, there’s something on the menu for everyone.

If you’re on a tighter budget but still want a filling meal packed with flavor, look no further than Chili’s Classic Bacon Burger priced at $10.29. This mouthwatering burger is piled high with crispy bacon and served with classic fries – an unbeatable combination.

For those willing to splurge a little, the Ancho Salmon priced at $17.99 is a standout choice. Grilled to perfection and topped with spicy citrus-chile sauce, this dish offers a delightful blend of flavors that will leave you wanting more.

Desserts: End on a Sweet Note

No meal is complete without indulging in something sweet, and Chili’s dessert menu does not disappoint. From decadent chocolate treats to fruity delights, there’s a dessert option for every palate.

If you’re looking for a classic dessert at an affordable price, the Molten Chocolate Cake priced at $7.29 is a surefire winner. Indulge in warm chocolate cake with a gooey molten center, served with vanilla ice cream – pure bliss.

For those who prefer something fruity and refreshing, the Skillet Toffee Fudge Brownie priced at $8.49 is an excellent choice. Served warm with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce, it strikes the perfect balance between rich flavors and fruity sweetness.

Drinks: Quench Your Thirst

Chili’s menu also boasts an impressive selection of beverages to quench your thirst during your dining experience. From signature margaritas to mocktails, there’s something for everyone – including non-alcoholic options.

If you’re in the mood for a refreshing alcoholic beverage without breaking the bank, consider trying Chili’s Presidente Margarita priced at $8.29 during happy hour (prices may vary). Made with premium tequila and served on the rocks, it’s perfect for sipping and enjoying good company.

For those who prefer non-alcoholic options or are looking for something family-friendly, Chili’s offers bottomless beverages such as their Classic Lemonade priced at $3.19 or their Strawberry Lemonade priced at $3.69 – both great choices to accompany your meal.

In conclusion, Chili’s menu offers a wide range of options to satisfy every craving and budget. From affordable appetizers to indulgent main courses, delightful desserts, and refreshing beverages, there’s something for everyone at Chili’s. So the next time you visit, navigate their menu with prices in mind and indulge in some mouthwatering Tex-Mex cuisine.

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