Building a Strong Deck with Ironclad: Strategies for Victory in Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is a popular deck-building roguelike game that challenges players to ascend a treacherous spire filled with powerful enemies and deadly encounters. One of the four playable characters in the game is the Ironclad, a warrior class known for its strength and resilience. In this article, we will explore strategies for building a strong deck with Ironclad to achieve victory in Slay the Spire.

Understanding Ironclad’s Strengths

Ironclad is a versatile character that excels in dealing damage and tanking hits. His starting relic, Burning Blood, allows him to heal 6 HP after each combat encounter, making him resilient in prolonged battles. Additionally, Ironclad has access to powerful offensive cards like Heavy Blade and Immolate, which can quickly decimate enemies.

To fully utilize Ironclad’s potential, it is important to understand his strengths. Focus on building a deck that maximizes his damage output while also providing enough defensive options to withstand enemy attacks.

Synergy is Key

In Slay the Spire, creating synergistic combinations of cards is crucial for success. This holds true for Ironclad as well. Look out for cards that synergize well with his abilities and playstyle.

For example, combining Strength-gaining cards like Inflame or Demon Form with powerful attack cards such as Sword Boomerang or Whirlwind can lead to devastating results. Similarly, pairing Block-generating cards like Shrug It Off or Metallicize with defensive abilities like Body Slam or Barricade can make Ironclad nearly impenetrable.

Balancing Offense and Defense

While dealing massive damage is important for victory in Slay the Spire, neglecting defense can quickly lead to defeat. As an Ironclad, it is crucial to strike a balance between offense and defense in your deck.

Include defensive cards like True Grit, Flame Barrier, or Entrench to mitigate incoming damage. These cards can buy you time to build up your offensive capabilities without jeopardizing your health pool. Additionally, consider adding healing cards like Reaper or Feed to sustain yourself during longer battles.

Adapting to the Spire’s Challenges

The Spire is a dynamic environment filled with diverse enemies and encounters. To succeed as an Ironclad, it is important to adapt your deck and strategy based on the challenges you face.

For example, if you encounter enemies that heavily rely on debuffs or status effects, consider including cards like Second Wind or Medical Kit that can remove these harmful effects. Alternatively, if you face enemies with high health pools and low damage output, focus on building a deck with scaling damage through cards like Limit Break or Spot Weakness.

Remember to make use of Rest Sites strategically. Upgrading key cards can significantly improve their effectiveness in battles. Additionally, removing less useful cards from your deck at Rest Sites can streamline your strategy and increase the consistency of drawing powerful combinations.


Building a strong deck with Ironclad in Slay the Spire requires careful consideration of his strengths and weaknesses. By creating synergistic combinations of offensive and defensive cards while adapting to the challenges presented by the Spire, players can pave their way towards victory. Experiment with different strategies and card combinations to find what works best for your playstyle as an Ironclad. Good luck ascending the spire.

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