Selecting The Best Outdoor Storage Shed For Your Home

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Selecting The Best Outdoor Storage Shed For Your Home

Do you have a lot of household, recreational or gardening tools that you simply do not have room for in your house or garage? If so, a storage shed is the perfect solution to your storage problem.

However, there are several important questions to ask yourself before heading to the local home improvement center to purchase a shed:

How Will You Use The Shed?

Tools, Equipment, Cleaning Supplies And Decorations: The most common use for a storage shed is holding gardening tools and equipment, household maintenance items like paint, ladders, swimming pool chemicals and cleaning equipment and storing holiday decorations and other household items that don’t fit anywhere else. You will have plenty of room for your supplies in the Keter Apex Outdoor Shed. Sized at 6’x3’, there is room enough for your lawnmower and garden tools, and the heavy-duty plastic will stand up to adverse weather conditions. 

Recreational Vehicles: Some homeowners need a shed for parking vehicles such as motorcycles, ATV’s, small boats or wave runners or other small vehicles.  If you need a large shed with plenty of room, look to the Lifetime 11x11 Outdoor Storage Shed with Windows. Two large windows provide ventilation and light, and the built-in shelving unit will hold your supplies. Vinyl with a steel-reinforced frame, the shed has a polyethylene floor. 

Gardening: Avid gardeners might want a shed to use for potting plants, starting seeds or protecting delicate plants through the winter. The beautiful Sunhouse Storage Shed is made of red cedar with greenhouse windows, a shingled roof, a potting bench and plenty of shelves for storage. At an ample size of 12’x12’, the Sunhouse adds a utility room to your backyard. 

What Materials Are Available?

The most common shed materials are wood, vinyl and metal. You can find a shed for any use made from any of these materials, but each has its pros and cons.

Are Aesthetics The Most Important Buying Factor? If the appearance of your shed is very important to you, go with a wood shed. Wood sheds have the most aesthetic appeal and can easily be painted to match your home or landscape style. There are wood sheds that look like traditional country barns, sheds that are styled like charming cottages and sheds that resemble typical garages.

While the natural, attractive appearance of wood is its best feature, wood also requires maintenance. You will need to repaint, stain or seal your wood shed at least every few years. You also need to keep in mind that wood rots, can be damaged by moisture and can become infested with termites or other insects.

  • For a small wood shed perfect for a narrow backyard, consider the Bayside Storage Shed. At 8’x 4’, it’s large enough to hold your garden necessities, lawnmower and other backyard essentials, but small enough to tuck into a narrow side yard. A window and Dutch door add to the charm. 

Looking For A Low-Maintenance Option? If your main concern in a shed is low-maintenance and a long life, vinyl is a good choice. Vinyl is extremely durable and requires practically no maintenance. There are many styles of vinyl shed to choose from, ranging from a basic, no-frills box to sheds designed like a cute little cottage. Vinyl requires no painting, will not rust or rot and holds up to extreme weather. Just about the only negative to vinyl for most people is that vinyl is not as attractive as wood.

Are You Looking For An Infrequently Used, Cheaper Option? If your shed will be in an out-of-sight location, will be used infrequently or if cost is your main concern, then a metal shed will be a good option. Metal sheds are generally simple structures, designed primarily as a utilitarian, simple storage unit without frills or fancy appearance. Metal is the least expensive of the three options, but has the shortest lifespan. Metal can rust, might warp or break under a heavy load of snow and can be noisy to use. A metal shed can also become hot to the touch in the summer.

  • The large doors of the Arrow Gable Steel Lawn Building make it easy for parking a riding lawnmower inside or wheeling large trash bins in and out. At 10’x6’, there is more than ample space for storage and the cream and green design is attractive for any backyard. 

What Size Is Best, And Where Should The Shed Be Placed?

Obviously, the size of your shed will depend on what you want to store inside. Sheds range from simple boxes of just a couple square feet to large structures the size of a garage. Measure the space where you plan to install the shed to determine how large you can go. It’s generally best to go larger than what you think you need, as available space has a way of filling up quickly. Also keep the following tips in mind:

  • Your shed should be placed where it is easy to access. Be sure to choose a location that has plenty of space to maneuver any large equipment, open and close the doors and is close to the garden if you are using the shed primarily to store gardening equipment.
  • If your shed will be on the side of the house or will be tall enough to be visible from the street or a neighbor’s house, check with your local city ordinances to make certain you do not need a permit for erecting a structure.
  • If your shed does not have a floor, you will need to create a suitable floor with gravel, concrete or wood. The floor must be level and smooth, particularly if you will be wheeling equipment in and out.

What Accessories Are Necessary?

You might want to add extra shelving or a potting bench to your shed for storage or to provide a convenient workspace. If your shed does not include a workbench, the small size of most garden work benches makes them perfect for use inside any medium to large shed. 

The rugged, plastic construction of the Sterilite 4-Shelf Shelving Unit will hold boxes of holiday ornaments, sporting goods or anything else you need to store. 

There’s no need for a motley collection of lawnmowers and garden tools, sporting equipment and other supplies to clutter up the side of your house and spoil the appearance of your home. A storage shed will corral all of your outdoor equipment and keep your yard looking tidy.

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