The Best Call of Duty Games to Play Right Now

Call of Duty has been one of the most popular first-person shooter video game franchises for over a decade. With its intense action, gripping storylines, and immersive multiplayer experiences, it’s no wonder why so many gamers have been hooked on the series. But with so many titles in the franchise, it can be hard to decide which one to play. Here is a look at some of the best Call of Duty games to play right now.

Modern Warfare Remastered

Modern Warfare Remastered is a remastered version of the classic 2007 title that helped define the Call of Duty franchise. The game features improved visuals and audio, as well as all the original single-player missions and multiplayer maps. It also includes new weapons, perks, and killstreaks that weren’t available in the original game. This is a great way to experience one of the most iconic Call of Duty games in a modernized package.

Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 is one of the newest entries in the franchise and it brings some exciting changes to the series. It features an all-new battle royale mode called Blackout, as well as traditional multiplayer and zombies modes. The game also introduces new specialist characters with unique abilities that can be used in both multiplayer and Blackout modes. With its fast-paced action and variety of modes, Black Ops 4 is a great choice for any fan of the series.

Modern Warfare (2019)

The latest installment in the franchise is Modern Warfare (2019). This entry brings back some classic characters from previous games while introducing new ones as well. The game also features an intense single-player campaign mode that follows a gripping storyline filled with moral dilemmas and difficult decisions. In addition, Modern Warfare (2019) has an expansive multiplayer mode with various maps and game modes to choose from. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for an engaging shooter experience.

Overall, there are plenty of great Call of Duty games to choose from right now. Whether you’re looking for an old classic or something more modern, there’s sure to be something that fits your tastes. So grab your controller and get ready for some intense action.

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