Mastering Armor Upgrades in Breath of the Wild: Essential Materials You Need

Breath of the Wild, the critically acclaimed action-adventure game for the Nintendo Switch, offers players a vast and immersive open world to explore. One key aspect of gameplay is upgrading armor sets, which can greatly enhance Link’s abilities and survivability. To successfully upgrade your armor sets, you’ll need to gather certain materials scattered throughout the game world. In this article, we will guide you through the essential materials needed for upgrading armor sets in Breath of the Wild.

Ancient Springs: The Foundation of Ancient Armor Upgrades

Ancient Springs are a crucial material required for upgrading various armor sets in Breath of the Wild, particularly those with an ancient theme. These springs can be obtained by defeating Guardians scattered across Hyrule or by looting chests found in ancient shrines.

Upgrading armor sets such as the Ancient Armor or Ancient Soldier Gear requires a significant number of Ancient Springs. These upgrades not only increase defense but also grant special abilities like Guardian Resist Up, which reduces damage taken from Guardian attacks.

To efficiently farm Ancient Springs, consider visiting areas with high Guardian activity, such as Hyrule Castle or certain locations marked on your map with a Guardian symbol. Additionally, using weapons like Ancient Arrows can instantly destroy Guardians and increase your chances of obtaining more Ancient Springs.

Lynel Guts: The Mark of Strength and Power

Lynels are fearsome enemies that roam various regions in Breath of the Wild. Defeating them is no easy task but it’s worth it for their valuable drops—Lynel Guts being one of them.

Lynel Guts are essential materials needed for upgrading powerful armor sets like Barbarian Armor or Fierce Deity Set. These upgrades significantly boost attack power and grant additional perks like increased speed or critical hit chance.

To defeat Lynels efficiently, make sure to stock up on powerful weapons and armor, as they are formidable opponents. Additionally, mastering the art of perfect dodges and parries can help you counter their attacks and deal massive damage. Once defeated, don’t forget to gather their guts as they are a valuable resource for upgrading your armor sets.

Dragon Scales: Harnessing the Power of Dragons

In the vast lands of Hyrule, you’ll encounter majestic dragons soaring through the skies. These dragons—Dinraal, Naydra, and Farosh—hold great power within them. By interacting with them in specific ways, you can acquire their scales, which are crucial for upgrading certain armor sets.

Each dragon drops a different type of scale: Dinraal drops Dinraal’s Scale, Naydra drops Naydra’s Scale, and Farosh drops Farosh’s Scale. These scales are used to upgrade armor sets like the Flamebreaker Armor or Snowquill Set.

To obtain these scales, locate the dragons at their respective locations during specific times of day or night. Shooting them with arrows will cause scales to drop into nearby bodies of water or land for you to collect.

Star Fragments: The Celestial Material

Star Fragments are rare celestial materials that fall from the sky at night in Breath of the Wild. These fragments have various uses in upgrading diverse armor sets throughout Hyrule.

To increase your chances of encountering Star Fragments, find a high vantage point overlooking Hyrule during clear nights. Be patient and observant as Star Fragments appear randomly but more frequently during meteor showers.

Upgrading armor sets such as the Radiant Set or Phantom Armor requires Star Fragments along with other materials. These upgrades provide unique bonuses like increased movement speed at night or increased damage dealt to enemies.

In conclusion, mastering armor upgrades in Breath of the Wild is essential for surviving and thriving in this immersive game world. Gathering materials like Ancient Springs, Lynel Guts, Dragon Scales, and Star Fragments will enable you to enhance your armor sets and unlock their full potential. So venture forth, brave adventurer, and collect these essential materials to become a force to be reckoned with in the world of Breath of the Wild.

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