A Buying Guide To Snow Boots

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A Buying Guide To Snow Boots

When dashing through the snow, soaking wet socks and chilly toes are definite dampers on the holiday spirit. Before the next set of white flurries fill the air and hit the ground, find the perfect pair of snow boots to keep your feet warm and dry in a winter wonderland.

Important Features To Look For

  • Water Resistance: Unlike winter boots, snow boots are waterproof, or at least water resistant. In order for your feet to stay warm and comfortable, these boots should have sealed seams and/or general waterproof fabric construction, such as leather or specialized synthetics.
  • Insulation: Though you want snow boots that will retain heat, make sure the boots are breathable as well. Insulation comes from the inner construction of the shoe, with warm linings of fleece or other synthetic materials, such as Primaloft, Thinsulate and Polartec. Synthetic insulators are a common choice because the fibers can wick away any perspiration or moisture and stop chafing and overheating. Just as you layer up on long-sleeved tops when temperatures drop, these inner-boot layers will come in handy, too.
  • Traction: To avoid dangerous slips and falls on slippery, icy surfaces, pick a pair of snow boots with heavily treaded rubber soles for a good grip. However, for everyday snow boots, a flexible rubber sole has adequate traction capabilities. These soles are typically 100 percent waterproof, should not restrict the feet and can be cleaned easily.
  • Height: Your snow boot’s height should reach at least past your pant hem to fully shield your feet and ankles from any cold or wetness, and may cover up to your shin. The ideal height depends on your area’s usual snow level.

Plan On Spending Extended Time In The Snow?

If yes, go for completely waterproof snow boots. Water-resistant boots will keep water out, but continuous exposure to snowy and wet conditions may eventually penetrate a water-resistant snow boots’ outer material.

  • For Women: Timberland’s Earthkeepers Mount Holly Tall Lace Duck Boot is a durable choice. The closely fit boot is completely waterproof for ultimate dryness and is also eco-friendly, featuring 50 percent recycled flat cotton laces and an outsole made of 42 percent recycled rubber.
  • For Men: The Kamik Insulated Hunter Boots are 100 percent waterproof and provide a removable 8 mm Thermal Guard liner for extra warmth. Boasting a drawstring, adjustable nylon collar for further snugness and a -40 degrees Fahrenheit temperature rating, the pair is perfect for icy-cold temperatures, especially when snow is involved.

Want Snow Boots For Everyday Use?

For everyday use, such as going to work or school and spending less time directly outdoors in the snow, water-resistant snow boots are sufficient.

  • For Women: A comfy, everyday choice is a pair of EMU Australia Stinger Lo Premium Boots. Though very soft and lined with warm merino wool, these boots are also made of water-resistant sheepskin and have a tough rubber outsole that offers traction.
  • For Men: Columbia Sportswear’s Cascadian Summit-2 Boot has great features for everyday wear in snowy climates. The split suede leather uppers are water-resistant, and the boot has a temperature rating of -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Are You Fashion Conscious?

Need to stay warm, but want a pair that sticks out among common snow boots? Try a pair that flaunts a little chic flair, in addition to being practical.

  • For Women: The Sorel Joan of Artic Boot will turn a few heads out in the snow. With a sleek, three-tone design and careful detailing, the boot is made of a waterproof suede and full-grain leather upper. It also has a faux-fur collar, full, lace-up front and a removable recycled felt InnerBoot for supplementary insulation.
  • For Men: Sorel also offers a stylish snow boot for men with its 1964 Premium T-Boot. The full-grain leather upper, rubber overlay for waterproofing and lace-up front come in antique and rugged-looking color combos. A pair of these bad boys will certainly keep you warm, thanks to a temperature rating of -40 degrees Fahrenheit and removable, recycled felt lining.

Looking For Children-Sized Boots?

When shopping for snow boots for a child, consider purchasing a pair that is at least one size larger than his or her actual size. This way, your child can wear multiple layers of socks, and the pair may fit for another season. For snow boots that can double as rain boots, look for a pair with a removable liner that is easy to throw in the laundry and clean.

It’s particularly vital that the snow boots have adequate traction, as children tend to run around and engage in rowdier activities. Check for waterproof, treaded and thick rubber soles before purchasing any children’s snow boots.

  • For Boys And Girls: Try the Sorel TP Snow Boot for children, which features a hook-and-loop strap and a bungee cinch around the opening for optimal security, even when participating in snow fights or sledding activities. Multi-directional lug soles deliver solid traction and decrease odds of slipping, and a removable Thermoplus felt Innerboot offers utmost insulation.

When wearing the right pair of snow boots, you’ll enjoy the wealth of winter snow without associated feelings of discomfort.

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