7 Quick Tips For A Beautiful Winter Wedding

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7 Quick Tips For A Beautiful Winter Wedding

Celebrating a commitment to love and cherish another person for a lifetime is beautiful any time of year. But there is a special beauty in a winter wedding. In the middle of the coldest, barest and least fertile time of year, two people's love and friendship warms into a steady flame of new family, partnership and a home together.

Furthermore, less weddings during the winter mean it can be easier to book a desirable location; you have a better chance of negotiating lower prices with wedding suppliers; the season has an inherent romantic feeling perfect for a dream wedding; and last but not least, the soft light of wintertime is flattering in photos.

1. Work The Season Into Your Theme

Take advantage of the season. Have you always dreamed of riding off in a horse-drawn sleigh? Now’s the time to make that dream come true.

A winter wonderland wedding is unforgettable with silver, blue and white decorations, ice sculptures, glass ornaments and candles on the tables. If not quite that extravagant, add smaller touches. Fill your reception hall with white poinsettias and pine bough greenery. If you love the winter holidays, base your wedding theme around them. A green and red Christmas wedding, or elegant, black and gold New Year’s wedding celebration, increase the special feel of the occasion.

2. Choose Your Location Carefully

Though a remote country inn might be a gorgeous spot for a wedding, an unexpected winter storm might make the roads inaccessible to you and your guests. Keep the possibility of bad weather in mind when picking a location. Having the reception near the ceremony, or even in the same place, means less travel time through snowy, icy or rainy streets. Hotels are good spots, providing lodging for the guests and bridal party.

Be sure to find out if your wedding location decorates for the holidays. Many churches, hotels, inns and other typical wedding sites are festively decorated for Christmas for a month or more before Dec. 25. You can save quite a bit of money by using decorations that are already in place. If you prefer something different, be sure to arrange that well in advance and have your florist arrive early enough to change out the decor.

3. Warm Up Your Clothing

A winter wedding doesn’t automatically mean long sleeves and a high neckline. But if you do want to go short, plan for a shawl, shrug or fitted jacket to provide warmth during chilly outdoor photo sessions. Your bridesmaids will appreciate the same courtesy, and a warm, stylish wrap makes a great bridesmaid gift. Opaque tights will keep you and your bridesmaids warm while outside. Remember to have an umbrella handy in case of a sudden winter rainstorm.

4. Work With Seasonal Flowers

You can create a lovely winter wedding bouquet and floral centerpieces without breaking your budget by sticking with flowers and greenery that are in season. Beautiful winter blooms include:

  • Roses
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Tulips
  • Lilies
  • Pine trimmings
  • Holly
  • Anemones
  • Amaryllis

4. Use Rich Color

Though winter white is a classic for a December through February wedding, you don’t have to stay with white if you love color. Deep, rich jewel tones look best in the muted light of winter. Think of emerald green, royal blue, amethyst purple or a deep Burgundy red. All would look stunning worked through the wedding party attire, table decorations, invitations and other wedding incidentals.

5. Offer Warm Drinks And Hearty Food

Your guests will love hearty winter fare spiced up with pumpkin, squash, soups, pot pies and pasta entrees. Offer hot chocolate, coffee drinks and hot cocktails like hot spiced rum, Irish coffee, hot apple cider with bourbon or mulled hot wine.

6. Consider A Warm Honeymoon

If your wedding is held in a freezing clime, consider escaping to a warm, tropical location for the honeymoon. If it’s within the realm of possibility for your guests’ budgets, a destination wedding is a great way to celebrate and enjoy a vacation at the same time.

7. Send Your Guests Home With Something Special

Your wedding favors should reflect the season. Glass ornaments in the colors of your wedding, a themed snow globe, hot cocoa mix in a beautiful container or a small candle are all good choices.

Your winter wedding should be one of the happiest days of your life and the beginning of a romance that lasts a lifetime. Getting married in the winter means more of an awareness of the weather than a wedding in other times of year, but the intimacy, beauty and wonder of the winter make it worth the extra planning involved.

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