A Buying Guide To Watches For Men

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A Buying Guide To Watches For Men

They say time is money. But being able to tell time  – through buying a watch for your wrist  –  also, unfortunately, costs money. Luckily, the vast watch market does not always necessitate dropping big bills when purchasing the perfect watch. Follow the watches for men shopping guide below to find fashionable and affordable watches that are perfect for a specific occasion or style.

Watch Types:

  1. Analog Watch: A watch that represents time with hands pointing toward numbers, Roman numerals or marks to tell time.
  2. Digital Watch: A watch that represents time with solely numerals.
  3. Analog/Digital: A watch that represents time in a hybrid format of analog and digital with both a display of digital numbers and a display with hands.

Which Watch Is Best For A Casual Work Environment?

The watch you should wear to work depends on your occupation’s duties and the level of formality at the office. If you can wear jeans to work, your watch is allowed to be fairly casual as well. With its brown leather strap, the Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch is modest, but still relatively formal with a larger and more detailed face. Nixon's the District Watch can be dressed down, yet still retain a professional feel.

Which Watch Is Best For A Formal Business Environment?

However, if dressing up for work means putting on a suit, collared shirt and tie, look to a watch that will complement a more refined ensemble. Narrow down your search by steering away from digital options with rubber or plastic bands; the watch should not err on tacky or be overly pretentious. Choose a subtly sophisticated watch with an analog display, such as Bulova Men's Strap Silver Dial Watch or the Emporio Armani's Classic Stainless Steel Watch.

What Style Of Watch Do I Wear When Being Active?

Sports watches are resilient and able to withstand vigorous activities and moisture, such as rain or sweat. Typically, these are digital watches. Other distinct features may include pressure range, temperature range, a timer and speed reader. If you plan to go swimming, double-check the depth of water that the selected watch can endure.

A Timex sports watch is always a classic choice, typically providing underwater ability up to 330 feet and functions such as a 30-lap memory recall, a 99-lap counter and a 24-hour countdown timer. For above-water athletes, the CASIO F91W-1 Casual Sport Watch has a digital face, is splash resistant and boasts a stopwatch mode with increments of 1/100th of a second. The Deuce Brand Sports Watch is all an athletic minimalist needs. Light and water-resistant, the product consists of a silicone rubber band with an embedded timepiece.

What If I Prefer An Untraditional Watch?

Wearing an untraditional watch is a fun way of expressing personality. It also may serve additional functions. For the stylish watch wearer, the watch can act as a fashion accessory. For example, a techie enthusiast’s iPod Nano may multi-task as a watch via the Hex Integrated Watch Band. With its built-in Nike accelerometer, the iPod Nano is great for athletes too. Is math your least-favorite subject? No problem! The Casio Men's Databank Watch possesses the handy tools of solving arithmetic problems.

Are There Any Eco-Friendly Options For Watches?

Even watches are jumping on the earth-friendly train with natural materials that are recyclable and/or decrease environmental footprints. The WeWOOD Jupiter Beige watch is made without any artificial or toxic materials. It comes with a rewarding bonus incentive: For every WeWOOD product purchased, the company partners with nonprofit American Forests to plant one tree. Also following the go green initiative, the ST/3100DGBK watch by Sprout consists of a biodegradable corn resin case and buckle, as well as gunmetal bamboo degrade dial.

What If I Want To Splurge For A Watch Meant To Impress?

If a hefty price tag isn’t an issue, treat yourself to a high-quality watch that will last a lifetime (under proper care). Luxury brands offer beautiful and classic timepieces, such as this large, stainless steel Omega Men's Chronograph Watch that is a replica of the first watch worn on the moon. 

When worn correctly, the watch is an important component of a smart outfit. Keep track of time while looking prepared and put together for any occasion, whether you’re at work, at the gym or on a date.

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