Tips On Buying The Perfect Boots

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Tips On Buying The Perfect Boots

Boots are warm, stylish, comfortable and available for just about every wardrobe need. If you are setting out to buy boots, the first question will be what you plan on doing with them. Boots can be a pure fashion statement, or they can provide utilitarian protection against the elements. 

Basic Boot Buying Tips

  • Try shoes on in the late afternoon or evening when your feet are slightly swollen.
  • Always try on both shoes. Your feet can be different sizes.
  • Try boots on with the socks you would normally wear with them.
  • Walk around a bit in the boots. Your toes should have room to wiggle, the boot should not slip over your heel and your feet should feel comfortable when walking. Don’t buy tight boots thinking they will stretch.
  • It’s always better to splurge a little bit on good quality boots rather than leave your feet aching and pinched in lower quality boots that will fall apart quickly.

Do You Need Hiking Boots?

If you are buying hiking boots, they should have good traction, support your feet and ankles and protect your feet against moisture, rocks and cold weather. Hiking boots range from lightweight trail hikers that are similar to high top tennis shoes, to heavy, leather shoes with extra support for mountain expeditions. Mid hiking boots are good for a day on the trail or a weekend camping trip.

  • Buying Suggestions: The Keen Targhee II Women’s Hiking Boots will keep you comfortable and secure on a day hike or when jumping rock to rock. Men will find that the Salomon Quest Hiking Boots combine the comfort of a running shoe with the support and protection of a backpacking boot to provide a rugged boot that will get you through the toughest weekend backpacking trip or hike.

Do You Need Protection From Rain Or Snow?

If you live where the weather is cold, rainy or snowy, you need boots to keep your feet dry when you’re out and about. Rain boots should keep your step secure on wet, slippery pavement and be easy to pull on and off. Most rain boots are rubber or latex with an inner lining that can range from padded cotton to thick fleece. You can find brightly colored rain boots for a fun, weekend, look or more sedate, stylish boots that will look good arriving at the office.

  • Buying Suggestions: For women, the Hunter Original Rain Boot comes in a range of colors and looks good dressed up or down. Men can keep their feet warm and dry with the Tretorn Skerry Rubber Rain Boot, which comes in a range of colors and is suitable for a day making snowmen with the kids or to keep feet dry on the trip to the office.

Do You Want Western Boots?

Whether you actually ride a horse or just want to look good on the mechanical bull at your local brew house, western boots are a classic style that can be dressed up or down. Western boots ride the range in terms of style with everything from plain, brown leather to brightly colored, hand painted or patchwork versions available. Elaborate stitching is a hallmark of western boots and can be very dressy and complex. Leather is the best material for these boots and there should be an additional patch of hard leather in the heel area for extra support.

Do You Want Dressy Boots?

Sometimes you want the elegance of a dressy boot for a formal occasion. Whether it is the big presentation at the office that will make or break your career or at the celebratory party later that night, good-looking boots will finish your outfit in style. Dress boots are usually sleek leather and both men’s and women’s styles frequently have a high heel. Black or brown are the standard colors for men as well as women, but women have many other options too.

  • Buying Suggestions: The David Tate Vera is a gorgeous women’s black ankle boot with a modern, slouch style that will work equally well with pants or skirts. Men will love the handsome, formal style of the Giorgio Brutini Dress Boot.

Do You Want Casual Boots?

If you want casual boots for kicking back on the weekend, running errands or meeting friends for lunch, your options are almost limitless. Comfort is the main factor along with fun, good looks that complement your weekend wear. Try something in a bolder color than you would wear for work or go for a style that makes a statement. Your casual boots should be like old friends to your feet keeping them comfortable and protected. Materials can be anything from leather to canvas to rubber to synthetics made for exercise shoes.

  • Buying Suggestions: Women can choose to combine edgy and feminine with the Dr. Martens Evan boot in a floral print. Wear them with jeans and a T-shirt or a funky dress for a spirited look. Men will love the casual comfort of the aptly named John Varvatos Hipster Chukka. The retro yet contemporary style will complement your favorite jeans or chinos, quickly becoming your favorite weekend boots.

Whatever the look you are after, there is a boot to provide it. You should have suitable boots for work, play and formal events ready to finish and complement your outfits. 

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