Room Dividers Shopping Guide

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Room Dividers Shopping Guide

Room dividers have been around for many years, and these simple items have many different functions. A room divider is great for creating a second room without building an entire wall; sectioning off a large room into cozy compartments; providing an area of privacy; or even just for decoration.

Room dividers come in thousands of different shapes, styles, colors, patterns and material to fit any room. With so many options, it may be hard to pick out just one. Follow this shopping guide, and you’ll have the perfect room divider picked out in no time.

What Will You Be Using It For?

Before you start shopping, the first thing you need to know is what function your room divider will serve. Once you know how you want to use a room divider, choosing one becomes much easier.

  • Decoration: If you are just looking for a decoration, you can find some lightweight yet elegant room dividers.
  • Small Changing Area: If you are creating a small changing area or something of the sort in part of the room, you can also use something lightweight, but it will have to be made out of solid panels rather than opaque ones.
  • Divided Room: If you need room dividers to literally make two separate rooms out of your home or office, then you’ll need something thick and heavy duty.

Need To Create A Second Room?

If you need a second room that’s more permanent, your room divider will have to be both tall and wide. This Screenflex Room Divider is a good 6 feet high to provide privacy and fit inside your home or office.

If you know that you’ll need this divider for a long period of time, you might even want to consider a Wall-Mounted Room Divider. These room dividers have panels that can slide together like an accordion to be stored for later use. The thick fabric panels allow for sound absorption to add privacy between the two spaces. While these dividers are expensive, they are still much cheaper than building on a second room, making them very handy to add extra space without the extra cost.

Simply Need A Private Area?

Sometimes, all you need to make a good room great is a small area of privacy. Maybe you own a dance studio and need a place for students to change, or perhaps you live with roommates and you need an area where you can get dressed in private.

A small three panel or four panel room divider will be just enough to create a corner of private space. Both of these room dividers are lightweight, making them easy to fold up and store when not in use. They both also look decorative, so they won’t distract from the décor of your room when you need a little privacy.

Want To Break Up A Large Room?

Some people like the open feel of large rooms, but if you prefer cozy small spaces, room dividers can turn a spacious room into many small compartments. A big open room can seem lonely and empty, especially if you don’t have a lot of large furniture.

Something like this Antique Walnut Finish Room Divider will make your room look elegant instead of empty. You can use small three or four paneled room dividers to section off little places like a reading nook, a small dining area or even a game room. You can easily pack these lightweight room dividers away if you decide you want to open up or rearrange the room.

Just Want Some Decoration?

Room dividers are awesome even just for decoration. Since they can be removed so easily, you can change out your room divider often or get rid of it completely when you need the space. There are tons of options if you simply want something decorative.

Screen Gems Room Dividers is a brand of dividers that all have different designs and pictures screen printed onto them. Whether you’re into animals, nature, cities, or modern designs, they have it all. If you want to customize your room divider, this Photo Display Room Divider is an awesome way to show off all those family pictures in a portable, collapsible medium. If you’re an artist, this Do It Yourself Canvas Room Divider can be both your own work of art and a great addition to your home. There are hundreds of choices when it comes to artsy room dividers, so just look around until you find one that matches with your décor.

Need Extra Storage Space?

While you divide up or decorate your room, why not add some extra storage? This Ore Book Shelves Room Divider and this Hang It Up Room Divider both have some extra places for you to keep your stuff. Shelves like these are great because you can use them as a temporary display for a holiday or an event and are easily store when not in use.

Room dividers can be fun, functional or even both! Just remember to keep in mind how and where you will be using your new room divider so that you will make a Smarter purchase.

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