Get Started with Ark: Play for Free and Build Your Ultimate Survival Base

Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure in a prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs, danger, and untamed wilderness? Look no further than Ark: Survival Evolved, the popular open-world survival game that allows players to build their ultimate bases, tame dinosaurs, and explore vast landscapes. And the best part? You can play Ark for free. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of getting started with Ark, finding a server to play on, building your base, and surviving in this thrilling world.

Finding a Server to Play On

Before you dive into the world of Ark, it’s essential to find a server that suits your playstyle. There are various options available, including official servers hosted by the game developers or private servers created by other players. Each server has its own set of rules and settings that can significantly impact your gameplay experience.

Official servers provide a balanced playing field for everyone. They offer a stable environment where you can interact with other players and experience the full scope of what Ark has to offer. Private servers, on the other hand, allow for more customization. You can find servers with increased rates for gathering resources or taming dinosaurs if you prefer a faster-paced experience.

To find a server that interests you, browse through online forums or visit dedicated websites that list available servers. Take note of factors like server population, uptime stability, and community reputation before making your decision.

Building Your Ultimate Survival Base

Once you’ve found the perfect server to call home in Ark: Survival Evolved, it’s time to start building your ultimate survival base. Your base will serve as your sanctuary from dangerous creatures roaming the land and harsh weather conditions.

The first step is finding an ideal location for your base. Look for areas with access to essential resources like wood and water while also providing natural barriers against potential threats. Consider building near cliffs, rivers, or mountains for added protection.

Next, gather the necessary resources to construct your base. Wood, thatch, and stone are the primary building materials you’ll need. Start with simple structures like foundations and walls before expanding to include storage units, crafting stations, and defensive structures like turrets.

Don’t forget to fortify your base by creating a perimeter wall or utilizing natural barriers. This will help keep unwanted visitors at bay and protect your valuable resources. Additionally, consider building multiple levels or utilizing elevated platforms to maximize space and create strategic vantage points.

Surviving in the Prehistoric World

Ark: Survival Evolved is not just about building a base; it’s also about surviving in a hostile environment filled with dangerous creatures. To thrive in this prehistoric world, you’ll need to master several essential skills.

First and foremost, you must learn how to tame dinosaurs. These mighty creatures can become your loyal companions and invaluable assets in your quest for survival. Use specialized tools like tranq arrows or tranquilizer darts to weaken dinosaurs before attempting to tame them. Each dinosaur has different taming requirements, so make sure to research their preferences beforehand.

Managing resources is another crucial aspect of survival in Ark. Gather berries, meat, wood, and other materials regularly to ensure a steady supply for crafting items and feeding yourself or your tamed dinosaurs. Keep an eye on your hunger and thirst levels as well; neglecting them can have dire consequences.

Lastly, be prepared for unexpected events such as extreme weather conditions or attacks from hostile players or creatures. Stockpile essential supplies like food, water skins, medical kits, and weapons for emergencies.


Ark: Survival Evolved offers an immersive gameplay experience where players can build their ultimate survival bases while taming dinosaurs in a prehistoric world full of challenges. With the option to play for free on various servers with different settings and rules, there’s something for everyone. So, get ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime and start your journey in Ark today.

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