A Buying Guide To The Best Shaving Razors For Men

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A Buying Guide To The Best Shaving Razors For Men

Many men will agree – facial hair is serious business. While there aren't very many things that are manlier than a full grown beard, the art of scraping your face with a sharp blade to remove said beard just radiates masculinity.

But, if you seriously tried to shave a dry face with a dull knife as a testament to how tough you are, you’ll probably end up hurting yourself, or worse, looking like a complete idiot with patches of facial fur stuck to specs of blood caused by annoying razor cuts. No, a man’s facial hair deserves the proper tools to get the job done the right way, so here’s a quick guide to some of the best shaving razors out there.

Just Looking For Something Cheap And Simple?

Perhaps you’re a no frills kind of a guy. You want something fast, cheap and easy so you can go about your daily business of wrestling bears, brewing beer, rock climbing or baking (whatever floats your boat). If this sounds like you, then your best bet is the Gillette Sensor Excel Razor. While it may not be as cheap as a pack of disposable razors, the Sensor Excel offers a cleaner, smoother shave than a disposable without the cost of other higher end razors.

Another great thing about this razor is it cuts your facial hair and not your actual face! If you’ve experienced using those ultra-sharp, high end razors, you’ve probably nicked yourself a few times while in a rush. That won’t be a problem with this quick and easy razor. The razor itself is quite durable and is meant to last much longer than a disposable razor. Plus, replacement Sensor Excel razor cartridges are available, cutting your costs in the long run.

Do You Loathe Shaving Creams And Gels?

A lot of guys don’t like to deal with shaving cream or gels. They’re messy, cost extra money and add an extra step to the shaving process. If they could, most would shave without any type of lubricant between a razor blade and their skin. Unfortunately, this can lead to cuts, razor bumps, ingrown hairs and all other types of problems. If you want a quick and clean shave, minus the mess, then look into purchasing an electric shaver.

Electric shavers are pretty cool because they don’t require any type of shaving lubricant and can be used just about anywhere (as long as you have power). Now, if you’ve never purchased an electric shaver before, you may be surprised at the cost. However, electric shavers are meant to last, plus you eliminate the cost of shaving lubricant and replacement razors. In the long run, an electric shaver can be more affordable than a standard razor.

When choosing an electric shaver, you have two options: foil or rotary. A foil electric shaver, like the Panasonic ES-LT71-S, can give you a closer shave, but it may take some finesse to shave hairs at certain angles – depending on the shape of your face. For example, it might take a couple of passes and extra pressure on the shaver to shave any neck hairs.

On the other hand, a rotary electric shaver, like the Philips Norelco AT810/41 Powertouch, is designed to cover the contours of a man’s face with its pivoting head. While rotary shavers like this one won’t might not give as close a shave as a foil shaver, they don’t require as much effort.

Do You Pride Yourself In Being More Of A Traditionalist?

Today, many will agree that men’s shaving products are designed for convenience and getting the job done as quickly as possible. But that’s not how things always used to be. In the olden days, a man’s shaving process was careful and meticulous. It was more like a morning ceremony rather than a daily chore that involved the use of a safety razor or a straight razor, a shaving brush and shaving soap. This shaving technique is now known as “traditional” wet shaving, and has been known to offer extremely close shaves utilizing the sharpest of razors.

For those who wish to take part in this lost art, they’ll need to decide on what type of blade they wish to use: straight razor or safety razor.

Safety razors, like the Parker 60R Razor Shave Set, come in either single or double-edge and are designed with permanent handles and detachable razor blades that can be replaced.

A straight razor, like the Ultimate Pro 150 Straight Razor, is commonly seen in traditional barber shops and features a long, straight razor that folds into the blade’s handle. Keep in mind, a straight razor is considered the sharpest blade that can be used for shaving and requires frequent stropping and honing for a suitable shave. Some straight and safety razors come complete with a wet shaving kit that includes a soap brush and even a container for mixing shaving soap and water.

When choosing a shaving razor, factor in what’s most important to you: time, convenience, cost, etc. You may also want to test different types of shaving razors if you have issues with sensitive skin. Remember, there is nothing wrong with using a pack of disposable razors. But, if you want to give your face and your facial hair the time and attention they deserve, consider using one of the razors listed here.

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