How To Buy The Best Range Hood For Your Kitchen

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How To Buy The Best Range Hood For Your Kitchen

The range hood is an important part of any kitchen with a stove. A proper range hood provides ventilation for your stove so that smoke and toxic fumes don’t get trapped in your kitchen. If you are looking to buy a new range hood for your stove, you should consider how it looks, how easy it is to install and how well it ventilates your stove.

Are There Cabinets Over Your Stove?

If there are wall cabinets over your stove, you’ll need a range hood that can attach to the bottom of the cabinets. Under-cabinet range hoods include a ventilation system that can be installed inside a nearby wall in order to push smoke and toxic fumes outside. Look for a high-powered range hood that can easily get rid of smoke and fumes while still looking stylish, such as the Zephyr Hurricane Under The Cabinet Range Hood.

How Wide Is Your Stove?

Get a range hood that is at least as wide as your stove, if not wider. The range hood has to be this wide in order to catch fumes and smoke coming from all areas of the stove. If you have a particularly wide stove, consider the 42” range hood from Kobe. This range hood is one of the widest you can find. It also is made out of stainless steel and has a high amount of power, making it both stylish and practical to use with any type of stove.

Would You Rather Mount Your Hood On A Wall?

If there are no cabinets over the stove, you have more options because you can mount your hood on a wall, rather than having to attach it to the underside of the cabinets. Some wall mount range hoods have a chimney-like exhaust that vents toxic fumes and smoke to the outdoors. You may want to consider the Broan Elite Pro Style 18” Wall Mount Range Hood, if you have a small enough stove and your kitchen is set up for a wall mounted range hood. This range hood is durable and easy to clean and uses heat sensors to provide you with the perfect amount of ventilation while cooking.

How Confident Are You About Installing Your Range Hood?

Improper installation can lead to improper ventilation. If you aren’t confident about installing your range hood and don’t want to pay extra to have someone do it for you, consider the 30” Under the Cabinet Range Hood from Broan. This range hood features keyhole mounting so that you just have to slip the hood into the right holes in adjacent cabinet walls in order to install it. Make sure you install the hood high enough; it must be 18 inches to 30 inches above the stove for proper ventilation.

Do You Have A Particularly Modern Kitchen?

If your kitchen is styled to look very modern, you’ll need a range hood that reflects this style. Broan offers a 37 1/2-inch range hood that is made with a combination of stainless steel and glass to provide a super-modern look to your kitchen. The part of the hood that extends over your stove is transparent, while the top of the hood is made of stainless steel. This hood is installed under the cabinets and is as effective at ventilating as it is stylish.

Do You Need A Quiet Range Hood?

Some range hoods come with noisy fans that can interfere with talking or watching television while you make supper. If this is a concern to you, try the Air King 30” Quiet Range Hood. This range hood comes with a variable speed fan, so you can control the rate of ventilation as well as the noise level in your kitchen. It is made out of stainless steel and has an enamel finish, making it durable, easy to clean and quiet.

Are You Concerned About Lighting?

Most range hoods come with a light so that you can see what you’re cooking. Some people prefer to adjust the level of lighting coming from the range hood to create an atmosphere when entertaining guests or when dining alone. If you want to be able to adjust the lighting on your hood, try the Broan Evolution 2. This range hood comes with three levels of lighting and a stylish black finish to enhance the decor in your kitchen.

Many people don’t think very much about the range hood. However, it’s vital to choose a range hood that is both stylish and effective so that you can maximize your safety while enjoying your kitchen. Range hoods come in a wide range of styles and sizes; choose the one that best meets both your safety and your decor needs.

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