Warm Or Cool? How To Choose Makeup For Your Skin Tone

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Warm Or Cool? How To Choose Makeup For Your Skin Tone

When it comes to cosmetic beauty, the best way to flatter your looks is by selecting the right makeup for your skin tone. In fashion, selecting garments and colors that do not flatter your physique can have an adverse effect on your overall appearance and, similarly, your makeup can work with you or against you.

So, in order to get the most from your cosmetics and makeup routine, consider the two basics of choosing the right makeup: your skin tone and the colors that work best with your skin tone.

What's My Skin Tone?

The first step in selecting your makeup doesn’t involve makeup at all. Before you head to the cosmetics department or the drugstore to purchase cosmetics, you must first determine your skin tone.

Start with a clean face. After you’ve pulled your hair back away from your face, use a soap-free cleanser or makeup remover and lukewarm water to wash off all makeup, ending with a splash of cool water. Pat dry (never rub) your face and wait about 10-15 minutes.

Wearing a plain white T-shirt or wrap a white towel around your shoulders (you can also hold a white piece of paper to your face), find a place with natural light – never fluorescent – and look in the mirror.

Determine which undertones are reflected from your skin; yellow or golden undertones indicate a warm skin tone, while pink or blue undertones indicate a cool skin tone. You can also determine your skin tone by one of the two following methods:

  • Look at the veins on your wrist. Veins that appear green in color signify a warm skin tone, while blue veins indicate a cool skin tone.
  • Do the gold and silver test. Which metal looks better on you? If gold looks absolutely stunning on you, chances are you have a warm skin tone. If silver shines beautifully in contrast with your skin, then you most likely have a cool skin tone.

Which Colors Are Best for My Skin Tone?

Now that you know your skin tone, you can move on to the fun part: purchasing your brand new cosmetics. Which colors will make your warm skin tone glow or make your cool skin tone shine? Use the following guide to help you shop.

If Your Skin Tone Is Cool:

Foundation: Similar to your skin’s natural undertone, your foundation should start with a pink or blue base. Colors in the ivory and beige family will be the most skin-enhancing for you.

Blush: Pink shades are your perfect bet, ideally in the mauve and plum family. If you have very fair skin, lighter shades of pink will work wonderfully.

Eye Shadow: Bring out your eyes, as well as your skin tone with cool-toned eye colors just as jewel tones (again, pink and blue undertones). Your best colors are in the blue, silver, gray and emerald green families.

Lip Color: If you’ve noticed the pattern, you know by now that your best makeup colors all start off with a pink or blue base. This isn’t any different for you ideal lip color, so consider shades of pink, cool reds, raspberry and purple shades like plum.

If Your Skin Tone Is Warm:

Foundation: Just as cool skin tones look best in colors with similar undertones as their skin, warm skin tones look their best in makeup with yellow or golden bases. Compliment your skin with honey, almond or tawny foundations.

Blush: Bring out the warmth of your skin with cheek colors in bronze and copper, orange reds, corals and fruit colors like apricot, peach and mango.

Eye Shadow: Opt for earth tones when selecting eye shadow. Greens like forest and moss, oranges like burnt orange and terracotta, as well as various earthy shades of brown – like chocolate, mocha and russet – are all great choices.

Lip Color: Warm skin tones should certainly adhere to the orange/gold undertone rule when selecting lip color. Warm and rich colors like caramel, mocha, orange-red and coral are all great choices for warm skin tones.

Being equipped with the secrets and know-how of selecting the perfect makeup for your skin tone will go a long way. As a rule of thumb, always match the base color of your makeup to the undertones of your skin. When possible, take advantage of testers before purchasing products to ensure that a certain product or color is right for you.

In the end, using the right colors for your skin tone will guarantee your makeup will be more resilient and flattering than you ever imagined.

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