How To Clean And Care For Real Leather

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How To Clean And Care For Real Leather

Real leather is valued for use in many products because it is a material that is both sturdy and beautiful. But despite leather's rugged nature, it still needs some TLC to keep it looking and feeling like new. Leather items can also be expensive, so taking good care of your products will significantly increase the lifespan of the leather. No matter what type of leather you own, you can learn to clean and maintain them.

Leather Clothing Maintenance 

Leather jackets, vests and skirts are great in all types of weather because leather is breathable in the summer, yet keeps out the cold and water in the winter. Before you wear your brand new leather clothing like that recently purchased leather jacket, use a simple aerosol spray to help protect your clothes from any stains or dirt buildup.

When your clothing is not in use, hang it up with a sturdy hanger than maintains the shape so that the leather does not wrinkle. If you use a garment bag, make sure that it can breathe. Avoid using storage bags or the plastic from dry cleaners.

Leather Shoes Maintenance 

Caring for leather shoes is especially important because shoes get quite the workout. These shoes are often exposed to a lot more dirt and stains than a leather jacket. If you do not care for leather shoes properly, they will quickly dry out and crack, causing them to fall apart.

First, use a shoe cleaner to remove any dirt. Then, be sure to also pick up a leather conditioner. This is essential if you live in a dry climate because the leather will dry up much faster. Natural conditioners work best as they are absorbed by the leather rather than just sit on top.

Leather Purse Maintenance 

Designer leather purses are attractive, but they are quite the investment. Taking your purse everywhere you will inevitably end up with some damage.

Before you attempt to remove any stains, see if you can determine what kind of stain it is. Also, each type of leather reacts differently to different products, so remember to test it out in a small patch somewhere on the bottom of your purse before you start scrubbing. Saddle soap is a generally an effective option to use on stained leather.

  • Water Soluble Stain: If it is water soluble such as a food stain or a coffee stain, use some water and a microfiber cloth to get the stain out.
  • Greasy Or Oily Stain: If it is something greasy or oily, you’ll have to take it to the dry cleaners or else trying to clean it with water will only make the stain worse.

Leather Furniture Maintenance 

Leather sofas and loveseats can add a touch of elegance to your home, but since they will be used often, they will need regular cleaning.

Wipe down leather furniture with a dry cloth at least once a week, and then vacuum it with a brush attachment at least once a month. This will keep all the dirt and dust from compiling over time.

You should also pay close attention to where you place the furniture in the room. Leather furniture will quickly dry out if left if direct sunlight or near a fireplace. As long as you keep your couch clean and wipe up spills right away, your leather furniture could easily last for a few decades.

No matter what you own, always double check the tag for extra information. Some types of leather can only be cleaned with specific cleaners or cannot be cleaned with certain chemicals. Always start with a test patch somewhere inconspicuous when trying out new types of cleaners. Store everything properly and remember to let the leather breathe so it can last for years to come.

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