The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist

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The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist

Your wedding day is likely the most extensively planned, expensive, emotional and important day in your life. With so many details to coordinate, so much attention and pressure and so many people on hand, there's always the chance of some sort of mishap.

Most likely, it will be something minor, such as a pantyhose run or a lock of hair that refuses to stay in place. Though you can’t control the weather, or the behavior of old Aunt Bertha, you can tackle most minor issues with a fully stocked wedding day emergency kit.

Keep in a Tote Bag:

Before the wedding, the Maid of Honor or other bridal party attendant should pack a tote bag or backpack with essentials. Stow the wedding day emergency kit in an easily accessible but out-of-the-way location during the wedding and reception. The bride’s changing room is a good spot.

Wedding Emergency Kit Fun Fact1. Extra Pantyhose

Pantyhose snag and run so easily, it’s best to have an extra pair or two on hand in case the bride or one of her attendants needs a quick change.

2. Clear Nail Polish

If the pantyhose just has a tiny snag, stop it from spreading into a major run by dabbing on clear nail polish all around the snag.

3. Spot Remover

An instant stain remover, like Tide To Go, erases food drips, makeup marks or drink dribbles almost instantaneously.

4. Mini Sewing Kit

Don’t be caught without a needle and thread in case the father of the bride splits his pants, or the bride catches and rips her veil.

5. Pain Reliever

It’s a happy event, but it’s also a high-pressure event. Make sure to have a bottle of pain reliever like Tylenol, Aleve or Motrin on hand for a tension headache. If the bride or any of her attendants are prone to migraines, keep her prescription medication in the tote.

6. Antacid

Nerves can bring on a stomachache. Tums or similar OTC medications bring quick relief.

Wedding Emergency Kit Safety Pins7. Safety Pins

For a broken zipper, lost button or wedding dress bustle that won’t stay in place, reach for a safety pin. Your tote should include several in different sizes.

8. Manicure Scissors and Nail File

It’s annoying, but it happens – a nail breaks right before the reception. The scissors are also useful to remove loose threads on clothing.

9. Feminine Hygiene Products

You definitely don’t want to be unprepared if the need strikes.

10. Band-Aids

Useful not only for small cuts or for hangnails, a Band-Aid is also good for covering a blister or sore spot caused by overly tight high heels.

11. Shoe Polish

A bottle of clear, wipe-on shoe polish will work for any color shoes.

12. Deodorant

Good to have in case nerves bring on a case of heavy sweating.

Wedding Emergency Kit Brush13. Hairspray

A wedding means lots of pictures, so your hair needs to look good all night long.

14. Brush, Comb and Bobby Pins

For quick hair touch-ups.

15. Makeup Bag

Keep all the essentials for the bride on hand. Foundation, powder, concealer, eye makeup, blush, mascara and eyeliner should be in the bag, along with makeup remover wipes.

16. Cotton Swabs

These handy items are perfect for wiping away makeup smears, dotting concealer over a blemish or smudging eyeliner.

17. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

The bride will be giving out kisses all night long, so might want to freshen up with a quick brushing.

18. Eye Drops

Weddings can be emotional, so have a bottle of eye drops to soothe red eyes. If anyone in the wedding party wears contact lenses, also have a bottle of saline for any lens emergencies.

Wedding Emergency Kit Umbrella19. Umbrella

If rain or drizzle starts to fall, the bride will want to protect her hair and dress when stepping outside.

20. Flat Shoes

By the end of the evening, the bride’s feet are likely to be in pain. Have a pair of flats handy for her to slip on so she can keep dancing at the reception.

Keep in a Hand Bag:

The Maid of Honor should have a small handbag in the reception area filled with emergency essentials.

21. Breath Mints

It’s a long night. Fresh breath is important.

22. Tissue

For wiping away tears of joy or any sniffles.

23. Mirror

A small mirror lets the bride check her appearance before photoshoots.

24. Lipstick

For reapplying as needed during the reception.

25. Pressed Powder

No one wants his or her face to be reflective in photographs. Keep oil-absorbing powder on hand.

26. Nail File

For any nail emergencies.

37. Cash

You never know when cash will be needed for a tip or unexpected payment.

Hopefully, most of the items in your wedding day emergency kit won’t be needed, but if they are, you will be thankful for the advance preparation.

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