10 Cool And Cheap Stocking Stuffers For Kids

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10 Cool And Cheap Stocking Stuffers For Kids

Holiday tradition calls for filling up your child's stocking with kid-friendly goodies. But after countless shopping trips and other holiday duties, this Santa Clause-related task can seem tedious. Let Smarter make it easy for you. Read on for 10 cool and cheap stocking stuffers for your child that won't put a dent on your holiday budget, yet still spread lots of holiday cheer.

1. For The Facial Hair Enthusiast

Mustaches are an ever-growing trend, and kids can’t get enough of them. Since it’s unlikely that your child already sports much facial hair, give him or her an extra hairy gift this holiday season. This mustache assortment kit offers a selection of six mustaches for every day wear, or the recipient can shave it for a special occasion.

2. For The Superhero Fan

It goes without saying: Superheroes are awesome. And with this year’s releases of “The Dark Knight Rises,” “The Avengers” and “The Amazing Spider-Man,” superheroes are cooler than ever in your child’s eyes. Add some noble, crime-fighting virtue to a holiday stocking with this set of Marvel Super Heroes Thumb Wrestlers. The small toys will add a clever twist to the classic “thumb war” game for some good-natured fun. Prefer DC Comics over Marvel? Check out the Funko POP Heroes series of various DC superheroes and villains. The collectible toys measure under 4 inches tall.

3. For The Future Paleontologist

Though your child might not be able to pronounce paleontologist, much less know what it means, he or she is still very fascinated by prehistoric life. Add a set of assorted mini-vinyl dinosaurs to your child’s stocking. The colorful 24 different types of dinosaurs is bound to further pique his or her interest in ancient life forms.

4. For The Aspiring Artist

As a proud parent, you have a strong inclination to believe your child’s talents may eventually make him or her the next Picasso, Van Gogh or Da Vinci. Encourage your budding artist with a mini art painting set. This playful gift includes three mini canvases, six acrylic paint tubes, two mini art brushes, one mini artist pencil and other shrunken artist accessories; all the perfect fit for a stocking.

5. For The Curious Detective

If your child enjoys mystery books and watching re-runs of “Scooby-Doo” over and over again, this pair of rearview spy glasses will aid his or her disguise when going undercover. The glasses’ specially treated lenses allow its wearer to see what is behind him or her — without turning around!

6. For The Princess In Training

If your darling enjoys make-believe tea time and playing dress up, chances are she will also love this butterfly charm necklace. The pretty colors and sparkle are, without a doubt, fit for a princess and might temporarily suppress any longings for a real, live unicorn or pony.

7. For The Hogwarts Hopeful

Those who wish they could attend Hogwarts certainly know what Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans are, and they’re probably curious — and a little scared — to try a taste or two of the sweet candies that Harry, Hermione and Ron got to eat. Beware: These aren’t the typical Jelly Bean flavors of gummy, licorice or chocolate. Your child might end up with a mouthful of booger-beans or even dirt-flavored beans!

8. For The Brainy Mathlete

So your child effortlessly solved the traditional Rubik’s cube without much hesitation. Present your little “smarty pants” with a more difficult challenge: the QJ Megaminx Cube. It comes in a dodecahedron shape with 12 sides and 50 movable pieces to rearrange — double the standard 3x3 Rubik’s cube. Although it appears more daunting, the OJ Megaminx Cube's difficulty is about the same as the original cube.

9. For The Bugs Lover

Most children are fascinated by creepy crawlers. If your son or daughter spends time catching harmless bugs like ladybugs, rolly pollies and crickets, the Insect Lore Watch-A-Bug is a fantastic stocking stuffer. The watch keeps critters on the wrist in a mesh, escape-proof chamber. Just make sure the insect is set free after examination!

10. For The Rising Star

If your child loves nothing more than sing-along songs and performing for family members, she will be ecstatic to find the Victorious microphone in her holiday stocking. It will give her the chance to express her inner Tori-Vega from Nickelodeon show “Victorious,” besides providing voice amplification and instrumental background music. Boys also have a chance to rock out with an inflatable vinyl electric guitar, which expands to 22 inches tall.

Great holiday stocking stuffers don’t have to be expensive or hard to find. As long as you keep in mind your child’s interests and personality as you shop, he or she will love whatever the exciting stocking has in store.

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