How To Shop For Your Dream Vanity Table

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How To Shop For Your Dream Vanity Table

Nothing evokes the Hollywood Regency chic luxury of "putting on your face" and fixing your hair quite like having your own vanity table. While the idea is without fault, attempting to find the vanity table that works for your particular needs – and your space – may become surprisingly complex. 

Visualize yourself in all of your morning (or evening) beauty ritual glory, and you'll start to get a much better picture of just how this vanity table must support your every wish (and possibly a vast collection of perfume).

Do You Need Substantial Storage Space?

You are looking for a one-stop-shop to house your complete beauty arsenal while providing a space to work your magic. Let go of the dream of that slim, barely-there vanity silhouette and opt for something with a ton of storage space, like this Home Styles Naples Vanity Table in white. The last thing you want is for the table to look like an unruly bathroom countertop. Make a list of the items you plan on storing in and on your table to determine the types of storage you'll need.

  • Hair Appliances (hair dryers, flat irons and curlers): You'll need at least one large drawer.
  • Compact Cosmetics (think eyeliners, lipsticks and mascara): You need a small, slim drawer.
  • Larger Cosmetic Products (think lotions, hair serums, foundation makeup and hair spray): You would benefit greatly from a second large drawer. 
  • Decorative Yet Functional Products (perfume bottles, decorative hair brush, atomizers and trinket boxes): You need substantial surface area for all of your pretty objects without creating clutter.
  • Jewelry: Super easy – you need a vanity with a lined jewelry tray or cabinet, like this Queen Anne dressing table

Do You Want To Maintain A Refined Décor Aesthetic?

A metal vanity table that take its styling cues from retro vented lockers is going to look amazing if you're into a very industrial, minimalist decorating vibe – but not so hot in a shabby chic haven. Check out a variety of options when choosing your table, focusing on stores with an aesthetic in line with your own personal décor goals. Consider the basic elements of your favored décor when shopping for a vanity table, so you can find a gem even when hitting antique marts or thrift stores:

  • Contemporary: Look for clean lines, a sleek appearance, geometric shapes. Go-to materials include blonde or deep brown wood, metal and high-gloss materials, such as acrylic. Simple streamlined hardware and slim legs fit the bill.
  • Traditional Or Transitional: Your style lends itself to warm pieces with a substantial appearance. Avoid the contemporary sleekness and opt instead for middle-toned woods, such as oak and honey, and mix up your shapes. Consider a table with hard 90 degree corners in the back with a softly curved front and an oval mirror. 
  • Shabby Chic Or Eclectic: Anything that looks well-loved and repurposed (even if it isn't) is a shoe-in. You want your vanity table to look like is has some stories to tell. Consider a distressed wood that has been painted with an interesting color rather than a neutral. Instead of sleek or traditional hardware, replace the current hardware or find something with vintage charm, like crystal knobs. Ornate sculptural elements and interestingly shaped legs are a must. 
  • Mid-Century Modern: White or teak-hued wood, please. Go for retro-inspired shapes like the furniture of the time. Consider kidney bean and oval shapes or lean toward Danish design with a rectangular shape and tapered, nearly triangular legs. 

Do You Need Better Lighting? 

That lamp on your nightstand located across the room – the one that gives of just enough light for you to read by at night if you rub your eyes occasionally – it's not going to help you put on a face full of makeup that looks equally lovely in more substantial lighting. Save yourself the frustration of attempting to light up your experience with an awkwardly placed vanity table lamp by selecting a vanity with a lighted mirror. The lighting has been designed with your beauty routine in mind. Problem solved. 

Do You Want Your Vanity To Double As A Desk?

You're in love with the idea of a vanity table, but feel like it's sort of a waste of furniture. Since you've always had this secret desire to have a relaxing place to brush your hair in the evenings (like your favorite classic movie starlets, of course), a vanity table that performs double duty as a daytime desk solves all of your problems. Search for a simple, streamlined vanity table with a collapsible mirror. Letter-writing and bill-paying station by day, beauty indulgence by night.  

Don't Want To Crowd A Small Space? 

Just because you live in a studio or opted for massively oversized furniture in a tight space does not mean you should have to go without partaking in the vanity table experience. 

What you need is a simple, small table that is barely there and blends in with its surroundings. For the least conspicuous approach, choose a Lucite table, such as this Magnussen Lumeno Sofa Table in clear glass. Any table will do, so long as you can push it against the wall and prop up a small mirror. Consider Lucite end tables for extra space saving abilities. This clear, usually single-form tabletop is chic and clear, so you'll hardly notice it's there until you need it.

Or, use the oldest trick in the book for getting a space to look a bit larger than it is, with a mirrored vanity table. Reminiscent of an oversized jewelry box, you'll get the entire glamour without the bulk. 

Few pieces of furniture lend themselves to a relaxing, indulgent experience. Finding the right vanity table takes a bit of effort, but like anything else, when it's right – it is so right. 

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