A Buying Guide To Watches For Women

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A Buying Guide To Watches For Women

In a time when cellphones are always readily available, some may wonder if a watch to tell time is even necessary at all.

But a watch enthusiast can argue that while a watch does perform its basic duty of telling time, it is also a means of expression. The proper watch can indicate your responsible concern toward managing time properly, as well as your personal style. Follow the buyer's guide to watches for women below to find the best watch to showcase your flair for any occasion.

Watch Terms Glossary:

  1. Analog Watch: A watch that represents time with hands pointing toward numbers, Roman numerals or marks to tell time.
  2. Digital Watch: A watch that represents time with solely numerals.
  3. Analog/Digital: A watch that represents time in a hybrid format of analog and digital with both a display of digital numbers and a display with hands.

Do You Want A Classic Timepiece?

Trends come and go, but classic styles stay for the long haul. If you want a watch that won’t go out of style as swiftly as it came, pick a less gaudy and more understated watch. This style of watch will pair well with almost any outfit. It can dress up a plain T-shirt and jeans by day and complement a formal gown by night.

The Skagen Women's Classic Watch comes in an eye-catching gold, but the bright hue is balanced by a small face, skinny mesh band and rhinestones that are not flashy in size. Still not convinced? The Seiko Women's Black Leather Strap Watch comes with a leather wristband and has a pretty rectangular face, giving it a unique look.

Are You Looking For A Trendy Watch?

Maybe you would rather flaunt the latest and the greatest, including in regards to your timepiece. Without a doubt, the following watch options will spice up even the plainest of outfits with their distinct flair and style.

  • Rose Gold: Rose gold is currently popular among watch colors. The gold and pink combination matches with just about every other color, even silver. Marc by Marc Jacobs' Henry Watch comes in a rose gold ion-plated stainless steel, looking both elegant and edgy.
  • Tortoise: Another favorite among watch colors is “tortoise,” a pattern-like mix of different shades of brown and black. These watches are made of faux tortoise plastic, as real tortoise comes from the shell of the endangered Hawksbill sea turtle. More casual than the aforementioned rose gold, the tortoise color radiates a nostalgic, old-school impression. The Fossil Women's Mini Stella Watch with a faux tortoise band, brown face and crystal accents looks vintage and slim.
  • Oversized Watches: This trend embraces the saying, “Bigger is Better.” Also known as “boyfriend watches,” oversized watches make a woman’s wrist look extra dainty in comparison. Don’t let the male reference fool you into thinking that these watches are masculine; they’re usually anything but, with rhinestones and in girly shades such as yellow gold and rose gold. Moreover, the large size makes the watch more eye-catching and impossible to miss, like this crystal-encrusted, gold and white ceramic DKNY watch.
  • Wrap Watches: Another trend rising in popularity is watches with unconventional bands. Rather than the typical single metal band or the single leather band, these watches consist of bracelet-like chains or multiple leather bands. La Mer is a popular brand that offers many of these wrap watches.

Will Your Watch Be For Athletic Purposes?

If you plan on wearing a watch at the gym, at a pool or on a hike, the watches mentioned above won’t fit the bill. For sporty activities, you want a watch that is resilient and able to withstand moisture, such as rain or sweat, and potentially full-on bodies of water, such as the pool or ocean. Other recommended features include pressure and temperature range, timer and speed reader capabilities. Also, while most watches have analog faces, sports watches possess digital faces to easily tell time with just a quick glance.

The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS, powered by TomTom, is a nice choice for runners. It has GPS technology to pinpoint your location and accurately record your time, pace and distance. Timex always has a classic and feminine selection of athletic watches, too. 

Do You Want A Less Conventional Watch?

Say you have already amassed plenty of classic, trendy and sporty watches in your extensive watch collection. Or, perhaps you’ve never cared for any of those styles in the first place and are looking for an extremely distinctive watch. Try out a watch hanging from a necklace chain as a unique accessory to tell time and dress up an outfit. 

There’s a perfect watch for everyone in any situation and with any style. Although the mammoth watch market can be fairly intimidating with its assortment of products, this buying guide will make watch shopping a smooth but still exciting process.

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