Understanding The Convenience Of Kitchen Island Carts

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Understanding The Convenience Of Kitchen Island Carts

It seems like your kitchen is never quite big enough for your needs. Maybe you wish you had more storage space. Maybe there isn’t enough countertop space for easy dinner preparation. You might have a frequently used appliance that takes up too much space to leave out, but it’s a bother getting it in and out of the cabinet every time you want to use it.  If you live in an apartment, condominium or small house, your kitchen is probably squeezed even further for space.

Even if your kitchen is large enough for a built-in island, installation is expensive, inconvenient and messy. A kitchen island worktable or cart gives you all the convenience of a built-in island without the headache of remodeling. Plus, a purchased island often has wheels, allowing you to push it out of the way when not in use or pull it closer to the sink or stove when necessary.

Benefits Of A Kitchen Island Cart

A kitchen island cart has a multitude of uses. Put yours to work as:

  • Extra food preparation space
  • Storage for small appliances
  • Microwave or other appliance cart
  • Storage for cookware
  • Breakfast or coffee bar
  • Homework space for the kids
  • Pet feeding center
  • Storage for cookbooks

When deciding on a kitchen island cart, consider what its primary use will be. Are you mainly looking for storage or for extra counter space? Other considerations are the style of your island, what material you would like for the surface and, of course, the size of the island.

Another important decision is whether you want wheels on your island. The majority of kitchen island carts are available with casters, and the ability to roll the island where you need it is very convenient. If your kitchen is small, wheels are a necessity so you can push the cart against the wall or into an out-of-the-way spot when not in use. If you have a large kitchen and are buying a large island, wheels are less of an issue.

Storage Space

If your primary need for an island is to use it for storage, a unit with drawers, racks and shelves will hold your kitchen necessities and look good doing it. Open shelves can be used for glassware, attractive dishes or pans or serving pieces. Look for an island with cabinet doors if you want to hide appliances or less attractive kitchen items. Keep in mind the additional room needed to open and access any drawers or doors.

Food Preparation

If your kitchen island will primarily be used as a food preparation or serving site, the more surface space the better. Look for an island with drop-down leaves so you can expand the island during use, then drop the leaves when you need more kitchen space. An island with a drop leaf also makes an excellent small breakfast bar or spot to catch up on work or mail. With the leaf extended, you can pull up a small stool to eat or work and drop the leaf back down when you are done.

Counter Surface

Kitchen islands are available in a variety of materials, most commonly wood or metal. There are a variety of surfaces to choose from, and your decision should take into account both appearance and function.

If you plan to do a lot of chopping and food preparation, a butcher-block top stands up to cutting and heavy use and has a country charm that works equally well with most other decorating styles

Granite is very durable, looks rich and stylish and resists damage from heat, cutting or scraping. It’s a good choice whether your island is primarily for storage or food preparation, and it adds a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

Stainless steel looks contemporary and sleek, but it isn’t a good surface for chopping and cutting so you will need to use a cutting board during those tasks.

A varnished wood surface is great on an island primarily used for storage. If you are using it to prepare food, protect the surface with a cutting board.

Other Features

Some kitchen islands offer specialty features such as wine racks, metal baskets for holding vegetables, towel racks, a built-in knife holder or a paper towel holder. These can be handy features, but don’t pay extra for an island that includes them if you don’t need them.

A kitchen island cart adds so much convenience to your kitchen and is an attractive, stylish piece of furniture. Expand your work area with an island that increases your storage and gives you extra room for food preparation.

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