Top Cellphones And Cellphone Plans For Seniors

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Top Cellphones And Cellphone Plans For Seniors

Whether you are looking for a phone for yourself or a loved one, finding a cellphone that meets your specifications can be a tough job! Fortunately, the wide array of options available means no matter what particular feature or option you're looking for to make your phone usage easier, there is a phone that will make your talk time a lot more enjoyable.

Do You Need Better Visibility?

Many phones come with keys that are so tiny, it can be extremely difficult to see the numbers and letters on each key – even more frustrating is attempting to press one button at a time. Consider the Jitterbug phone, which offers:

  • Larger buttons
  • Backlit buttons
  • Bright display screen
  • Flip-phone design (no more accidental dialing)
  • "Yes" or "No" buttons instead of icons

Do You Have Trouble Hearing The Person You're Speaking With?

Clarity on cellphones is a problem for everyone. However, when the volume on your phone is simply not loud enough, you find yourself asking, “What did you say?” rather than enjoying the conversation. Choose a phone with amplified sound for a conversation that flows without interruption:

  • The Clarity PalAmplified mobile phone and offers adjustable sound and tone for better hearing
  • The Jitterbug: It wins again with the additional offer of a cupped ear design to block out external noise

Are You Looking For A Simple, Easy-To-Use Phone?

With each updated cellphone comes more bells and whistles and complicated methods of use. For the most straightforward phone around, try out the Just5. This phone has some wonderful features, including:

  • Large, easy-to-read keys and a keypad that speaks the numbers aloud as you dial
  • Works with most networks
  • Amplified sound and hearing aid compatibility
  • Emergency contact button
  • Free of Internet service and associated applications

Are You Looking For Budget-Friendly Phones?

For a cellphone that won’t break the bank, consider a few options:

Do You Want A Low-Cost Plan?

Especially if you use your cell phone only on occasion, a pricey monthly plan is unnecessary. In addition, choosing a contract-free option means you can change your mind as often as you wish, whether includes reducing or increasing your minutes or deciding to take a month off. Take advantage of budget-friendly plans that suit your needs.

Virgin Mobile's Pay-Lo Plans:

  • No Contract
  • 20 Dollars Per Month: 400 minutes talk time; 15 cents per text; $1.50 per MB for web access
  • 30 Dollars Per Month: 1,500 minutes talk time; 1,500 texts; 30MB of web access
  • 40 Dollars Per Month: Unlimited minutes talk time; unlimited texts; 50MB of web access

T-Mobile Prepaid/Pay-As-You-Go:

  • No Contract
  • Pay Daily: Begins at $1 per day for 10 minutes of talk time, unlimited texts and no web access. Increase to $2 per day for unlimited talk time, unlimited texts and unlimited web access.
  • Pay Monthly: Begins at $10 per month for 30 minutes of talk time, 10 cents per text and 25 cents per multimedia message (pictures or videos). Your minutes expire after 90 days if left unused.

Think of choosing a cellphone and plan as an experience with a happy outcome. It may take some hard work, but once you find the phone that works for you (and the perfect plan), you can spend less time thinking about technology and more time catching up with friends and loved ones.

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