Managers Share Their “You’re Hired! You’re Fired!” Story

Stephan Heinrich

Being a manager in any workplace is a difficult gig. You have to deal with crazy schedules, unpredictable employees, and a plethora of insane customers. Perhaps one of the worst parts of the job is letting people go, especially when you’ve invested time and money into them. But some workers are just so bad, it’s like they’re asking to get fired…

The following people take the top prizes for being the worst screw-ups in the workplace. Have you ever heard of an employee trying to steal $100,000 on their first day of banking? How about an employee who sent a complete stranger to impersonate them in an interview? These may sound too absurd to be real, but the idiocy of new hires is

These fed-up managers shared their quickest (and strangest) hired-then-fired stories. It’s not hard to see why they let these guys go!