Unconventional Fragrances: Find Your Signature Scent

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Unconventional Fragrances: Find Your Signature Scent

Have you ever walked into Sephora or Macy's in search of a new fragrance? Something different? Something unconventional? Sure, we all have. The problem is this: When you start browsing through the hundreds and hundreds of fragrances (because these days, every fashion house and every celebrity has a perfume or two—or ten), you'll realize your options are more limited than they seem.

Women will be confronted by mostly the three F’s of fragrances: fresh, fruity or floral, and they all smell like subtle variations of one another. If you want something truly different, try a scent that evokes something more than a flower explosion or big ol’ basket of fruit. Let's tap into your personality, and find a new fragrance just for you.

For The Outdoor Adventurer:

Your Personality: You’re a tomboy. You are an avid hiker, swimmer or biker and would never back down from a challenge. Your favorite outfit involves items that you’ve stolen from your adorable boyfriend (you just can’t resist his button-downs and baseball caps!). You’re a natural beauty, but don’t mind standing out; you’re a total free spirit.

Your Fragrance: Getting a whiff of your fragrance should never evoke anything too girlie or too masculine, but rather be like venturing into the woods with your boyfriend in tow. A light musk scent is strong enough to go with you during your packed day. And like the perfect complement to your bubbly personality, there should be warm notes in your perfume. Just because you can hang with the guys doesn’t mean you’re one of them. Add feminine scents into the mix, too, like traces of ladylike florals and sweets to enhance that tomboy-like outdoorsy vibe—vanilla, jasmine, amber, freesia, berry and rose to name a few—and you’ll definitely have a scent that will feel 100 percent you.

Try: Boyfriend

For The Daring Trendsetter:

Your Personality: You’re a girl who loves to push the envelope. You spot a cool new vest from Zara, and then your friends purchase a similar style for themselves. You’re not afraid to try the new haircut or cuisine and could see yourself moving across the country on a whim. You like to let loose, are outgoing and super-fun.

Your Fragrance: Your signature scent should be special and made for a trendsetter. Florals are a great place to start, but you have to kick it up beyond the average. Look for a fragrance with hints of wild cherry, amber, cinnamon or citrus. A risk-taker like you can work an oriental fragrance with ease, which is ideal for a bold girl. Make sure your scent has a classy vibe, but reveals a real zing and a bit of a spice as the fragrance lingers. If you want people to take notice, envision yourself spritzing on each scent for a night out before you make a purchase. And don’t shy away from assertive notes in the perfume, like lemon zest or ginger. You’re daring enough to pull it off.

Try: Ralph Lauren Big Pony Women’s Collection #4

For The Wild Child:

Your Personality: You’re a child at heart. You’d gladly spend a day at the carnival, with cotton candy and roasted almonds in hand. You’ve never met a cartoon, ice cream flavor, board game or lip-gloss you didn’t like. You’re laid back and carefree, up for trying new things and partaking in some old favorites. Oh, yeah… And you’re a girlie girl, too. Always have been, always will be!

Your Fragrance: You’re a gal who loves the sweet parts of life, and since you’ve never forgotten the joys of childhood, you’ll need a fragrance that’s delicious. The ingredients should be simple, and say it all. Look for the smells of candy and treats: raspberry, cherry, lime, licorice, strawberry, cotton candy, vanilla, chocolate or caramel. Yum, yes? Your scent should sound like a sweet and smell like one too. Search for something that’s airy; a kiss of fun for your daily scent. People passing on the street will be instantly smitten and will be able to tell you’re a walking-on-sunshine kind of girl.

Try: Aquolina Pink Sugar

For The Sophisticate:

Your Personality: You’re a stylish lady. You would never miss an issue of "Vogue," would gladly live in a Godiva store and have more than a couple of stamps in your passport. You love to find a good deal on a plane ticket or Missoni dress, but you like to invest in the very best, too. Your cool-and-calm aura attracts a crowd, but you keep a tight circle of friends close to your heart. More than anything you know what you like, and you’re just trying to take in all life has to offer.

Your Fragrance: Whether it’s a Chanel handbag or a trip to Italy, you’re all about decadence and getting the most out of every experience. Shouldn’t your scent be the same? Look for rich notes in a fragrance, like cedar wood, vanilla, caramel, white musk, almond, orange and tonka bean. Choose a perfume that’s exotic, like a breath of air off the ocean; or sweet, like a caramel corn on a freezing December day. You can’t go wrong.

Try: Acqui di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Mandarlo Di Sicilia

You may have a signature scent already, but when you get the itch to step outside the box and experience the wonders of a new perfume—which inevitably happens, and it is totally OK—start with these. There’s nothing better than finding a fragrance so different from the norm and thinking, “Yes! This is pure gold.” So, go for it.

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